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I have a question. At the moment I am using a local translator to understand everything as you cannot go blind in this game. However, when I reach the tower at the very bottom I cleared the entire tower and collected a lot of items to make my next potion. But when I came back to the shop I did not have enough materials for the 2nd potion.

Does anyone know where I can get them or are they just randomly generated, this includes a key I need to make the 2nd potion or else I cannot continue.


Played it awhile ago. Cant remember either. But you can look for the ingredient on the monster compendium. It list the item drop from the monsters. Of not keep picking up stuff outside.


Ingredients are always the same on the map. Did you visit the cave at the top of the map? there's a beach with special items at the end of the game.



Thanks for your help guys
to answer >392 I did enter the cave at the top but it doesn't seem like I got all the items I needed for potion #2


It seems like for potion 2 I am just missing the last item, a key. Does anyone know where I can find that one?


The good potion often use the rare item so you need to Redo the area multiple time to get the rare item of the area.

Can you screenshot the item you lack so that i can see which one is it?
The item are the same by zone by there are variation where you get the common item in a spot or the rare item.


In the compendium and in my inventory i have no key item so i think it's a Unique one that you get from a dialog or an event. Try talking to everybody in the cities. (It may be your blond assistant that give it to you)


if nothing else works you can always modify your savestate and just fill up your entire inventory with all items available in-game


File: 1547103405635.png (446.17 KB, 804x643, gg.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

This is what I am missing


can you guys share the game?


Pretty sure it's a key event, try to talk to everybody!


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