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does anyone have them?


I have it (or at least part of it)
What's your Discord?


which part do you have?


Most of it, I guess.


I sent you a friend request.


You talking about most of his content or just this one?


Well I have this pack and other stuff from him.


I think you're confused.

>>8851 isn't me (the one who has the pack).

Post your Discord tag here so I can add you too.


I can't add you for some reason, it says name is incorrect. Can you change your name or use a throwaway account? Ahaha


Sure, I'll change the name as a temp




Can i add you guys also from discord? for trade
史影カイザー FumikageKaizer#3574


Can I have some, please?
My username: HeartLock #6898

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