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Share, please :)






Any more notes about the game? Like, screenshot or some name?



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I had this but it had a bug though, not sure but the sex scene on the empty cottage near the port village, when the scene is finish you wont able to move your character at all. Also I saw a download link of this in fumakong before. Not sure now if its still available though.


mind sharing it? maybe there's a workaround we can find


Found a download for 1.5, so it might have so missing content and/or glitches compared to 1.9. Hopefully someone finds a 1.9 download.



I tried playing this with my save file. just like before there's a bug on the abandoned house thingie. I think this is the same version that I got.


also you don't have to worry anyway cause you don't need to do it cause its bot really relevant to the game if you do it or not cause its just a sex scene, it won't a hindrance to your adventure whatsoever. you can still continue to the game without doing this part. one advice though, try to lvl up frequently. you need to he pretty strong and alway had items that can heal both hp and mp and different status remedy, even though your healer can be use for that, there are times that you need to wonder around the forest and the healing area is pretty far than what you think.


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Can someone share CG?


where do you go after the manticore fight??


it's like watcher's back


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