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Someone got the latest update 1.70 of Extracurricular Activities ?



Preferably with the gallery? :)


thanks, but there's just the update 1.68




Does anyone have Update 1.70, whith galery?


post whith gallery please


Someone got the new update 1.71?



Anyone have 1.73?


Someone has the latest version? Came out four days ago


gaytorrent has ver 1.75



Is there an apk available?



Thank you kindly



What's the deal with this game? If you don't support it on patreon you don't get all the content when it's released? It's not very clear.


Non patrons got to wait till the middle of the month for 2 updates. Non patrons are 2 updates behind but in all seriousness it's completely fair. Some of us, including me, are impatient and want to see our sexy husbands sooner


anyone can guild me the Spencer and Chester route?


Apk? ;3



1.81 apk pretty please!


version 1.81 is available, couldnt find apk though



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