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Made by FUNA (Hanrangen). A rather short visual novel.




The control in Web/smartphone version:
Tap with one finger to move or to select.
Tap with two fingers to go to the menu screen, to cancel, or to close the message window.


Could you provide english patch or walkthrough to the game!!!


bump for A walkthrough, please


bumpity bump


as far as I know there arent any English patch for this, I played it with translator (Textractor), and the game was simple enough.

Its been a while since I last played the game, but from memory, this is what you should do.

1)Meet the village elder, top right map.
2)Go to the shop, somewhere on the lower left side, buy the herbs
3)meet back the village elder, give item
4)he will give you a key to access to a shack on right side of map across the bridge as thanks
5)find a ring inside, wear it (maybe you auto wear it after you found it)
6)meet the knight, something happens i dont remember
7)go back to your house and sleep
8)cg triggers
9)a mahou shoujo appears in the morning and said something
10)meet the knight, maybe he wants to meet you later at night, i dont remember but it should be a steamy night, and the game ends after that
11)the knight then was drafted somewhere, a new captain knight appears, and thats the tease for the sequel

The rest I dont remember at all, now this is a shit recollection of a walkthrough, my advice would be just to play this game with Textractor. But in case you still wanna go at it without any translator. Always pick the first option in dialogue, first option usually lead to CG (not 100% proven, might be full BS)

Thats all folks, pardon any mistakes.


Also to add during mini games, just click wherever that might arouse the knight (his name is Alex), so nips, abs, balls, penis, buttcheeks, holes that sort of things, and spam click it till you make it.

also, you will auto give the herbs to the village elder and auto wear the ring. on 2nd day, after you met the knight, go to your house and sleep again to trigger event for the night.



You can play it already but it's still incomplete. I think it's supposed to be released last month but got delayed so he's planning to finish it this April. Not sure though since I'm only Google translating his posts lol.


Where can I download it?


It's on funa's fanbox https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/2722
for the 500Yen/month tier you can download it



looks like a new one is out


Anyone got the new game?


No one got the new Funa?


How do you pay for fanbox?


I think you can simply pay with your credit card, but I tried it and it won't accept mine.


Please share the new Funa one


Anyone that has the new one willing to share it? thanks in advance!



Bump for funa new game


Anyone please share another new funa game


I want it too


Does anyone know another page to download it?




It doesn't exist anymore in mega. Would it be possible to put it back again?


Bump for new funa game


Please share the new one

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