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Yes, I know this is a request board. However sometimes requests go unfulfilled, or maybe you just don't want to wait.

Alas, the art of actually buying stuff from Japan is somewhat of a mystery, so to avoid multiple threads
with questions and confusion, here is a guide on how do do just that, originally written by the user DK.


Buying Digital

DLsite (http://www.dlsite.com/gay-eng/) :

Requires credit card.
You can either buy from the English site or from the Japanese site.
The English site you just pay via credit card and afterwards you can download to your drive.
For the Japanese site you have to create an account first, but since all items sooner or later wander over to the English site(approx 1 week) buying from the Japanese one is kinda moot.
If you buy without having an account there, your downloads expire after a month so make sure to download and save everything within that time.

Booth (https://booth.pm/en/items) :

You can buy either via Credit Card or Debit Card.
Apparently a very few countries are excluded it seems.
You can use your already existing pixiv account. Your purchases are getting saved for unlimited downloads afterwards whenever.

Torusell (http://www.torusell.com/women/) :

You can buy either via Credit Card or Debit Card.
Just adding this service here too but I haven't really tried it out before.

Digiket (http://www.digiket.com/gachi/) :

First you have to buy yourself digital money. Digiket accepts BitcashEX and Bitcoin.
I have no idea how to handle Bitcoin, therefore you'll have to find out a method on your own if you wish to use Bitcoin.
For DiGiket however I'll get you covered(been using it for years now)
Just go over to http://sutowebmoney.com/ and create yourself an account.
They require you to send them some authentic proof that you are over 18years old, like ID card or driver's license whatever.
Just scan or photograph something like that and block out your mugshot and other info, just leave the age field visible. They should accept that.
After that you can buy BitcashEX from there via PayPal.

Only now starts the actual DiGiket buying. You have two choices now: Either buy as guest user or as member.
As guest you don't have to register at Digiket, you simply get a download link. This method is recommended if you plan to buy DRM doujin like from Nakata Shunpei, you'll get a file together with login data. Those you can send to some person who is skilled with cracking those files for you !without! worrying about letting them know sensitive personal data about yourself.
Your bought items as guest user should expire after some time like it is with DLsite, but I cannot say for sure since I've always bought as a member there.
As a member of course you have to register first which requires you to create a fake adress.
Google around and find out some areas with their respective ZIP codes and you're good to go.
You'll get Digipoints for every purchase you do and those you can use for trading a doujin if you got enough.
How many points you get for a book you buy is written right under the actual price indicated as "最大 XX ポイントプレゼント"
In any case, for both ways you have to enter your 16digit hiragana code which you bought from sutowebmoney.

Merging Bitcash Points

You can combine your Bitcash points by going here: http://bitcash.jp/bitcash/merge
Make sure that you have both hiragana codes for your old points and the code with your new points.
Simply follow the instructions on the page and in the end you'll receive a brand new hiragana code worth your combined Bitcash points.
No registration needed.


Buying Physical

Rainbow Shoppers (http://www.rainbow-shoppers.com/en/index.html) :

Credit Card required. You can conveniently use their English site.
Your first step should be to click on MEMBER->REGISTRATION on the left column.
You'll create an account there which is helpful for you to earn points for every purchase you do. Like with DiGiket you can use those points for a free book should you have enough.
When checking out you have to set your region, check what type of credit card you'll use, type in your ID and password for getting points and you can even select to have the cover of your CD/DVD separated.
After that you'll get a final payment request with instructions 1-3 days later.
Rainbow Shoppers sends their packages internationally so no proxy service is needed.

Alice Books (http://alice-books.com/) :

Credit Card required. You can conveniently use their English site.
Some books they ship internationally and some books they don't. You can check at the book description page.
This site should work in a similar way to Rainbow Shoppers. I cannot say for certain since I haven't bought directly from alicebooks myself yet.

Biggym (http://www.biggym.co.jp/bg-online/) :

Definitely Proxy Service required.
This site only ships domestically which means you are in for spending lots of extra money.
For browsing your three most needed categories are "コミック" , "同人誌" , "書籍" on the left column.

Toranoana (http://www.toranoana.jp/bl/cot/index.html) :

Proxy Service required.
Has loads of doujin but you'll have to browse through a lot in order to maybe find one to your liking.
When browsing click on both "女性向け" and "18禁" at the top column.

CQ-Web / K-Books (https://www.c-queen.net/) :

Proxy Service required. Works similar to toranoana.

Mandarake (https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/) :

Proxy service needed. A second-hand service.
You enter any info on your book in the top field and make sure to scroll down the page until you see the option "Hide sold out" on the left column. You might also want to check "Condition" and "Stock Status".
With a little bit of luck your desired book may pop up there.

Yahoo Auction (http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/) :

Proxy service needed. An auction site.
Some auctioneers even refuse to sell their goods when they notice that a proxy service is being used.
First you want to register because only then you can access the adult sections.
For that click on "新規取得" and follow the steps. You'll need to create a yahoo account at the Japanese yahoo site beforehand and use that Yahoo ID for your yahoo auction account.
When that's done, scroll down and click on "その他" left column and then on "アダルト"
Browse now for any doujin you like.


A few artists/circles handle their own shops, eg NODA Gaku&Akitaku (http://akitaku.com/)
For those you'll need to contact your proxy service as well and have them contact the artist.

Proxy Service

Noppin (http://www.noppin.com/)
Rainbow Shoppers (sales@rainbow-shoppers.com)

Write them an inquiry about what book(s) from which site(s) you wish to buy and they should get back to you with more info.
Whereas rainbow shoppers require you to pay with credit card, noppin for instance has PayPal listed as payment method.


Here's a list of shipping zones and their fees


That concludes the guide.

To quote the original author:
> If you got any further additions or corrections please let me know here ^^ !

I'll be leaving the thread open for people to post in, should you wish to add to
this how-to library, or if you have any questions or corrections.


I would add that Rainbow Shoppers will help you with digital products as well.
Biggym has the Data Market for digital products as well.


I bought the Okinawa Slave Island mangas from the Data Market using Rainbow Shoppers. Just send them the product link, they will send you a payment request and they will reply with a link to your files.


I've ordered from Alice Books twice as a US-based buyer and had a positive experience both times. I would add:

Browse male/male content at http://alice-books.com/item/list/all?tag=%E2%99%82%C3%97%E2%99%82
You can create an account or check out as a guest.
They ship direct internationally, so no proxy service is needed.
Your shipping cost is calculated and charged automatically as a part of your order; there is no follow-up email. This is helpful because you can optimize the weight of your order without overpaying or shortchanging yourself (e.g., I ended up adding two extra doujin to my order because it wouldn't cost me any more in shipping).
If you order more than 5 items at a given time, your order must ship via EMS. EMS is faster and comes with tracking, but is more expensive.
You get an order confirmation immediately after placing your order, and a shipping confirmation 3-5 days later. If your order shipped via EMS, the shipping confirmation will have a tracking number.

Thanks for compiling this guide!


OH GOD! yeah. Just a bit of warning. that shipping rate is HUGE. right now it would cost 30 bucks to ship anything to America. If your gonna do this by alot of items to make it worth it.


thanks for this great addition!
This is pretty much normal. In the end the shipping costs can pile up to being the same amount as the actual book prices, especially if you're going for heavier books such as anthologies or magazines. Therefore I've found out that it's a very good idea to place an order as a group of people. First pool money together from everybody, let one person order and receive the books, that person scans the books and passes the scans around for everybody else. Compared to my last solo order where I could only get two books on my own, this Pool Order was a brilliant idea.
I will definitely do it again (^_^)b


There's also OtakuRepublic (otakurepublic.com). I've used them a few times as a last resort for stuff I couldn't find elsewhere; they're a good alternative if you don't want to have to deal with e-currency or proxy services.


Easy to navigate site for English speakers, big selection, robust search to filter by franchise/character/artist, free priority shipping.


Stupidly overpriced (USD$25+ for doujins, USD$45+ for anthologies)


Just a quick correction: Mandarake ships direct, and does NOT require a proxy service. Just make sure that if you're buying multiple items that they're all coming from the same store (Grandchaos, Sapporo, etc); they have multiple locations throughout Japan. Otherwise, you'll be stuck paying multiple shipping fees for each store.

Also, if you're ordering from SAHRA (their main warehouse) your shipping weight/cost will be calculated automatically. Anywhere else, and it will be tabulated when you get your invoice.


Yes, I found out about that too just recently while getting a few rare forgotten doujn ^^

I've been asked about other vendors for Bitcash besides Sutowebmoney. Can anybody perhaps name a few or at least one alternative?


Has anyone run into issues ordering from Alice Books lately?

I tried to order today and I got a "Country name error" even though the correct country is selected on the drop down option and all the items I'm trying to purchase are labeled for overseas shipping. I tried to bypass this by selecting "other/not listed" then entering United States but then it gives me a "payment method not selected" even though the only payment option is selected.


Looks like they fixed the issue, whatever it was but now it's not accepting my credit card…


A couple of hours ago I received an unexpected mail from Rainbow Shoppers letting me know Okinawa Slave Island #6 was released and that they could get it for me for 1.875 Yens (around $17) via Paypal.

I paid and got the issue, the whole thing happened withing 15 minutes maybe.

It was a surprising mail considering I bought my last issue like a year ago maybe, it was not an automatic mail or something. Talk about customer service. 1500 for the manga, 375 for them.


>Okinawa Slave Island #6 was released
The digital version, right? Well do you know if anything got changed compared to the printed version? Were there any written notes perhaps at the afterword of the book?

Yes, Rainbows provide pretty good customer service.
Have been a customer for about 8 years now and they never disappointed.
Their point system is also pretty neat for registered customers. Next UGCP game(among other things) will be for free (^_^)b


Yes, the digital version.
I have never seen the physical manga so I can`t compare. I think the dialogues were redone for the digital version, but I can`t know. This only contains a cover, the 24 pages story and a 2 page spread with what I think is a character bio (Kaneshiro).


well it's not that important. i can't buy the manga a second time everytime a digital version gets released.


Here's a small update from me concerning Bitcash and Sutowebmoney

A trading partner of mine told me that Sutowebmoney no longer offers payments via PayPal. They only accept International Bank Wire now.
I believe that many won't be buying Bitcash from there any longer, I most certainly won't.
I have no idea where else you can buy Bitcash, or rather haven't bothered about it much.
If anybody knows about another working and dependable source to buy Bitcash, please do tell.

One more thing to mention.
I have been told that you can indeed buy via Webmoney from DiGiket. There actually have been quite a few random notes from anons all over the board to "just buy with webmoney" when people asked how to purchase. But without any kind of explanation of course you'd assume that it's the usual nonsense you encounter on here.
Well, it is possible to buy from DiGiket with Webmoney when you have an account there and change your payment settings.


***Webmoney you can buy quick and easy at various places, such as
sample1) http://www.cn-usa.com/?cmd=buy&loc=193646
sample2) http://www.play-asia.com/codes


So anyone found any other sites besides sutowebmoney to get bitcash now? Really wanna be able to buy stuff from Digiket again, since not everything gets put to Dlsite as well. I know webmoney (apparently) works there, but that requires an account, which I don't have. Only bought stuff as guest.


I recommend that you create yourself an account. It's the better choice how to buy from DiGiket.
For every purchase at DiGiket you get special DiGipoints which you can use up just like your balance of digital money. It's a very neat feature!
(Rainbow-Shoppers does the same. Just to let you know in case you might want to order printed books some time)
If you've bought only as guest for awhile then you probably missed out on a few doujin for free.
Creating an account really is no big deal. All it takes is a little bit of concentration and about 8min of your time.


So i have an issue with webmoney, i sent them a copy of my ID but they haven't sent me an email back saying it is ok to pay using pay pal.


Are you talking about Sutowebmoney?
They no longer accept PayPal as payment.
There is a comment on that literally 4 posts above yours. Haven't you read that?


ah. sorry i only skimmed through the board.



So I managed to make an account and even got the code for some webmoney. However, I have no idea how to add/store it to my account. Is there a setting for it somewhere, or is it just something you do when you make purchases, like when as a guest I used bitcoin, the 16 letter code was entered during the purchase.



Well whatever those anons have been saying about Webmoney working there seem to be full of shit.

I checked the help section for Webmoney on Digiket and it looks like it works for everything but the ガチ系同人 section which is like… 99% of the content that is requested here.

Everytime you try to buy something from that section, the Webmoney button is grayed out instead of green. I even tested it in other sections just incase and all the other sections work just fine for Webmoney.


has nothing to do with sections.
it does work but you have to change one default setting in your payment method settings.
if nobody else will post how to I will once I got some time


File: 1497784968234.png (98.44 KB, 1278x612, dket.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


If you're talking about this, as you can see, I already the bottom option selected.


And here's what it says about it in the faq



Yes, good. Now after you log into your account, go to "Charge". It's the third option. Scroll down the lists, check Webmoney and proceed. Select in the dropdown how much Webmoney you want to Charge your account with, continue and enter your code. Of course you'll lose a bit of your value but there's always a downside to it. For Webmoney you'll lose a bit for charging your account but you can buy all Webmoney values in almost 1:1 ratio and you can use your bonus Digipoints together with your Webmoney value, whereas with Bitcash you always had to pay a very big extra fee at Suto and you couldn't make good use of the DiGiket points.



I've tried that countless times before and there's nothing I can do here. It just shows the currencies I can use but there isn't anything here that actually allow me to charge my account with Webmoney. I even tried clicking the icons but nothing happens.


On that screen >>6037 you have to check the first option where it says "Charge"
Then try this >>6083 again.


Hello, does anyone ever try to buy something from japanese DLsite? Is it hard? Do you have any tips?

I want to buy this anthology http://charles.media-soft.jp/anthology/kassyoku.html but its only available on japanese section.

Thanks for the info.



Okay, I may have gotten this now. So I actually have to switch the payment method to the top one, which does NOT include Webmoney so that I can charge my account with it? Seems kinda silly. Oh well, as long as it works.



I use both the english and japanese version of DLsite and have no issues with either. You just need to make account for both, since you can't use your english one on the japanese side and vice versa.


Does your Japanese DLsite include all the different sections? the "gay", "maniax" and "girls" ?


Thanks anon!
Since I can't read japanese is it helpful to translate the web page with google translate?



I've only used the gay section, but I don't see why others wouldn't work the same way.


The layout should be pretty much the same when comparing the eng/jp sides. I did use google translate just in case when I first registered on the jp just so I know that I'm really putting the correct information to their proper places, haha.


i want to buy at
but i dont have credit card

i have visa though so how


and visa is not a credit card?
in any case, for that site you need a Japanese credit card.
read above and check under "proxy service"


i have debit card that is visa
does that help?


i don't think that a debit card will work.
But you can always write an email and ask them


Has anyone found an alternative in buying stuff from Digiket? I used to use Sutowebmoney back in the day but now that they won't accept PayPal anymore, i tried the Webmoney thing but it's very confusing for me.


scratch that. Webmoney is indeed extra confusing, but i managed to make it work (there's some pages on the site that cannot be translated to english for some reason).


File: 1507895430617-0.jpg (84.13 KB, 707x358, digiket_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1507895430617-1.jpg (473.07 KB, 1356x1634, digiket_2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Since there are many people rendered confused about how to buy from DiGiket nowadays since the Bitcash+Sutowebmoney combo is no longer available, I have a small guide available here for you.

First, Buying as Guest:

You can still buy as Guest user of course. You can see which payment options you got on the first picture.
Many people(myself included) used to rely on the Bitcash option from Sutowebmoney. Sadly I have no idea where you can safely purchase Bitcash anyplace else and the same goes with all the other Guest user payment options.

Second, Buying as Member:

For that you need to register first.
Click on "メンバー登録" and you'll get to the registry page. Make sure that you already check the "チャージ決済" option. That will enable you to use Webmoney as payment(it's actually not written there but you'll see soon that it's correct nonetheless). Click on the green button and you'll be on the user information page. This one is self-explanatory and even neatly which English subtitles (^o^)b
For ZIP and Telephon Number you have to fake the info of course. For that make use of Google or whatever resources you're familiar with using.
Continue with the green button once again and that should take you to some final confirmation page. Accept and check your Email for the confirmation mail from DiGiket and that should be it.
Now after you logged into your account, click on "設定・変更 > 決済変更". That will take you to your payment settings. You set them already a few steps before but nonetheless just make sure that "チャージ決済" is checked. Now go to "チャージ", this is your charging page.
"現在チャージしている金額" tells you how much money your account is charged with
"お持ちのDiGiポイント" tells you many DiGipoints you got, you get these for every purchase you make as a member
Scrolling further down and you'll see your payment options. I guess for the most either Bitcoin or Webmoney would be applicable. Never tried Bitcoin before so I'll just tell you about Webmoney.
Well check the Webmoney option and notice the info that for charging 10% will be commissioned. Scroll further down and you'll see exactly how. Click on the arrow to the left where it says "希望額" and you'll see a list. The number to the right corresponds to your Webmoney code and the left corresponds to how much your account will be charged with, exactly 10% less.
Continue, accept and your account will be charged with money. Then you can proceed with buying doujin.
On the doujin page, take notice of how much DiGipoints you'll get for the purchase. When you've gathered a lot of those and perhaps your account isn't charged enough for buying a certain doujin, your DiGipoints will be added to your charged amount. I think it's a similar system to the one over at DLsite if you got a member account there as well.

Third, where to buy digital money:

I only know about Webmoney though and also only about two sources, which are

I recommend option #1
Used their service a couple of times already and they deliver instantly. Instantly as in right after you're done with the PayPal settlements.
You can also register at their site if you want to further save a little bit of money, but that's not recommended for impatient people. The register process takes a bit of time since you have to give them your mobile phone number and they'll send you a confirmation code or something.

That's all I have to share with you guys
Feel free to add more info ^^


Update concerning Bitcash

I've been given information that there's another trustworthy vendor for Bitcash


I have a question, so i ordered a game "Dirty Sex Life tutors" from rainbow shoppers last week saturday but i haven't received an email finalizing the bill so i can pay. But it was stated that it would take 1-3 business days for the order to go through. But it's Wednesday and i still haven't gotten a confirmation on the order.


Be patient of course.
It's pretty normal that processing with any store can take a bit longer.
Also remind yourself about the time difference and that Saturday+Sunday aren't business days.
Well I'd say if you haven't heard back from them by Friday then write them a message and ask what's going on ^^


yeah, you're right. It's not like i payed for it yet. I kinda got a bit excited since i wanted that game for a while(SINCE IT NEVER WENT DIGITAL!). Now i must find out if VN reader can work on windows 10.


What's the status now?
I actually thought that it was available digitally by now. Huh, interesting.
I bought it at comiket those years ago though.


I got it about a week ago, 100% it with in a day. Kinda wished it was longer and you had an individual route with the P.E teacher instead of you and science professor are his personal harem fuck toys.


That's good to hear! Was wondering if RS was starting to slack since they are usually very reliable.
Well it's not a "personal harem of fuck toys" xD but I share your opinion on the matter of no real individual route with Itsuki-sensei…


well i barely understood most of whats going on in the game, and the Itsuki/Yamada route was pretty much MC and Yamada were his bitches.


Can we get a version 2.0 of this guide? I feel like there have been a lot of additions/revisions that are hard to navigate in the comments.


I'm going to.
For now if you have some urgent doujin in mind that you want to buy/import, well just try to gather all the info you need here. It's a bit fragmented now but at least it should cover all questions

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