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If anyone has or willing to share please do
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Does anyone have more or at least the next chapter?


Chapter 3 is still on going though.

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Can somebody post the whole doujin here pls? It's sooo hot looking. I can't login in enty cuz it's all japanese

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Big problem Now I have to pay with either my card or PayPal. I don't want to cast any suspicion on me. What should I do? Should I give up?


Credit card is the only viable option. You are an adult are you not? Why should you care what others think of your purchases. The only thing it will say on your statement will be the Enty name, unlike Gumroad, where it specifically states the content creator's name.


May I ask what exactly you mean with "I don't want to cast any suspicion on me" ?


>>499 I mean I don't want anyone I know of to notice about this, not even my family. Even if I can somehow pay, I'm just nervous about any decision I'm making. Am I too stupid to think like that?


Does your family share a credit card? If so, just get your own. Are you worried that the credit card statement will be mailed and your family will inspect it? Just have it be emailed instead.
It really isn't their business if you are the one paying for stuff you enjoy.

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