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I didn't see this posted here. It's a text based RPG with het and gay content (more gay than het). Content is kinda sparse and a bit grindy. I haven't gotten too far into the game, but a few more areas unlock after a certain amount of days.

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Battle helpers. For now its used only in the fight against Scar, but Ill probably use it in the future too.
Losing a fight against jelly monster now lowers sanity. It can be replenish by new potion or by sleeping. If sanity drops to 0 it means game over with a special scene.
Small adjustment to the GUI (Different color on the libido/health orbs and bars, frames and some buttons a little bit tidier, scrolls are not bright red anymore, new icon in reinforcement screen for garden and animal screens)
All art made by ZoroJ

Bareshade/Bar: Renting a room after midnight is not longer skipping the day
Corrected text when being restrained in a fight against two bandits
Attacks that leads to being restrained have cooldown now
Items in bag and crafting screen are now sorted. Names of berries and pulps changed so they are listed next to each other.
Blessed Lizards Piercing should work properly now.
Some other small fixes
I suggest keeping a save from before the update, just in case you encounter bugs.

Do not replace the old folder of the game with new one. Just unzip it to the fresh location. From what I know replacing can lead to weird errors.

Just a small warning. Right now the story don't go any further, so if after dealing with bandits there is nothing in the camp yet, also nothing change in other locations. Consequences will be visible in the next update.

Thanks for supporting the project!


Thank you for that wonderful change log info


no problem, enjoy the game


How do you seduce scar?



Use enhance lust potion until he got an erection then you can tease him successfully.


How does one get green and blue essence?


Kill blue and green slime depending on color of the essence


ok, thanks




how do you unlock the witch's hut and can you do any naughty stuff with Bernard the shopkeeper yet?


>how do you unlock the witch's hut
randomly while exploring the swamp

>can you do any naughty stuff with Bernard the shopkeeper yet

only if you use a love potion


thanks! and aw hopefully soon some serious non potion action with Bernard and Logan


to those who wants to try the love potion, a big warning, if you use it to Bernard or any other person they will hate you after the potion effects are gone. Even though they will forget what will happen, they will still distance themselves from you.


how can i have sex with the shopkeeper and with the lumberjack too?


Shopkeeper, right now only with a love potion

Lumberjack nothing just yet


ugh the art is so good


Can someone share CGI?


Looks like a new version is up on patreon, anyone willing to share?



Awesome. Thanks! Hoping for more Bernard and Werewolf additions


Wow, the new Fat Bandit art and the Troll are both amazing. Really great stuff being added. Haven't found anything new with Bernard unfortunately.





Yeah, if you do the bandit camp questline and confront Scar, it will open up a forest path in the northeast that leads to a bridge. There's a troll there. The art for him is incredible, one of my favorites in the entire game.


anyone can share version 0.10



The link at this post will let you download it. It requires you to register to a forum, but you don't need to post anything


so how to do we fuck Logan?



you can't, you can spy how he bottoms for the fat bandit


hmm is that what the changelog meant? taking place at the sawmill at night?



Yeah, after you rescue him from the bandit camp (and maybe after you do the Scar event when bandits start roaming Bareshade) you can go to the sawmill after hours. I hope they add art for this one. Fat Bandit is sexy as hell.

Kinda wish you could romance him, the troll, and the barkeep. Hopefully someday


got it thanks, you did need to clear up the bandit issue before it happens-hopefully when we get our chance at him in the path where we dont encourage him, he still becomes that hungry after the first go

and yes agreed the fat bandit is hot


how come you see the fat bandit art? i fought him coutnless time and never see his art


File: 1564936133503.png (75.96 KB, 550x550, fat_bandit_normal.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

are you playing the newest (0.10) version? otherwise you might be encountering a glitch. try downloading it again


I downloaded from this link https://hyao.itch.io/lustful-desires
the newest update on that site


itch gets updated later, patreon people get the latest version firs-> 0.10

itch's version->0.9.1


thanks, can't seem to download the link above, is there any other source i can download the 0.10 version?



Is there a detailed walkthrough or maybe someone can share CG i'm having way too difficult time


how do you spy on him?


thanks. hope all the characters will get their arts and more cgs in the future. it's kinda hard to imagine while reading wall of texts without pictures



You have to save the Lumberjack from the bandit camp, and then defeat Scar at the bandit camp afterwards.Then you have to visit the sawmill after it's nighttime. If you do, the scene happens


But how do I defeat scar i have only 42 hp and so far I encourage him to enter the bandit camp and I found the guard working for the bandit camp, but can't trigger the day time event where I meet scar.


You don't have to defeat Scar to see the scence though. I lost and still can see the scence after a few days. You just have to visit the sawmil at night after the event and bam.


Can you upload you save file?

because the lumberjack scene is a missable event if you didn't meet the prerequisite


What are the patch notes for 0.1.0?


So i have to encourage the lumberjack to go gungho to the bandit's camp? damn, that would mean i have to make a new save file just to be a douche. unless someone can offer up one.


the lumberjack is a dream <3


the art for the fat bandit is so hot.


How do you trigger the bandit camp quest? I assume lumberjack-related. I've finished his wolf and werewolf quests, but no options after that yet.


make sure you expire all dialogue options for every character in town (check the Talk option), it's not *required* to send the lumberjack but it lets you see a small event in town with him after all of the camp events are completed (though it's not worth it imo)


You say this, but I have a strong inclination to believe that scene will have art like the bandit camp and bar cellar events in the future. Fingers crossed

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