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Someone got the latest update 1.70 of Extracurricular Activities ?



Preferably with the gallery? :)


thanks, but there's just the update 1.68




Does anyone have Update 1.70, whith galery?


post whith gallery please


Someone got the new update 1.71?



Anyone have 1.73?


Someone has the latest version? Came out four days ago


gaytorrent has ver 1.75



Is there an apk available?



Thank you kindly



What's the deal with this game? If you don't support it on patreon you don't get all the content when it's released? It's not very clear.


Non patrons got to wait till the middle of the month for 2 updates. Non patrons are 2 updates behind but in all seriousness it's completely fair. Some of us, including me, are impatient and want to see our sexy husbands sooner


anyone can guild me the Spencer and Chester route?


Apk? ;3



1.81 apk pretty please!


version 1.81 is available, couldnt find apk though




Thank you



the link for the latest build has updated,
it has the android ver now


Anyone have the latest Patreon release?




>.> anyone mind sharing the apk for the latest update?


File: 1563590806551.jpg (44.25 KB, 862x756, 14872632.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Woah what route do we see Richard naked?


can someone upload the last version with the old design from CursedMarked? I loved the old design and I don't like the way how Captain Gerbear colors everything… too less bright, so off.


All of the older versions should be on itch.io


i can download only the last versione on the sit, even if i click on the older update.


Tbh I don't see the appeal to going back. The older updates hardly have any scenes in them. I prefer CM's art over the current artist too but the severe lack of art and content is just not worth going back imo. And maybe try lewdzone? They have files for the older updates I'm pretty sure.



The links are 404'd do you have any other links


bump for darius update




bump for 1.87



Is the download link on furrybaraarchive safe?
I used to download at the ALT link,but they don't have it anymore
The Adfly one makes me have to click that allow thing and i'm kinda scared if it's a virus


I wouldn't use any links from that blog, I recall someone did mention that they found some trojans or whatever before. Do it at your own risk.


it's really dangerous. Use it only if you have a good antivirus and a good ADblock.


It happened to me before (not on furrybaraarchive tho)
That's why i'm really cautious about these things


Then i'll pass
I'm not really that knowledgable about these kinds of things


I downloaded it from there. It asked me to put on notifications for my browser which I turned off after I downloaded it. Other than that no viruses or anything.
Does anyone know when 1.88 comes out? It's update from the 1st of September and has Darius update in it. Or was it 1.87?


Also does anybody have up to date playthrough? I only found one that had routes up to Day 10. But I'd like to know if you could win Darius' bet for example. And I'd like to know just in general how to get most of like/love in each route


you can win darius first bet just waiting when you're cooking. When Maria says 3 during the countdownj you have to press the button and flip the steak. I really like Darius route and it's strange because at first I didn't like his design or his personality, but when I saw in others route that he is good friend, I wanted to try his route and now he is my favourite.


Oh, thanks. I wonder if winning this bet will lead to good or bad ending.
I tried to like his route but I just can't stand Spencer suffering so much. I even replayed Spence's route to feel better after Darius' route. He's good friend and sometimes even cute but I just can't let the best boy suffer so I don't think I'll continue his route. At least not until full release which will take a while


As long as you follow the guide that dyne has started (and probably will never finish) you should have a good start. Each choice is pretty easy to gauge whether it's something bad or good or leads to a different variable. Just make sure to save if you aren't sure of what to pick.

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