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I haven't seen anyone talking about this here. Any thoughts on it? The kickstarter is ending soon, too.


Yeah, but the game will be out on 2020. Maybe because that nobody its interesting in share stuff, as… it hasn't even being out already


2020????? Holy shit.
I feel so old


Even I found ridiculous. Specially for make a kick start and annoying about at the begging of this year when he may release (and not free) the game on 2020, probably on June, if I remember right.

If someone can get a more accurate date, because I don't remember.


the game is developed by only 2 people, what do you expect?


Sameface and samebody with swapped clothes and hair: The game

At least now we know how some girls are mad over monster high stuff.




>At least now we know how some girls are mad over monster high stuff.

I don't get it.


100% of the females of the monster high franchise fit the same mold, because they are made to sell toys and being all the same with swapped clothes and little details makes things easier, but gives the animations an extremely lazy feel. Some people are mad because they are just exagerated barbies with small monster details added.


I heard they released an exclusive version for the backers. Has it recently been leaked?


I doubt it. And if its release, it will be on 2020. It more sound as an scam if you ask me


that's the general problem with western produced vns. they all want to get paid in advance, on a monthly basis even, before actually delivering something. in the end the project gets cancelled or gets lost in neverending wip,


scam confirm.


I know it.


I really would love to support this but I'm sorry, this looks like some kind of a joke. Just pay real artists…


Seems they have posted updates on Kickstarter


Summary of the update. 1. The artist made a bunch of background image files. 2. The coder has to wait for the artist to make the assets so he's just fidling with the demo code to make it better.


I really wish someone would upload the exclusive version of the game :(


I hope not, instead, there are people who paid for it, and it will be released in 2020 …



I cant download anything in this blog without having to click 10000 stuffs to the blog wonder recive money also filling my pc with virus, plus NEVER find the file


Same cg?


Yes the same. it only fix some bug.

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