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Art Edit / Photoshop Thread

Make 'em bigger and even more monstrous! Give 'em 4 balls or even 8!

__________|__)♒♒♒♒GOOOOSH! <∋ <∋ ☔☔☔

Uncensor the censored, colorize the uncolored, tentacle the untentacled, fang the unfanged! There's no limit to what you can do. Get to it! But please try to include the original source as well.

Original art by BK-Mita, edit by Anonbird (thanks)… http://boards.barachan.org/2D/res/6523.html#7624
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In preparation for the new rules, /mon/ is to be removed.
However, its threads will be gradually moved to other boards before the removal.

The board has also been locked to make the process smoother, which means that you can't make new threads and posts anymore.

Please bear with us while we finish up the moving process.
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Hank Mccoy thread

i'm not entirely sure it belongs here, but dump what you have
R: 256 / I: 243

Orc Thread 6

Post your big, hulking, brutes here. They can be green, brown, blue, overbite, underbite, bald, ponytailed…. whatever you want.

Previous thread is here…

I created this new thread because scrolling through the old one was a pain, and it took time to load all the thumbnails after every post. Also, the bump limit. ;)
R: 251 / I: 242

Mecha (Robots/Cyborgs/Androids) Thread Reloaded

Post all your freaky mechs, tanks, cyborgs, androids, whatever. Heck, I'll even accept those humanoid airplane/automobile things that you sometimes see. The fewer organic parts, the better. Let's see some sparks fly!

Here was the first pic from the last thread, which was curiously in /fur, but better belongs here.
R: 278 / I: 277


The world needs more Troll Love, so heres a thread dedicated to them. Preferably WoW Kind, though other types of Trolls are welcomed as well.
R: 251 / I: 250


Gargoyles from the animated series
R: 269 / I: 260

Orcs! Thread Reloaded

Big hulking green daddies need love too!