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Anyone knows how this game works? or if there is an english patch for it. I tried to play but i got a game over in the very first battle…


so you're saying you play a jp game but know no japanese?
how does that make sense?


Wouldn't be the first one. Many people play Jap games without knowing a word of Jap.

Happens even with sfw or consoles games


Here too


It's a really hard game, and if i'm remembering there are some fights where you need to do specific thing to win. I'm pretty sure translation agggregator and Text Extractor work for this game though if you want an english translation.

The story is actually interesting if you are willing to put hours on it.


if you already liked doppelgänger then this sequel is the game for you ;)


Sweaty, pretty much all the art of that artist are Doppelganger. But, we still like it

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