Barachan Board Rules

Last Revision: 4/22/2017


Prime Directives
  1. Do not post anything that could be considered illegal or highly unwanted under international law.
    This includes things like CP, Spam, Terrorism, and other unwanted material.
  2. By accessing this 18+ oriented website it is assumed that you have permission to do so, whether through guardian consent or otherwise.
    Barachan cannot be held responsible for users who access the content without proper authorization.
  3. Posting real life images of people under 18 is not permitted. Period.
    Whether it's you or you have permission to post it is irrelevant, as such material could be considered highly illegal in certain countries or states.
  4. If you post material of an adult nature featuring underage persons, be aware that your IP and posting details will be forwarded to the NCMEC.

  1. Do not post source or identification request threads outside of /rs/.
  2. Additionally, do not make in-thread source/ID requests. You have three whole buttons on each image that lets you find the source yourself. Use them.
    If you absolutely cannot find the source no matter what you do, make a thread in /rs/ and ask for help.
  3. Free speech is allowed and encouraged, but making controversial posts for the sake of rilling up users is not. This includes ad-hominems.
    Simply put, you can call someone an idiot if you think they're an idiot, but diving into a thread
    and calling someone an idiot solely to extort a negative reaction is not cool and will earn you a ban.
  4. Sockpuppetry and similar behavior is not allowed. This means replying to yourself, pretending to be someone else supporting your argument.
    Honestly, if you had a good argument to begin with you wouldn't need to pretend to have an audience supporting you.
  5. White knighting for certain artists or users is not allowed. This includes using the report system to file a takedown on behalf of said artist.
    Showing your support for an artist is great and all, but when it devolves into personal attacks and whining about piracy, that's when it becomes annoying.
    If the artist in question really wants their material removed from the board, they can use the DMCA system to file a takedown themselves.
  6. Do not post content where a majority of the people in it does not fit under the bara umbrella.
    Ask yourself: "Would this fit just as well on a yaoi site?". If the answer is yes, it does not belong here.
    If you are unsure if certain posted content is not bara, do not make a post complaining about it, report it instead, and let the mods decide!
  7. Content of an 18+ nature containing females and/or female genitalia (vagina/breasts) should only be posted in /alt/.
    This includes female main or side characters in the foreground, background, naked, clothed or otherwise,
    but excludes general rating (non-sexual) images featuring females as background characters (Eg. protagonist passing a female on the street).
  8. Content that is deeply fetishistic or "extreme" in nature should only be posted on /alt/, regardless of what board category it falls under.
    If you think a thread violates this rule, report and hide it. Don't make a post telling everyone how much it offended you.
  9. Do not bump threads without contributing to them in some way. This includes thinly veiled attempts at stealth bumping.
    A good rule of thumb: If your reply is less than 10 words, it most likely qualifies as an unnecessary bump.
  10. Reaction images and memes are not allowed outside of /dis/.
    People come to these boards to fap, they don't want to see your anime girlfriend making weird faces at them while doing so.
  11. Do not derail a thread with an argument that has no relation to the thread itself.
    If you feel that it's something that needs to be discussed, make a separate thread in /dis/.
  12. As a courtesy, try to include the source of content posted when possible.
    Yes, there are reverse image lookup links, but that doesn't mean you can't be nice.
  13. Do not try to derail a thread because the content offends you. Hide it instead.
    No, seriously. The people in the thread don't care about your personal morals or opinions.
    You will only end up with your posts deleted and a week long ban. So keep it to yourself and move on.
  14. Similarly, do not abuse the report system to get rid of it.
    We are not your personal opinion police. This will earn you a site-wide ban. Period.
  15. Before making a report, make sure the offending thread or post actually breaks the rules, and point out which rules it breaks in particular in the "Reason" field.
    Reports stating no reason for reporting will be dismissed without action. Continuous empty reports will earn you a site-wide ban.
  16. Creating a new thread on a content board with only a single image will be considered a request, and will be dealt with accordingly.
    This does not include continuations of threads that have reached the bump limit, as long as you link the old thread in the new thread.
  17. Posts related to private trading of images, comics, doujins or otherwise should be restricted to the dedicated thread on /dis/.
    Going into a request or content thread and suggesting trades will be considered drama baiting and will result in a ban.
  18. Threads or posts created solely for the sake of advertising are not allowed and will be deleted. This includes other sites, patreons and blogs.
    This does not include threads with the purpose of project feedback (for example patreon games) as long as you don't actively ask users to support or buy it.
  19. A mod's decision is final. You are however welcome to make a post about it in /dis/ if you feel that it was unjustified or wrong.
    Remaking a deleted or moved thread/post just because you disagree with the mods action will earn you a ban regardless of context.


  1. Unlike the content boards, this board is geared more towards discussion and conversation.
    Threads can generally be about anything as long as it doesn't break the global rules.
  2. Political discussion is allowed but should be as civil as possible.
    General Rule #3 is enforced especially hard in this instance.
  1. Content posted on this board should only contain humanoid males.
    Anthropomorphic animals, beasts and monsters belongs in /fur/.
  2. Images featuring humanoid males with animal genitalia should be spoilered.
    Hyper genitalia regardless of appearance belongs on /alt/.
  3. Furry x Human content should be posted in /fur/.
  4. Shota x Bara belongs in /alt/.
  1. Content posted on this board should be comprised solely of real life males.
  2. CGI and traces/rotoscoping belong on /2D.
  3. Photomanips are allowed as long as they're vanilla enough. Otherwise they belong in /alt/.
  4. Selfie and "rate me' threads belong in /dis/.
  1. Content posted on this board should contain furry (anthropomorphic) characters, beasts or monsters.
  2. Herms and Cuntbois belongs in /alt/ regardless of how masculine they look.
  3. Cubs also belong in /alt/, even if they're accompanied by a bara character.
  4. Fursuit or "murrsuit" related things belongs in /dis/.
  1. This board is for fetish content that is too extreme to post on other boards. Any fetish is allowed as long as it doesn't violate any of the global rules.
  2. If you do not approve of a certain fetish, use the board's "Hide Thread" functionality. Do not make a post complaining about how the fetish offends you in some way.
  3. While females are allowed in /alt/, please spoiler images containing nude females, breasts or vaginas unless the thread is specifically dedicated to that subject.
  4. Additionally, the rule on females and female genitalia is still governed by Global Rule #6.
  1. This board is for comics, manga and otherwise sequential story-based art containing humanoids.
  2. Simple image sequences where the character(s) pictured changes very little (Eg. varying levels of arousal) belongs in /2D/.
  1. This board is for comics, manga and otherwise sequential story-based art containing furries, beasts and monsters.
  2. Furry x Human or Beast/Monster x Humanoid comics/manga should be posted here.
  3. Simple image sequences where the character(s) pictured changes very little (Eg. varying levels of arousal) belongs in /fur/.
  1. This board is exempt from the global bump rule (#9), however each thread is limited to 20 bumps, so bump wisely.
  2. Do not create a new thread until the old one has fallen off the board, this includes threads that has reached bump limit.
    Ignorance is not a valid excuse, so check the catalog before posting to avoid having your thread deleted.
  3. If a request thread has been fulfilled and you wish for it to be archived on a content board, use the report system to notify a mod.
    Remember to specify in the reason field that the request has been fulfilled and needs to be moved to another board.
  1. This is a content board, not a request board. Requests for specific rewards or packs belongs in /rs/.
    This means you should only make a new thread if you have material to share, not to make a request for material.
  2. In-thread text-only requests, update inquiries and discussion is allowed to a limited extent.
    We do however reserve the right to clean up threads if we feel that they have become more chatter than content.
    Additionally, posts that serve no purpose, such as "bump" or "update pls", will be deleted.
  3. Given the content-only nature of this board, censored advertisement-themed images are not allowed.
    This does not include images and packs by Japanese artists where genitals are censored due to Japanese law.
  4. If you wish to make a Patreon artist/pack specific thread, the thread must be started off with at least 3 images from that artist/pack.


Humanoids and Humanoid-derivatives goes into /2D/ and /doujin/, this includes:

Animals, beasts, monsters and other such derivatives goes into /fur/ and /kemono/, this includes:

Creatures that could be considered too disturbing for these boards goes into /alt/, this includes: