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I didn't see this posted here. It's a text based RPG with het and gay content (more gay than het). Content is kinda sparse and a bit grindy. I haven't gotten too far into the game, but a few more areas unlock after a certain amount of days.



Only has about 20 days of gameplay and 2 working NSWF sprites. Economy and drop rates are imbalanced. A relationship/reputation meter is newly implemented in 0.7.0 with the game only half-integrated to the updated mechanic.

Still a work in progress - messy - but shows a crap ton of potential. :D


The writing isn't spectacular but the scenario and mechanics are easily among the most engaging I've ever seen in this type of game, A+ do recommend


7.0 is out on patreon, anyone can share?


Just drop a buck on his patreon, personally I think it's worth the support to the artist and writer


File: 1557192812669.png (80.7 KB, 277x132, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb




anyone have the newest patreon version?


i really want to play the game,but i am not good at English,don't know how to deal with the Enemies and don't konw how to play X﹏X


i really want to play the game,but i am not good at English,don't know how to deal with the Enemies and don't konw how to play X﹏X



what language do you speak




ah sorry, cant help you there, as I dont speak mandarin etc myself. your best bet is to type in the words from the game manually and google translate


oh,that's ok.I can explore the game slowly.Thank you.



mind uploading it to a place where that isn't sketchy and virus riddled?


just like that guy said,i also cant find the files because of virus,mind giving a link like maga?


you can find the game on f95zone.to


can anyone tell me why i submit to bandits,their attitudes still decrease(now-61)


I think you need to have their lust level at least 60% up before you can submit with +rep


File: 1559906588751.png (1.35 MB, 1280x768, bg bandit camp masturbate.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone know how to trigger this scene?


i think this scenes is from the bandit camp while you sneak in the camp


thank you!


Ok this now this game had my attention


the bandit camp doesnt seem like a bad place to visit <3


Can you top the bandit or any of the other baddies?


Yes, there a dom/verse/sub tracking system and an item that lets you quickly switch between roles. Your preferred position affects what and who will ravage you and vise versa.

It is 95% text-based smut at the moment with very few image files.


Will the downloaded versions from these links be compatible to future downloads in the itch.io official versions? Like, do the saves become transferrable?



You have to keep choosing the "sneak in" option in the Bandit Camp. Eventually the jerk off scene happens.



Nevermind. The site was sketchy and had a virus. Downloaded the 0.8.2 version here: https://k2s.cc/file/d2dd8140b23d6


Does the game just end at some point? Just wondering because I feel like I'm progressing really slow due to having to rest like every 1-2 battles. So days go by really fast.

Also I have crossroads on the map but can't go there?


there is a limited amount of content in the game if that's what you mean (new content usually is added in most patches) but what's there currently is quite good, and there are tons of secret events and encounters to find


as far as I can tell the versions that are posted on itch.io are the same as what was posted on patreon, just released later, i wouldn't expect saves from newer versions to work on older versions but they've been forward compatible thusfar (but there's no guarantee of that always being the case)


I have version 0.82, i just get the dialogue with the 2 bandits but no CG art


at the upper left there is a plus sumbol(+) click that to see the CG


File: 1560600567568.png (317.08 KB, 573x476, }YWOMOTOPO)9_G1S3QN7DRT.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Which one should I choose? i trigger this scene when i go to track,here i meet scar for the first time


try save then choose any to check what it does xD
I never encounter Scar yet.



Something about blackmailing the guard if you stay hidden.

The other choices have not been fully fledged out.


how do you trigger this event?


File: 1560651717307.png (827.75 KB, 1280x720, screeny.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

after you can access bandit camp
and talk with Jester at bandit camp at night
head to track at night.


just like the guy said


Are you sure that's all the requirements?
I've already been to bandit camp and talked to Jester, but nothing's happening when I go to track.


Have you talked to the Tavern's Bartender?
Choose rumor about the caravan guard.
the rumor tells that he still meets scar and tank his old comrades.
Then just go to track at night it's kinda random.


for two mission 1 how do I get werewolves to appear? 2nd rose mission for perfect material do I give her the things she asks of do I have to craft it?


1. head to forest at night go to cottage it will spawn random.
2. collect 8-10 lizard man scales then give it to rose.



I too have done all dialogue with Jester but the bartender doesn't give me any new rumors so I'm not sure what to do to get scar to pop up


have you tried go to track at night start 21:00
it's kinda random just keep trying.


File: 1561048853007.jpg (261.79 KB, 1166x662, Untitled-2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

or this dialog from bartender
choose Caravan Guard



yes but I get the bandits and not anything else so I don't know if there is more conversation in bandit camp that I must watch and then the bartender give me this? I saw tank go on a rampage and scar cool him down but I don't know if there more that I must watch


I see, It means you will not see that scene then.
Since it's suppose to be before you see tank go rampage.


ver 0.9 is out!
share pls xD




Thank you.


so what are the changes?


Thank you!~


for all i konw, when you went to the camp at daytime and choose the second choice, you will fight with tank and scar


from changelog

Patch 0.9.1:
Scene with femboy fixed
Blacksmith name is no longer replaced by Hayden name. Also it shows up correctly in the mine.
Crash happening because of the bruises during the fight with Tank no longer occur.
After finishing the fight with Scar the battle is no longer repeatable. Now Jester really visit you back at your home.
"Invisible enemies" shouldn't be appearing anymore.
The conversation with bartender about the guard is now available from the beginning.
Linux version
Knowing me I produced some more bugs! ^^'


New Enemy:

Scar (Boss Fight)
To make him horny you need to use other methods than typical teasing. New kind of mechanic in battle against him.

This fight is not repeatable. The story progress depends on the result of the battle.

Tank (Boss Fight)
He have three different sets of attacks. One for when he is not horny, one for when he is in his berserk state and one for when he is horny.

To progress to another fight you need to win the fight, dominate or submit (The last option only works if your character is expert in ass/pussy or endurance is higher than 16).

New Quest:

Staying sane (Ruins, Priestess)

Bareshades Fortification (Sawmill if you discouraged Logan to go to the bandit camp)
The scene have two variations. One for higher intellect, the other for higher strength. Its not a big change, only slightly different dialogues. Also if Bernard likeness is at least 50 he will have a short appearance. It cant be repeated.

More fun in hot spring (Hot Spring)
Drunkard Male submissive, Female dominant. Femboy Male dominant, different version depends which fame is higher

Chores for Hayden (Hot Spring)
There are four chores, you can do one per day and the next one its different. Later it start from the first one.

Bandit Camp:

New Items and Recipes:

Sanity Potion (Restore the sanity)


Battle helpers. For now its used only in the fight against Scar, but Ill probably use it in the future too.
Losing a fight against jelly monster now lowers sanity. It can be replenish by new potion or by sleeping. If sanity drops to 0 it means game over with a special scene.
Small adjustment to the GUI (Different color on the libido/health orbs and bars, frames and some buttons a little bit tidier, scrolls are not bright red anymore, new icon in reinforcement screen for garden and animal screens)
All art made by ZoroJ

Bareshade/Bar: Renting a room after midnight is not longer skipping the day
Corrected text when being restrained in a fight against two bandits
Attacks that leads to being restrained have cooldown now
Items in bag and crafting screen are now sorted. Names of berries and pulps changed so they are listed next to each other.
Blessed Lizards Piercing should work properly now.
Some other small fixes
I suggest keeping a save from before the update, just in case you encounter bugs.

Do not replace the old folder of the game with new one. Just unzip it to the fresh location. From what I know replacing can lead to weird errors.

Just a small warning. Right now the story don't go any further, so if after dealing with bandits there is nothing in the camp yet, also nothing change in other locations. Consequences will be visible in the next update.

Thanks for supporting the project!


Thank you for that wonderful change log info


no problem, enjoy the game


How do you seduce scar?



Use enhance lust potion until he got an erection then you can tease him successfully.


How does one get green and blue essence?


Kill blue and green slime depending on color of the essence


ok, thanks




how do you unlock the witch's hut and can you do any naughty stuff with Bernard the shopkeeper yet?


>how do you unlock the witch's hut
randomly while exploring the swamp

>can you do any naughty stuff with Bernard the shopkeeper yet

only if you use a love potion


thanks! and aw hopefully soon some serious non potion action with Bernard and Logan


to those who wants to try the love potion, a big warning, if you use it to Bernard or any other person they will hate you after the potion effects are gone. Even though they will forget what will happen, they will still distance themselves from you.


how can i have sex with the shopkeeper and with the lumberjack too?


Shopkeeper, right now only with a love potion

Lumberjack nothing just yet


ugh the art is so good


Can someone share CGI?


Looks like a new version is up on patreon, anyone willing to share?



Awesome. Thanks! Hoping for more Bernard and Werewolf additions


Wow, the new Fat Bandit art and the Troll are both amazing. Really great stuff being added. Haven't found anything new with Bernard unfortunately.





Yeah, if you do the bandit camp questline and confront Scar, it will open up a forest path in the northeast that leads to a bridge. There's a troll there. The art for him is incredible, one of my favorites in the entire game.


anyone can share version 0.10



The link at this post will let you download it. It requires you to register to a forum, but you don't need to post anything


so how to do we fuck Logan?



you can't, you can spy how he bottoms for the fat bandit


hmm is that what the changelog meant? taking place at the sawmill at night?



Yeah, after you rescue him from the bandit camp (and maybe after you do the Scar event when bandits start roaming Bareshade) you can go to the sawmill after hours. I hope they add art for this one. Fat Bandit is sexy as hell.

Kinda wish you could romance him, the troll, and the barkeep. Hopefully someday


got it thanks, you did need to clear up the bandit issue before it happens-hopefully when we get our chance at him in the path where we dont encourage him, he still becomes that hungry after the first go

and yes agreed the fat bandit is hot


how come you see the fat bandit art? i fought him coutnless time and never see his art


File: 1564936133503.png (75.96 KB, 550x550, fat_bandit_normal.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

are you playing the newest (0.10) version? otherwise you might be encountering a glitch. try downloading it again


I downloaded from this link https://hyao.itch.io/lustful-desires
the newest update on that site


itch gets updated later, patreon people get the latest version firs-> 0.10

itch's version->0.9.1


thanks, can't seem to download the link above, is there any other source i can download the 0.10 version?



Is there a detailed walkthrough or maybe someone can share CG i'm having way too difficult time


how do you spy on him?


thanks. hope all the characters will get their arts and more cgs in the future. it's kinda hard to imagine while reading wall of texts without pictures



You have to save the Lumberjack from the bandit camp, and then defeat Scar at the bandit camp afterwards.Then you have to visit the sawmill after it's nighttime. If you do, the scene happens


But how do I defeat scar i have only 42 hp and so far I encourage him to enter the bandit camp and I found the guard working for the bandit camp, but can't trigger the day time event where I meet scar.


You don't have to defeat Scar to see the scence though. I lost and still can see the scence after a few days. You just have to visit the sawmil at night after the event and bam.


Can you upload you save file?

because the lumberjack scene is a missable event if you didn't meet the prerequisite


What are the patch notes for 0.1.0?


So i have to encourage the lumberjack to go gungho to the bandit's camp? damn, that would mean i have to make a new save file just to be a douche. unless someone can offer up one.


the lumberjack is a dream <3


the art for the fat bandit is so hot.


How do you trigger the bandit camp quest? I assume lumberjack-related. I've finished his wolf and werewolf quests, but no options after that yet.


make sure you expire all dialogue options for every character in town (check the Talk option), it's not *required* to send the lumberjack but it lets you see a small event in town with him after all of the camp events are completed (though it's not worth it imo)


You say this, but I have a strong inclination to believe that scene will have art like the bandit camp and bar cellar events in the future. Fingers crossed


How do I access the Bandit Camp in the first place?


The bandit camp should be available to you after day 20-25


anyone has the new version?


anyone have the cocky guard art? I cant seem to find him


So uh, not all the art assets load properly. Given some of the stuff going on, I'm glad for that. Still, though.

Anyway, is there alternate art of the Bartender?


File: 1568007371018.png (193.76 KB, 467x700, npc_gunnar.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I think this is the cocky guard? His plot is so short I barely remember him.

Bartender only has one art in the game file.


Shucks, that's a shame.

How about the shopkeeper and the blacksmith? Are there other arts?


Sigh why is it when yiff update the page the link is already dead


Does anyone got the Lustful Desires 0.11.0
Share please :slight_smile:


Can anybody dump all the CG's from the latest game version?



The link does not work anumore :'(


version 0.1.2 is up on patreon!!
hyping for new content


So far it's just 2 new cg. One is logan at sawmill and the second is Feliar showing his cock


I thought Gunnar art would be up as well?


File: 1569853764092.jpg (153.56 KB, 1280x768, 15395035.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb



whoops forgot to mention that the CG pack was in here as well :)


can anyone upload it on mega please


thank you for sharing btw <3


how can i find the witch?


Yes. Because often that page give big problem for download anything.


mega link pleaseee


Links are already 404'd


keep on searching on the swamp area


So what leads to Logan riding Bandit dick?


encourage logan to raid the bandit camp and let him get struggle snuggled by them.



wrong you go to the sawmill at night (when it usually is not open) when the fat bandit starts showing up at the tavern. Then you can see them getting it on


Hmm I guess I need to download the latest version available for this?

So at what point do I get to fuck Bernard?


any kind soul able to upload the newest version to mega? previous links have 404'd


where is the witch hut? how can I find it?


So is this mostly text oriented or are there plenty of cg?


seems boring


It's mostly text oriented but portraits for characters and CGs for scenes are being added with each addition. I find the game to be fun, the least fun parts are the ingredient gathering/potion making and how awkward combat can be with the constant misses and status effects.


it's not working, i tried it but the scene never happen


can someone upload all the cg on mega?


I need more of this



links are broken


They're not broken. You need an account on that site


apparently I'm trash at this game cause I never saw a bandit camp and didn't find any CGs at all lol

Sawmill dude doesn't do anything beyond just the two quests

Shopkeep is sick and I have no idea where the red angel feather thing is

Blacksmith is just there

Bandits hate me (oops) and there is no way to raise their approval once it drops low enough

also gaytorrent is a trash service and you're trash for even considering it is good


Works just fine for me, maybe you are just trash?


File: 1570643907010.png (79.78 KB, 1300x500, 0202.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I also wanted to download but I get that the link does not work. I tried to make an account but I got this.

Is there no way to share it through Mega?


For the bandit quest you kinda just have to wait a few weeks for Bareshade to get attacked. Then sneak in the Bandit camp at night and talk to Jester a few times, run into Scar and Tank on the road to bareshade, talk to Jester some more, and finally infiltrate the camp at daytime.

There is more stuff with the Lumberjack. Nothing in the way of having sex with him. Mostly just him having bandit sex and doing chores with you with his shirt off.

The Shopkeep can be cured by researching his condition and learning how to make a new ingredient from the Lizard Priestess.

You can eat out the Blacksmith in a couple of ways and use a love potion on him. Remember to look for the eyeball icon. It lets your see character's portraits in full and see CGs when available.


Well if you have Logan sent off to the bandits and later the scene in the Sawmill and a Barshade 'bitch' rating of 10 or more: if you play with yourself in public there's a chance that you'll see Logan sneak off and follow him and fuck him.


can someone share the game please :)


Bump for please sharing update v0.12 and above in mediafire, mega, or google drive please? Once again people can't use furry archives.


Can someone upload the save file for logan getting fucked?


What's new in the lasted version of the game also where do I find green essence to give to the priestess?


Hard way: grind green slimes
Easy way: Buy green essence from witch during the night(i think)


damn I wish it was easier hahaha



thank you how do I get the witch to appear also what do I have to do to get the restrain potion recipe? I have 100 affection on the lizardmen but I don't get anymore mission from the priestess or rhot


how do I get the scene with hayden?


Keep doing soap/lotion quests and the daily help in spa chat option.


To got the scene, you need to reach 30-35 relation points.

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