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Anyone interested in exchanging content?

I have content from different artists: M0onx, Zifu, NSFWFandom, Hotcha, AverageNeighbor, CharlieTooga and more!

Those who are interested my discord is Kiwae#9375


Sent a request






Reported your discord and username to according Patreons. Also requested Discord to look into the usernames of those that joined.

Share with the world or don't share at all, your little secret clubs rid artists of both publicity AND sales, devoiding it of any excusable reasoning.
An hero immediately pls.


>>12071 If the artists wanted publicity, they'd put samples of their work themselves. They wouldn't rely on random people posting their protected works here or on other sites.

How many people here actually support creators? An exchange group assures that everyone is at least supporting a few artists. There are so many artists who each have so many packages that you have to be filthy rich to buy all their works.

Isn't it better to make sure that at least some people are supporting them, rather than just leeching off free art posted here? I can understand not wanting to join. I understand less the reaction.

How does posting paid content for free here promote artists works exactly? Right, you'd rather just stay a leecher without having to contribute anything.


The supposition that having a private sharing group, rather than posting them publicly, is somehow "better" is incorrect. All it does is prevent said art from being shared with people who do not support any artist (or who only support a select few artists due to any number of reasons).

This does not increase the support for an artist in any way whatsoever, as the members of said group have absolutely no reason to support an artist at all because some member of the group already gives them the patreon rewards for free.

>How does posting paid content for free here promote artists works exactly?

Because it shows people who might be interested in supporting them what kind of art they put out? This is especially true of artists who use patreon as a paywall (fuck this type of artist) and lock all of their art behind it.

I don't know about most people but almost every artist I currently support I originally started supporting because of publicly leaked patreon art. I'm not going to support an artist if I can't see what they are putting out. I have found far too many artists who have really good "preview art" and end up putting out complete garbage to their patreons.


File: 1564164803467.png (302.09 KB, 680x680, 369d00764e46cf68e4c263e110….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

If you want art, buy it, I'm only interested in people who exchange content, that is, people who pay for the content and know that it is an exchange, not gifts.

So stop crying and go bother somewhere else, don't expect me to share something for free.


This is why I don't like trading, most of the people who do it are snobby and think they're better just because they paid for *some* art

Oh but I'm better than you because even though I'm still stealing I paid for some of mine


Nobody cares what people are like, after all it is an exchange not a talk with tea and cookies. LMAO


File: 1564166765620.jpg (96.73 KB, 1366x768, sakamotodesuga_111.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


you know, regardless, shouldnt thid thread be in discussion? /ptr/ is more for posting the content in threads


>>12075 You're argument could have some validity if we were talking about new and unknown artists. The fact is most requested artists already have leaked Patreon packs which allow you to gauge the quality of their art. Many artists even put up some of their art on other sites (Twitter, DeviantArt, etc), so the excuse that you need free leaked images to judge an artist seems like a stretch.

Even if you felt that you needed some free leaked images, certainly there is no need for all Patreon packs to be put up for free. If you've seen the work of an artist and know his work interests you, that should be enough to make you support him and there's no reason to expect all their future packs to be shared for free.

The artists I don't support, I wouldn't have the means to support them anyway, so it's not like their losing any money. It's been proven that piracy doesn't affect sales in certain domains like video games (https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/72rn2k/eu_study_finds_piracy_doesnt_hurt_game_sales_may/)


>>12077 I don't think that's what people are when they require others to share in order to join. I support a few artists, but I like quality (like hi-resolution, high file sizes, or PSD files), and those are usually reserved for the highest tiers. I am not able to support more than a few artists.

If a private sharing group where each member contributes interests me, it's not because of elitism but because there needs to be people who actually buy artist's products and share them. But if one member is buying, it's unfair for others to just take. Asking everyone to share something insures a kind of fairness. We each get something for our contribution and no one feels cheated.

Sites like these tend to only give access to compressed and small file sizes. It's extremely hard to find Google Drives with original resolution and quality files. Not to mention people uploading incomplete packs or images of varying resolutions or quality. I'd just prefer to have a place to give and get complete orignal quality packs without spending hours surfing the web or bumping a request thread every two days or spending a fortune.


A lot of people joined toomics for the comic Liebling AFTER it was leaked and people found out that the art and story is good.

The ones with money will support the artists not because of porn but because they care about the good work. Many people dont have credit cards or ability to pay online. Many live in 3rd world countries. I used to pirate games from FROMSOFT like Dark souls because i couldnt afford them. When i got a bit of money I STILL BOUGHT THE GAMES CAUSE THEY DESERVED IT. People who trade are just as guilty as ones asking for free stuff except most people who ask free stuff are genuinely unable to support the artist but traders never do that even when they get money cause in their heads they traded fair and square for some other artist they once paid for. GTFO your high horse and thinking that paywalling is supporting artists. Its only ensuring that many people when they get money use it to support the artists whose work they got for free and enjoyed instead of that random CG set they were curious about 3 years ago


Exactly, thank you.


The fact that you are going through misery does not mean that we have to give you free porn.

I understand if it's because of economic problems like food, clothes or a roof where to live but porn? hahaha that is hilarious.

Instead of responding to these people who want free stuff, they could choose to follow the thread and people interested in exchanging.


die bourgeoisie capitalist scum


Trader don't stop suddenly supporting the artists they like because they know they can get their works from trade. And the major reason for that is that trading take A LOT OF TIME. You have to send multiple mail to receive what you want and if you really like an artist then it's just better to buy their work than trading.



The full nelson on the first pic had me drooling… I have some packs from Masutaa, GasaiV and Ducka's Christmas comic, that I bought from Gumroad. Would you be interested in any?


I find it hilarious how you call it "trading" when you're just using the content you bought to get free content from others artists.
Since you will still have the content you bought, you're not losing anything in that proccess. You're just being extremely miserly while building a false sense of superiority towards others, when in truth if you really cared about supporting the artists you wouldn't be "trading" in the first place.
I don't believe sharing it with everyone is good either, but this is just pitiful.


File: 1564216251496.mp4 (262.13 KB, 640x360, jasminemastersoop.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb


So basically:

People are scared or feeling threatened that sharing won't happen anymore or will happen less because a very few people decide to trade instead.
some people prefer to rather trade, because reasons
some people prefer to rather share, because reasons
and the majority prefers to rather get everything handed to them for free, because reasons

>your little secret clubs rid artists of both publicity AND sales
Have you actually asked [artist of your choice] if they agree with you on that sharing their work is good publicity? I think that hardly ANY artist would approve.
You might have missed that certain prolific JP manga artists are discussing about suing places such as myreadingmanga too.
>Share with the world or don't share at all
And that's exactly what he's doing

>A lot of people joined toomics for the comic Liebling AFTER it was leaked and people found out that the art and story is good
I beg to differ.
Most people certainly joined Toomics for this manga series because Kim did wonderful publicity for it on his Twitter and because Toomics have the first few chapters available for free. That's all you need to get interested and hooked.
People who found out about the leaks most likely decided on keeping spoon-fed, hence the constant demand for updates.
Well who knows…



>Have you actually asked [artist of your choice] if they agree with you on that sharing their work is good publicity? I think that hardly ANY artist would approve.

literally sharing culture is what has enabled the vast majority of popular artists to reach the level of popularity that they currently enjoy, ESPECIALLY now considering that most of them seem to hide in their little patreon bubbles and they would never achieve any growth without users sharing the content that people actually want to see

hoes mad


Ignoring all this complaining, the problem I'm wondering about trading is if you'll make good on your trade. Like, I don't want to share my stuff and then you not share your stuff.

Any1 trade with this guy? He legit?


And Takeshi matsu will be okay with someone getting his digital works for free by offering NSFWFandom comics in return?? Traders are such a bunch of hypocrites. They bitch about artists not wanting their work leaked because its affecting their sales but want free stuff just as much as anyone else they just ask for it through "trades" but once a doujin they want is leaked wont think twice before downloading it.oh and just go on popular reading websites and even the thread on 2D. A lot of people joined AFTER Liebling was leaked. I wouldnt even think of subbing to Toomics if the sex scenes had been mediocre fade to black bullshit. I coukd easily tell the Quality of the work by the artist's tweets but Im only going to sub in the coming two months or so because of fantastic sex scenes in chapter 30 something. Many preview works for CG sets ans Doujins dont give details like who is topping/bottoming/reverse, what's the story artwork in the sex scenes how long they are and people like me with low income need to be 100% before we buy or support someone.

Do get back when the artists in your I want theses works in exchange for these works give you the okay to get their works for free because you bought another artist's work


Honestly I dont mind people asking for trades. Theres threads in Request tab which go unmolested. Youre free to ask for trades. What really pisses me off is the attitude of 90% of these traders where they jump the gun to police people wanting free stuff like these traders are saints or something not doing anything unethical or hijack free request threads with the "Oh i have this pack and manga its amazing and sexy but I only want to trade lol" fuck off your high horse


I agree, sharing culture definitely helps with building huge popularity.
But it's an entirely different thing when whole complete sets of work get shared. Then it is destructive. All it takes is one person leaking something and sales are gone. That doesn't help any artist to grow at all.
>hoes mad
*sigh cute

Tip: If you wanna give that person a try, then keep negotiating until you both have reached a mutual agreement. Never just send anything away without having made a deal.
You never know, perhaps he's just trying to scam you

Tbh this here just feels like people whining about not getting shit for free


>and people like me with low income
exactly the reason why people want to rather trade



please refer to >>12086 for further instructions


Good for you, brah. Hope the Patreon owners and the Discord moderation team agrees with your woke redpillness or whatever boat you support your shitty behavior on.


Yes exactly!
Not everyone is rich and makes tons of money to buy anything they want and then simply share everything.
Many people just barely get by financially so of course they do buy just one thing and try to use that to trade for another thing that they cannot afford to buy.
>Reported your discord and username to according Patreons. Also requested Discord to look into the usernames of those that joined
Just curious now
What exactly do you expect to happen?
Afaik nothing gets illegally shared so what would be the offense?


"New threads should clearly specify the artist the thread is for and contain 3 full reward images or more posted by the OP of the thread."

op is a dumbass and needs to be in /rs/


>Anyone interested in exchanging content?
only if you got patreon rewards from Kimnuruk. do you?


Moved to >>>/rs/8044.

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