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thanks. do you have other stuff you mind sharing for free? maybe zelolee's patreon content. you can buy his old works on hiccears if you don't gave it. :)


u got it? can you share it to me pls?
it seems like that there are too many emails for him to send
here's my email


sorry also me too, jasontann18@gmail.com


Could you share with me?


Me too plz :)


could you share it if you can plz



if you're still sharing, here's mine:



please: Danmugen@hotmail.com


anyone still sharing? Thank you!


Hai, if you're still sharing, here is mine : elfmand@gmail.com


Seems like no one is sending email to anyone, can anyone who has it just post the images here? Then the email spam will stop too


the whole point is to not dump the images. the artist already deleted this work on fanbox because of this.


and as if just a measly 5$ fanbox is gonna end anyone…
but it sure does keep away the underage kids (credit card)


So you're telling me that they know about this whole thing? How tho…


he put on his twitter that he wanted this comic to be a limited time thing from the beginning just so people had an incentive to sign up. i'm not sure if he knows about all of this but i doubt he's unaware of its existence


Hello, randomidiot123@outlook.de

Thank you for sharing!


can you guys re-share it?
here's my email


If it is ok,I will use Google drive.I need >>4291 agree it.


please shared Thank you




checked my email from 2 days ago, no one is sharing anything, those that got the email, leeched and went away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. nice




Will you put the google drive link directly on here or do you want our e-mails too?



omg thank you so much!!!


Thank you!!


Thank You for Sharing :)


Thank you for sharing via email! Just got it last night


Hey man! Thanks for sharing via email, I really thank you and your effort!!


so you all just gonna leech and not support the artist on his fanbox then?


why pay when you have nice people share for free. :)
also hard living in third world country where money is hard to earn.


with that kinda mentality no wonder…


Can someone please post the comic here or onto mega?



just download it from here


Google drive doesn't work in my country so I was just wondering if someone is kind enough to post the comic here.



Thank u a lot


bump - anyone have the april stuff that they uploaded?


Waiting for april new stuffs








Oof can we talk about the stuff Kuromine posted to Twitter???


Bump 4 more


Bump pls








pls somene shares more stuffs pls



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