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I would like to see this too. He is Andrés Vergel aka Eric Parker and usually only does solo stuff.


I don't get how people find solo stuff hot. It just boring.


I have this… I'm not home these days, but I promise I will post it somewhere as I come home.


Personally I find solo stuff the hottest stuff, because it's simpler for me to fantasize about it. I'm mostly into size-difference, that is quite rare in a community of clones as lgbt+ is


I was referring to the video in the OP when I said that I too would like to see it. The pic I posted is a screenshot from this video;



Chaserchan do you have the video of him and his boyfriend?











would you please post the magent link?It's kind of difficult to assess to this site


Its already gone. ugh!


or can somebody who has it upload it on mega or google drive? I'd appresciate it

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