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This game has been out for quite some time, actually, but it doesn't seem that most people are discussing about it.


No need to use special softwares to decrypt CGs, since it's on RPGMaker MV format.


anyone got a save with a fully unlocked scene gallery? been looking for one since the game was first shared and no luck


This game comes with a "說明書" folder, open it, and click "CG収集攻略情報.txt" file, it would tell you how to unlock all CGs.


So I have a question for this game. So far I picked the cleric job, to be able to heal everyone, since no one in the party could heal properly. When all my team mates were kidnapped, I decide to grind my level's and use all my heart power ups. However, as a cleric I only have 1 attacking skill, no skills that can hit multiple mobs and I keep dieing at the boss fight with the green hair guy. Did I pick the wrong class and have to play new game now? Or is there a skill that allows clerics to hit multiple people at a time, the only skill i have is the 5 MP skill and it only hits twice.


Aaa…will you share the game please?


If my question gets answered.


Since i dont have the game so i cant answer :/ anyone?



Oh nevermind, I already got the game :p


Cool for your gameplay how did you beat the evil green hair wizard/mage



I also picked the cleric when I played this one because I like the support class and analyzing the MC's party, it's either the mage or the healer who would complete the team's lack of magical class.

I don't think that I remember it well but as far as I know, you need to look for a new set of party when you are able to explore the world by yourself. In order to survive, you need the help of certain green haired martial artist from the first game (third person from right of OP's pic) and a silver haired secret character made by a guest artist.


Okay so any idea where I can find these 2 character. Pretty sure I talked to everyone and none of them popped up.


you can always edit your savefile too


My memory is not that reliable but here goes.

For the green-haired martial artist (forgot the name):
Go to an island with a village surrounded by trees (warrior's village??). Talk to every villager for clues especially the Leader's guard. Then, I think there would be an option to challenge everyone to a fight. So, spar with every villagers including the chicken. After finishing all the fight go to the guard and he will let you in. Go talk to the Warrior Leader and fight him. After winning, You will get a cg scene and I think a heart power-up. Go outside and you will see the green haired guy. Talk to him and he will challenge you for a fight. If you beat him, there would be an option to recruit him. After gaining the martial artist, you can now enter his house surrounded by tress near the castle (the locked house before).


As for the Silver-haired beastman:

There are certain conditions to fulfill for him to join you. First, you need encounter him wandering from certain towns like Ditas' village (4th guy from right of OP's pic), the town near the castle and I think the coastal town. Second, you need to do some sidequest by going to places with circles (I think there are 4 or 5 and one of those quest are item searching). Lastly, if you finished those conditions, you will see in the world map that there's a newly born circle (moving?) on a certain island. That island is surrounded by greenery and you can only park your cart at a certain point. Just touch the (moving?) circle and you will finally encounter him fighting the undead.


Thanks just completed the game and a pretty good ending, but I don't see why the cliff hanger was needed to Chin-Que III.

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