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File: 1561075439837.jpeg (105.99 KB, 1024x871, D7StyAYXsAEV46D.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Anyone got wolf cons pateon works?








Bump for this




























Do you have a discord?


no trading. fuck off


I want to give you the set on discord.
I'm not trading, I'm just giving.
Why are you being mean?


My apologies on the other anon dood


Can you send it by email perhaps, I would appreciate it so much!


Okay, should I give you my email or you want to give me your email?


Don't worry, I'll give you mine :-)
Thanks a lot


Thank you


can you also post his patreon stuff here or add him to yiff party?


Would you also mind sending please?
Thanks a lot if you did :D


Should I post them here?
I mean one of my online friends have all of Wolf sets.
I'll have to ask if it's okay with him or I could just bring you to a Discord page.
If you're okay with that.


Yeah sure just give me a moment.


Personally Id like it to be shared for everybody, can you leave a public discord link?

Otherwise posting them all here would be gr8




Not working :(



Does this link work?


Thank you kind anon!


I like to make people happy.


Any other Wolf packs please?


My friends have all of the sets that Wolf made but I can give you what I have.



Do you have the Beowulf or Drayden sets?
Thank you!


I have Beowulf but my friend has all the other ones.
Unless you want me to ask them?


Yes, if you could ask them. Can you upload to a Google Drive instead? Mega uses a lot of disk and slows my computer a lot. Thanks!


Thank you so much dude ^w^


File: 1565214123356.png (1.4 MB, 1280x1429, tumblr_obt11gTbie1v1sqv3o1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Those anyone out there have these old sets


File: 1565214271680.png (951.09 KB, 1280x1056, tumblr_of642qHFek1v1sqv3o1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I sound desperate, which I am, but my only guess is that someone out there have these sets


If anyone have these please tell me


Please no.


Why's that?
Did I do something wrong?


people can't open discord links if they're haven't joined the linked channel
is patreon content regularly posted there? if that's the case I'd like an invitation please


Do you have a discord account?


This is no place for straight stuff, it's just that. Is that hard to understand?


I understand, but these old sets are the ones you can only find from users who still have them.
Wolf said he deleted them, so the only ones who have them are people who download them.


We have straight threads in /alt/ as that's where that, bi and trans content goes so you could ask in the threads or make a request thread there. If the request thread gets sent back to /rs/ then it would establish /rs/ is for ALL requests including /alt/ Bara content (maybe just add a spoiler when outside of /alt/?).

You could also ask on other chan boards as you might have better luck there. Wish I could help more as I'm into straight work too but I sadly don't own either set.


File: 1565350430739.png (155.98 KB, 436x428, fuckyou.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I guess they're people in this chat who are rude as fuck
This is the second time someone did that to me.
Why am I getting so much hate?


don't post het shit outside of /alt/, it's literally the rules of this site, is that so fucking hard to understand?


I think you just should not be SHOCKED by a dressed woman.
Chill man, it's not dickvore, it's not even explicit so why would you have to complain?


I'm sorry if this sounds rude.
Are they always like this?


stop insisting, no one wants to see women here, people come here to jerk off, and seeing women is a turnoff. When you visit a place you have to follow it's rules, not try to establish whatever you want
there are thousands of sites for straight shit, don't contaminate one of the few places without it


furry content gets requested here all the time. if they are allowed and tolerated on /res/, then so should hetero/bi or whatever alt content as long as if it has bara included with said content.
the term bara itself is ambiguous, but I think we can all agree that if it has masculine male character, then it certainly fits the criteria.


It's not the same thing, for fuck's sake.


Would it be okay if I tell you guys that, this one >>8449 ,
they're both dudes?
The bottom guy is just short and he's wearing a big fur collar


You must be new but straight/bi/trans content has been allowed for years as long as a masculine looking "male" was included as not all here are gay let alone into the exact same muscly things ergo /fur/, /alt/, what the hell /mon/ is now, etc.

This current board still doesn't have rules up despite them being requested and others posting the old rules for easy access. But /rs/ never a clear non-/alt/ rule tho and clothed females are also still fine on any sub so the requester is in the right until Mods finally just fucking establish what is and isn't allowed now.

It probably doesn't lol but to avoid triggering the uninformed outside /alt/ I suggest maybe using a spoiler and warning even though others don't do the same and what was posted wasn't /alt/ as the girl one wasn't naked. 4chan might be more help though.


Thank you for telling me this.


imagine coming to a gay board to post women and cry because people don't want it
seriously, why don't you take it to the thousands of straight boards on 4chan and 8chan instead of trying to ruin one of the few gay boards? you're not contributing anything worth, you're just being a nuisance, is that what you want to do with your life?

being a sissy androgynous character doesn't make it any better, if that's allowed we might as well tell heteros to come here and fill the entire board with traps and futa


Hey, this is completely unrelated, but there's an image set I'm wanting to see as well. It's bara stuff of course, but it's from a different artist. Is it ok if I show it here?


File: 1565502993931.jpg (567.47 KB, 1440x4373, 1559231341863.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Explaining the rules is a nuisance? Lol okay but me and >>8517 aren't the same, we've just been to the boards prior to 2019. If you have a problem with the assumed rules (which I've uploaded) report to the mods or the thread on /dis/. But chances are after OVER A YEAR of users waiting for this version's rules nothing will happen until we get spammed with CP and deleted for the 1000th time.

So you can start your own "only gay men" board as it's fine to want a safe space from bi/hetero Bara fans, Furry bara fans or whatever else here triggers you, do what makes you happy. But if you're not gonna do that then accept the boards minimum rule until changed is "must include bara male" so cunt boys, women, robots, etc with bara men are allowed. Those are the options.

As much as you don't like that fact, complaining to regular anons isn't gonna change it nor is it contributing.

You're welcome. Though >>8449 might not count as bara enough but I'm just a messenger in this wasteland. Maybe also try Twitter.

No, make a separate thread for that artist please.


Bisexuals ruin everything.


>goes into gay board
>asks for straight porn

Not that I hate bisexuals but I wish they'd stop being such entitled fricks.

>hetero Bara fans
Yeah okay.


Can y'all stop making a big scene like some actual immature dumb fucks as I'm pretty sure he made a simple mistake and there's no need to crucify him for it ,


And also thank you so much dude for sharing the two sets you have


Your welcome and I'm sorry for posting those two pictures.
I didn't know this would happen.


It's fine dude, ig everyone is a little too sensitive xD


File: 1565638198163.png (77.54 KB, 1015x70, 1565637302734.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Explaining the rules
You're not explaining anything, you're just trying to shoehorn your opinion into it, take a look at the pic you posted, women aren't allowed outside /alt/ unless they're just background characters and aren't doing anything sexual so fuck off
Don't you see the irony of coming to a gay board to tell people to make their own gay board if they don't want to see women? Get it in your head, you're not welcome here, I don't care if you're trying to cope to feel liked because people irl shun you enough, trying to justify your shit won't change it, it's not about getting triggered, if you post shit where it doesn't belong and try to force people to let it stay they obviously won't take it with a smile because you're being nothing but a nuisance getting in the way
if spammers post cp and the site gets taken down because no one deleted it in time it's clear that jannies aren't putting garbage in it's place so someone else has to, please go to your place along with cp spammers

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