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Anyone know where I can pirate this?


Huh… The game just got ANNOUNCED today. It's not even out yet.


LFMAO what is wrong with y'all


Oh damn! I thought it was already out


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I'm already crushing the bear (last)
seems like the game will be out on steam at 7/13
peace~ (I don't want to have this on my steam, my friends will know e_e jeez)


Always post a source together with your request!
Basics 101


Nothing surprising there. happens all the time.
person sees interesting picture and goes straight to /rs/ while being completely clueless. usually that happens with pixiv though


So true and the sad part is all you have to do is just read for 10 seconds. But on the bright side I am glad Anon did this and now I know of the game. This is actually a first for me where a American Visual novel where I like all characters lol can't wait to see the routes for goth, dreads and jacket, and red head


Off topic but…. Does anyone know if there will be nsfw scenes?


The game's up on steam and tagged with sexual content but most likely it'll just be implied or sfw fanservicey type stuff


Which means a total waste of time and money.
But that was actually 100% clear the instance you take a look at pictures and the game's setup


Well at least we know that it can't be worse than the adam bulshit one


File: 1497903790728.jpg (141.43 KB, 1200x530, DCrBGsPW0AAt99H.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


in the steam page say "Secretssss" maybe they will add nsfw in a patch out of steam


as IF

Guys don't get disillusioned. All this game will be is a small simulation about daddy life and daddy problems and bit of drama. You play a daddy yourself so I bet it's gonna be dialogues full of where to buy the best and sturdy diapers, how to protect your teenage daughter because she's starting to date etc.
In other words, somewhere in-between a waste of money and desperate attempt to somehow kill at least a little time.


It's a good thing I'm not one of you people who look at everything and think everything needs to have gay fucking so I can actually play this.

It's rare to see a gay game that isn't fucking straight up porn.


I'm actually okay with this, I read and have a good imagination on picturing what will happen. Beside games like that usually have a longer dialog and plot to the story then bara games with just multiple CG's and sex. It just depends on people's taste


Considering the game grumps arent gay i'm sure this game is going to be awkward to play through as an actual gay person


From what I've seen posted on the twitter account the game grumps are just doing voice acting and helped support the game. As for the actual devs one of them is a straight guy and the other is a bi woman but they did consult gay people on twitter during the writing project so it might not be all that bad.


>It's rare to see a gay game that isn't fucking straight up porn.
That's true but still where is the point?
When you hear or see VN then you expect porn, of course. And some are actually well written and provide both good story and smex. Language might be a barrier though since the best are in Japanese.
Honestly, If I want to enjoy a good story with good characters without the "obligatory" sex/porn then I just go read a book.
Believe me there's plenty of good ones out there!
Therefore, a VN that is not an Eroge? Waste of time and money


Yeah, the sex thing (while nice) isn't a deal breaker for me. the thing i'm raising an eyebrow at is how will they treat gay romance itself? Game Grumps tends to treat gay subject matter as a bit of a bro-ski punch line, and woman can get a bit overly emotional with it (like yoai which is why i'm on the bara board :-). this game isn't exactly catering to gay men. it's for straight woman who like this kind of stuff so expect it to be more… shall i say… sensitive and emotional. Also that red headed chubby bear number is HOT!

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