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Hey everyone, I was able to get the high resolution CGs and sprites from the old bara game, Ie Tatemasu!

I used these tools for the extraction:

https://web.archive.org/web/20040203093201/http://www.j-roen.net:80/diropener/ Right-click "dirOpener300-850-1-PC" and select "Save Target As"(You need this to unlock the DXR and CXT files of the game)

https://archive.org/download/DirectorMX/ Click "Director MX 2004 Installer.exe" (The game works better with this editor)

https://www.findserialnumber.net/macromedia-director-mx-2004-10-0-serial-number-keygen-c1dbaabf.html# Get the serial number to activate Director MX 2004

CAUTION!! A few of the CGs and Sprites contain disturbing materials.


(p.s. Do you think it might be possible to actually translate this game with the tools above?)



Disturbing? let me guess, gore??
Yeah the artist tend to do that once in a while in their art.


No, only a few CGs depicting shota and only one with scat. I wanted to include everything.


Oh, and only one depicting beastiality.


Can you upload the game file, this download link had text files in word and I read them all.



Does someone have a full/complete save data for this game????


Why? I never actually played the game because I can't read Japanese.


Are you one of those people that instantly scream "Gimme CGs!" once a new game is out?


No, I already got the CGs.


Anyone attempted to translate this game?


Is translating this game not possible?


when has a bara VN ever been fully translated?



I mean has anyone at least TRIED to translate a VN Bara game?


I tried once. Got pretty far too. But I got bored and this board shut down so I gave up. I'd like to try again if I can figure out how to make a patch.


Wait. Are you the guy who tried to translate Maison Manor?


Y-you remember? Yeah I tried to do Maison D' M. I still have the files on an older computer.


Actually I think someone did translate the hunks workshop VN


is that so? but i would rather put that one still in the BL category, together with the hotaru game series
nevermind, all of the ugcp games have tons of script and so far all translation attempts have failed.
it's honestly better to learn the language or at least get familiar with it to understand it a little.


Does anyone know how to get past Day 10/11 in this game? I keep getting an error or something and I'm unable to go further.


you need to change the clock format on your pc to work well.


How can i change the time format?


Would it be posible to do the sme for wrestle fight

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