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Finally re-purchased this game by Maguma Taishi, so now I can finally share these CGs and sprites. There are also animation scenes, and because I wanted the best quality, they are uncompressed and large in filesize.
I'm planning on uploading these to E-Hentai later


thank you very much for sharing the CG, would you mind sharing the game as well? the scenes are so much better when played, thank you!



thank you!


thank you


I keep crashing when starting game, help?


When i press start on game, it crashes



not working :(


Have you tried setting your system locale to Japan?


Try setting the locale to Japan


File: 1561806024809.png (165.23 KB, 796x648, 1561805769647.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

crashes when i press start or option



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