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bump. pls ><


Anon can I slap you? I mean I get your a beggar but seriously the game just came out 4 hours ago as moritake posted it on his twitter. You should know the rules by now. Wait the appropriate time before requesting a game so the creator can profit from it. We do not want to kill another artist like we did to Gamma when his work was leaked early on right after he released it.


Even how much want I to share the game right now I agree with this as well. As always we had to wait at least 3 months or so.


also waiting for booth :3 hopefully someone share the link when it's available XD I prefer to buy there X3


Yup yup.. I agree about this.>>4755


okay so i am all for the creator making benefit with this game but I am not buying this version because he said in half a year he will release a English version which I will definitely buy to support.


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I wanna see this full image just one ><


download the trial on the site, there should be one or two CGs


I can't get Visual Novel Reader to work with this game. Anyone able?


What is the "appropriate" time though?
If it really is about the artist making profit, then nothing should ever get shared.
No problem with that of course.


try using an applocal. it works with me.

also the demo is fudging good kyaaaaa I can't wait to get the full version <3


got a little request, no worries it has nothing to do with begging for a free share, don't care about that at all.
how do you extract the game's content?
usually you can just use a zip-program for extracting tyranoscript games, but it's not working with this one ;_;
anybody got an idea how to extract?
(don't ask for a share, i won't. uploading this would take me until next week)


Maybe share it through email?


I have it, but have no intention to share it so soon.


What text-hooking methods work for this game?
agth/ta and textractor won't work apparently


where did you buy it?

I forgot what they use before because I remember that they did it with the samurai one, but the gif files were stripped into single images by frame instead of being a gif file. Everyone had to manually gather the images and turn it into a gif file.

weird I can play it normally though without using any visual novel reader or anything.


I still can't get VNR to translate. Please help



Digiket ofc. It's not up on booth yet and I didn't feel like waiting for it.


are you using RPGMakerMVGame Hook patcher.
If it is a rpg you need this


nobody got any idea how to hook the game's script yet?


It's out on Pixiv Booth now:


Does he ever do the black line censor instead of the mosaic? Not sure if Booth is any better when it comes to censorship


Warning: this has scat. Although it is entirely avoidable.


I'm sooooo sad! I've literally been waiting for this and checking booth daily. And the day it comes out my credit card blocks it. Like, hello, I've bought the past 4 games from this place. Why is it so different this time around! Now I need to wait even LONGER for business hours so I can allow the card to go through! #pornproblems


fudge the group thingie was howt <3 still love the game. there some scenes were the characters look good while some don't. I haven't finish the game yet. I think you can unlock only one/two scenes in the demo I'm not sure. I tried the demo before I bought the game in booth. it seems the mc has the magical ring that grants you to change a persons relationship/likes/dislikes whatsoever. its pretty quiet unique. haven't fully unlocked everything yet cause it's hard cause you don't understand a thing XD sadly I tried my best on using other software, nothing works. if anyone know some software that can be use to this type of engine pls do share X3 thanks in advance.

that happened to me last time also.


Booth is in many cases less censored, but in case of VNs it's usually the exact same
Genki's Happy End where he's covered in ####, cringy AF
Not to mention Mad Dog's route…
Buy it from DiGiket instead. problem solved
Trying to figure out a solution.
Have no idea why on earth Moritake had to move from Livemaker to TyranoScript.
Luke? Aniki? NG? You guys still around? You should probably know how to solve this I bet.


hey, I am looking for his older games.
Does anyone have a link to sites where the games are shared?


Has any text hooker worked? Iam trying to understand the demo to no avail


can it be shared through email without posting it on the site?


of course not, because >>4755



does somebody know how to get all the cgs? number 26, 36 and 39 are still missing for me…


how to use this??


High chance people move to tyranobuilder because it's just faster to make a game with it and also it has a better support of GIF/Live2D stuff in general. The big issue with Tyranobuilder is that it keeps getting update and the most recent hooker(Textextractor) does not work anymore with the lastest version of tyranobuilder.

I manage to get a 90% accurate translation with Capture2Text/TranslationAggregator(Google/bing/yandex) and Xmouse But it is a pain in the ass.

You need to put the shortcut for Capture2Text on your RightClick mouse. Use the wheelup mouse to get the Text Backlog of the game. Capture the backlog and Let Translation Aggregator do its job.


Only the second half of the game matter to get all the CGs. So basically all you need to do is save right at the beginning of the second half and select the same location until the end.

For some reason you can't get all the CG in one run because the game Grey you one path at the end of the game so you need 2 playthrough to unlock everything.


File: 1555329850229.png (830.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1555329936719.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's my setup to translate the game.


That's a pain in the butt to do…


The one in fumankong is a demo


i dont understand those sites :(


Anyone have/share game link?




Kudos for the idea with the transcription program ;) I use it for translation. But yeah that is not a proper solution. TyranoScript has been a thorn in my eye ever since these two games got released
- 圭吾先生の性教育 https://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0103510/
- ビッキビキ体育教師 https://www.digiket.com/work/show/_data/ID=ITM0127292/
Text-hooking just won't work with these two games even though Textractor usually works with TyranoScript. It's a mystery to me.

スポコン! is not really hard to understand. It's basically just a porn movie, not much plot or anything intruiging for that matter. But it surely is annoying that text-hooking won't work with this game either. For now.



what is difference between sample and full?

full version have more secret scene or what?


True but for ifuna you have to purchase their 5 coin system to download the file, which is confusing to navigate and won't take some credit cards.


File: 1555745276908.png (5.33 KB, 585x102, Screenshot_2019-04-20 注册入坑….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hello, can you help me? to create an account on fumankong you must answer this question, do you know how to answer?



Like I said it's because TyranoScript is a recent software that keep getting update. So each time there are a new update of the software there are an high chance that TextExtractor can't hook anymore a game made with TyranoScript.


Could anyone upload file to mega for me, please ?
I can't use baidu.
It is no use to have link.


Don't bother, these forums have a point based system and you need a certain amount of points to be able download such content so it's a waste of time.



I have the source. but this time the game is too hardcore. There is a scene eat sh*t….. Make me sick….


would you still share it?

stuffedbearorb@gmail.com for those willing to share it through email.


or share it to me yaoiuser13@gmail.com


if you do share it via email… well why not… hellforusall@gmail.com and thank you if you do…


Or share it directly here please


incase this becomes a email thread or not, I might leave my email here, if anyone want to share


but still it's a mystery why those 2 specific games I mentioned won't get their text hooked. Those are relatively old games and shouldn't be problematic, but as a matter of fact they are. The only peculiar difference I've noticed is that the icons for their executables look different. Normally it's a girl wearing a t-rex cap, but in this case it's a blue t-rex figurine on black background.
No idea why or if this is any helpful o_O


can you also share the full version of the game on my email here is my email senseimarou@gmail.com thanks and godbless


pls kawaimisakikun@gmail.com


lol he didn't say or mention anything about sharing at all XD


guys, someone found a game link, but need a password. Does anyone know?



Please share me the game barakuma00@gmail.com


Here we go again with the email sharing. Try reading for once. No one said they will share the game through email. Seriously people try reading what he just said just now. He didn't mention anything about sharing and stop sending your email its not helping this thread your just wasting space by posting your emails when it's not even needed.




oh yeah I think he will translate some of his games into english as well. Hopefully an uncensored version of the game as well.


You need to had a high permission for that. Also to get password if it's like fumakong and such then all you need is to reply on that thread to unlock it. I don't recommend downloading on this type of sites. It would take a long time for it to download much more you need to be a member of the site with a certain permission and ranking to gain access to some parts of the site. I promise you it doesn't worth the time. Also some games won't finish downloading especially when you reach the limit on downloading, you need to had a premium or VIP account to finish the whole download. Also in order to rank up you need to do a lot of stuff and you need to purchase some of the ranking upgrade stuff as well.

It's much better if you just wait for a few months or so. The game will be shared on mega, mediafire, etc. you won't need to visit this type of confusing sites.


i have the trial version. is only one cg available (wrestling guy grinding)?


Do you happen to know to password for this?



Could you tells us?


guys, this is pathetic
just buy the game and be happy with it
nobody believes any of your cheap excuses one second *smh


That's ironic when this board is full of pirated works from other artist. Go preach somewhere else.


couldn't care any less about piracy
it's just so pathetic to what incessant lengths people go just to get free porn
shame. sad. pathetic.



someone just posted it on gay torrent feel free to grab while u still can


Can you put it on mega? I'm still waiting for my gaytorrent invite to pend.


Just a fair warning there is scat, water sports, and sex with animals in this game



ok yall email me at stan_loona at yahoo.com for the mega link :))


please any ideas on hooking text for the new game?.


>>5138 >>5139


So far it is very difficult and few people are having any success. My best suggestion for a translation is using your phone google translate and selecting screen shots. Translators AGTH and RPG-Maker have failed me and I only know how to use those 2. The rest are to confusing.


Can anyone tell me the pass?
or please share with us…


You guys send the game or cgs?


no one is sending anything. everyone just assume that and start posting there emails in a heartbeat.


anyone had the complete save file???? I had a lot of missing cg T-T can anyone share or either way some guide would be appreciated :3


File: 1556037835762.jpg (1.22 MB, 4032x2448, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

hi, I have a problem, the game immediately worked well but then after a short time it doesn't start and I only see a grey screen ,what should i do? i have windows 10 ,64b


I have great news for yall.

First you need to download this patch file to your game folder.
All text in the game is automatically copied to the clipboard.
You can now translate with tools like anemone or egghead something.

Credit. some korean dude made this patch.



omg omg omg!!!!


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ah thank you soo much


hey, I tried this but it doesn't work.
If anybody could post some kind of guide or tell what you use I would be very thankful.
if it works for you tell me how.


Just put the patch file in the same folder with the game and just start the game


I tried Visual novel reader but it says it cant synchronize :(


secret tip: don't use visual novel reader


How can i get the text from games like Gakuen Tantei, Secret Society, etc.?


does the game work on window7?


what else can I use? ITH doesn't work with windows 10


With the patch you don't need to hook the game because the text is already save in your clipboard. All you need a translator. Use Translator aggregator without hooking. Just open it and it will auto translate when the game launch.



my patch is in game.exe folder.
I use translation aggregator but it doesn't hook any text automatically.


never mind it works now.
sorry I am annoying


I just finished this game and wow it was hot.
except for the weird stuff, why was that here.
Can't wait with what moritake comes up next



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