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Don't even,the artist watches this place daily so nothing stays and plus people only trade


Eh, that's a shame but thank you for informing me. I'll try asking for a trade.



Let's trade


Just contacted you!


Just as a warning, do not accept a trade with this asshole because he doesn't have what you're looking for, he asks to trade for something and gives you in return literally whatever.
If anyone wants to trade this set, please say so.



Idk bro, I contacted him and he gave me what I needed, maybe you run outta luck. And chill dude the guy's nice and you treat him like this? Piece of shit you are because you can't find an image. Don't be such a dick and a princess, grow up.


Stfu you unless piece of dog shit, your probably him trying to cover your own ass



Lmao, no I'm not him, still I'm sorry 4 him having to support a dickhead like you. Such a sassy bitch like yourself shouldn't be here but no there's nothing I can do just share the planet with "people" like you


Nobody is gonna be sharing anything without the artist finding out so do everyone a favor and puss off

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