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I have all the the comics in the Hercules and the Mage series excluding this one, and I was planning on sharing my collection once I have completed it. Let me know if you have this


Sadly I don't have this one, but I would die for maldu's stuff, so I can't help myself but BUMP


I have the whole collection, part 10 inclusive! I was very disappointed with the last deliveries! the quality of the design is, in my opinion, lower and the dialogues too! I know there is a new series but I am not going to spend money on that and then feel that it was money wasted


Do you have part 10B then?


Would you be able to share your collection by any chance OP?


I plan to, but I'm not sure how I'd want do it and I want to to get part 10b


Considered putting it on mega? Or maybe drive? Then someone could add to it


A while ago someone posted the entire series including the B series here. It got taken down within the day or two.



that made me a little wary… is barachan a safe place?


Maybe a torrent? They can't be put down.


the artist probably saw it an asked for it to be taken down


Alright what I'm gonna do is put all of them into a a Mega folder. I will post the link when I can


any luck?


we're rooting for you!



Any luck op?


don't think it's such a good idea sharing these
mauleo is one of "those" artists and some people want to know how the series concludes…


You could just do it by asking for emails



you are a saint


wow! I can't believe I see it here! anyoe has mage1-2?


so in the end nobody has 10B?


I think i might have part b somewhere. I csn check tomorrow. Sorry i cant do it now, have to head to bed for work.


Okay, thanks!


I didnt forget, just took me a bit to find it. and I did. now i just have to remember my streaming service password, lol. I'll have it up at some point tomorrow.


here is a link to all the part 10s I had. hope the link is acceptable.


might help if i actually post the link


What about mage 1 and 2?


It's already online


Please download melty bullet comics entitled love sex suit battle


Hercules Battle of Strong Man 1-5 anyone?


File: 1558518336236.png (2.14 MB, 1840x3204, H_BOSM_256.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

preview of all five chapters


Up on the Battle of Strong Man 1-5…?




Does anybody know other comics similar to this? I'm talking about the size difference and bigger-guy-protecting-smaller-guy stuff.






i want a free copy of hercules battle of strongman part 1-5


mind to share?






share please


Are there more comics of hercules? Love to see

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