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Afaik there's no text-hooker that works for any of the visual novels made with Tyrano Script. Or maybe I just missed something.
I'd like to use this thread here to gather as many alternative solutions to this problem or perhaps, even better, finding a proper actual solution!
This is some interesting info for people that love to play Japanese games but aren't 100% fluent with the language itself.
Should anybody be able to find a fully working text-hooking solution, I'm gonna share any 1 doujin of their choosing from a digital download store within a price range of 600Y to 1000Y


Here's one work-around method:
You can always simply extract the whole content of the game and search for the script files. Then when playing the game you can memorize specific text-passages and search through the script-files. Once you find the correct one you can read along while manually copy/paste the text from the script-file to your clipboard. But that completely ruins the flow and immersion of the game you're playing. It works but it's absolutely no proper solution!


I dunno if this helps, but I stumbled upon an old thread from /y saying this
"If you mean new K-Drive game, I think text hookers aren't working for it since it's using TyranoScript although you can extract the script by using Universal Extractor from the exe and TyranoTranslator after it."

That said Im not really familiar with TyranoScript to contribute to help. Sorry

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