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Currently we're missing april rewards
Maybe it's not downloable yet but I don't mind if you share screenshots too
Or even gif's made out of screen recordings :^)
Thanks anyway and glad to see this site back.


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Someone post please


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Please, can anyone provide the links for his animations/rewards sent via his patreon?


he shares his animations via email ( gmail to be more specific)
I think the reason behind the lack of sharing of his content it's because of watermark stuff; that's one of the main reasons his comics, videos and pictures doesn't get shared recently.

however he said something about selling his old patreon rewards digitally on some site I don't remember the name right now; but he hasn't talked about it for a while


That site is gumroad


File: 1558126372505.jpg (318.33 KB, 800x1122, fukkin kitti.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

fuck kitticlub

you pay to support him, he delays any sort of reward by a minimum of 2 months, and then when he sends you your 'rewards' they're more watermarked than that of a paranoid artist on deviantArt


So maybe you should stop supporting him


and you call that a watermark
thats literally censuring a product you paid to see
it's like going to the resturand but only to smell the dishes


I don't follow this artist but that can't be right as you can't even see the image. Did you contact them to make sure they sent the right image? Also did others get the same thing too?


Jadded just censored the watermarks that are all over the picture. I've seen other artists like Nexus do the same thing. Usually they're not noticeable until you zoom in or mess with the picture in Gimp or something similar.


damm it so there's no pasible way to share anything?


whoa! so that's how the watermark looks, damn I hope someone is kind enough to share this in the future.
thanks for your contribution anyway the your literally the first person that shows the first page of crywolf 5 in the internet, thank you :')


hey guess what, patreon is cancer


he's scum and doesnt deserve all his patrons


The platform itself isn't a bad concept or thing altogether since it's a main source of income for many artists. Although, some like Kitticlub don't really measure up to payer expectations. The lack of transparency or newer content from the dude doesn't really help much.

I wanna resub, I really do, but $10 for late unspecified content is really something.


let me reiterate

patreon is cancer because there are no measures in place to prevent people from using it as a glorified subscription service when that goes entirely against the spirit of the platform's original design

if the majority of artists used it as intended, then there would be no problems, but now literally every artist who thinks they're worth a shit puts all of their goods behind limited time paywalls and honestly, in a just society, this kind of thing would be not only immoral but illegal (and in fact i'm actually pretty sure that in many cases it IS illegal because many of these artists are explicitly seeking to profit off of copyrighted characters, but that's besides the point really)


Any artist that announces a Patreon is best dealt with an unfollow, mute/block and word filtering them from your timeline.


Let me rephrase that for you:

Patreon has a good CONCEPT but as with everything else, a lot of people can easily abuse from a good concept twisting and turning it to the point where it becomes a toxic mess that itself ends up crating a cycle which creates even more toxicity, and in some extreme cases, creates things like this artist.


I'm sorry to say you'll be missing out on a lotta free shit they have then. A lot just use the platform as a tip box rather than content paywall.


and then adding them to the yiff.party machine


There a few artists that could go on Yiff.party too if you guys would like to hear.


File: 1559878897746.mp4 (2.68 MB, 640x360, Test_Crywolf_066.mp4 - Goo….mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

his yiff party it's still being updated every time he post rewards, the only thing that doesn't get published it's the packs videos, comics, etc.

it's still useful to see updates and news, but not to get packs anymore

this below is one of the first and last packs published
there's 3 animations

I think the only thing that's left to do is publish all of yiff party stuff in this thread and others, then leave it to die, until a hero comes out and leaks everything, then desapears to be remembered as a legend lol


oh boy, this will be a long one.

The actual problem is not the updates and stuff, but the goddamn atrocious abusive paranoid delay and watermark system used to avoid his comics and stuff from being posted, its sole objective is to give the control to kitticlub to the point where his patrons are not paying to own copies of the stuff he creates, but rather as if he's doing them a favor and lending them his stuff

Plus the fact that he's dividing the comics through multiple months and you can only get ones for the period you're subbed creates a problem that if a comic stretches for longer than a month (which ALWAYS happens) and for some reason you have to drop support gives you an incomplete comic, once again reinforcing the artists control as he's holding you hostage with the comics you might want.


>>10832 >>10836
One other facts that keeps me the fuck away from his patreon, besides the osbvious abusive systems he's put in place is how atrocious he is to his fans, and nothing will ever beat the examples of him requesting the takedown of ALL OF HIS STUFF from e621, even though what was there was the stuff he has avaliable for free on his fucking twitter, which btw was linked as the source, promoting his work, some fans were even translating that specific stuff and linking back to him. But no, cant do, that's too unnaceptable and out of his control, so contact admins, take it all down! And then the whole drama debacle on u18chan over crywolf 4 just went to show how little he understands his fans. Sure the comics was leaked, but why the fuck is the artist showing up to point out spelling mistakes on a comic being fan translated, something pointed out since the begining?

He's acting like a control freak and anyone who buys in his patreon ends up with a similar situation as a hostage of anabusive relationship with a victimised person. So thanks not-fooling-anyone-with-that-username-guy for pointing out that his yiff party is updated, I already have my own mental issues to deal with, not about to get involved in something that is so messed up that it could cause even more trouble than its worth.



I'm also assuming the reason he doesn't have a gumroad or any other marketplace with his stuff is because he hasn't found yet a way to circunvent the fact he cannot exert control over who buys it like his patreon, as stuff bought is delivered immediatly and probably CANNOT be custom watermarked to hell and back so he can go full head over heels on the poor guy if the thing is ever leaked.


yeah I was there when de crywolf 4 comic was being fan translated, so sad that the person translating stopped in the middle of it


he's kinda overdoing it, kind of a maniac, but sooner or later someone's gonna get something out and that's were the fun will begin



People should just leak it just to spite him in that case.


Problem is: you leak, he blocks and bans the person and then they cant have acess anymore, even if they were paying for it, plus, you're getting content late (2 or 3 months I think?) so, you'd have paid for more than what you'd have recieved…



He even coded his rewards? What a damn maniac lol. People should really stop supporting him. Its not worth it. I stopped around august pf last year since his reward are really shitty.


I'm also pretty sure he immediately put his work on digiket when they are leaked out on ex-hentai. That's why we got kuromaru dungeon 1 and 2 at the same time.


in other news, there appears to be delays, again o.o


delays? he's been streaming doin art for patreon and animation work, i think he just recently moved too


uh? nice to hear he's good!


Pledge ->8 months
Reward ->3 months






wtf! that is unfair


It does not even respond to messages too


he's probably, probably starting again in august, but we can't really tell


It call spending money to get what you want, fools.


Uh, not really. It's more like "spend money to get something you might like with a 5 month delay".
Not a great deal if you ask me, but to each their own, I suppose.
That's why i prefer buying packs on gumroad rarher then pledging as a patron, mostly.


The unfortunate thing is that the dude pretty much refuses to do anything with gumroad.

He mentioned like ages ago that he was thinking about it. But it's pretty clear that he has no interest in allowing people to get past rewards if he can't have 100% control over them.

but honestly I'd love it if he'd place his past rewards on something like Gumroad. Like it's super tempting to pledge to him, but the fact that you are screwed out of all of the past rewards regardless, makes it not really worth it imo.


turns out he was
just moving to a bigger place cause of the mocap thing, apparently he's now finally going with the normal shedule again? 0.0

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