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Moritake finally released the game on Steam IN ENGLISH (still censored though)



we are surely approaching a better timeline


English name so weird.


If you think the title is weird, wait till you read the story in game.

Can someone tell me the big differences in the story between a good vs bad Karma run? What happens if you have a negative karma throughout the game?


The only thing that changes is an item you get before the second-last dungeon



Thx bro


would buy and play it but I don't want anyone on my friends list to suddenly see me playing it lol


The name …………………….




You can always make an alt account I suppose.

I myself will skip this. While it would be nice to play it in english, I don't really feel like buying it again.

Hopefully he'll release english patch at some point, if he already hasn't and I just haven't noticed.


i don't think there'll ever be an english patch
he released it on steam, get it or leave it


Yes I am sort of with you on this one. As I asked Moritake if the graphics are gonna be uncensored and the answer is no.(As I think if you live in Japan and putting it on steam uncensored for western audience can still be accountable for the distributing uncensored stuff. ) I wouldn't mind buying one more copy if arts were uncensored. What a shame.


the only time that a japanese game can be released uncensored outside of japan is if they are actually licensed by a company outside of japan to publish it. that's EXTREMELY rare, because 1) there's a tremendous amount of legal risk involved, including needing to provide legal protections for the japanese developer, and 2) there is very rarely any money to be made in doing so

so unless we wanna start hacking these artists' local computers to directly steal the uncensored raws, it's never gonna happen


Just wondering if anyone can get whoever worked on western release of "No, Thank you". Just how much was done realistically to get everything released in the west unconsored?
(Also I am just really interested in is… How many of you think a game on steam that is censored is worth buying given that there are other adults games already there that you can play without any sort of censorship?)

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