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or VNs, any genre would be cool, i've read morenatsu, nekojishi, and extracurricular activities so far (all of them happened to be furries)


Other than the usual suspect:
- Coming Out on Top
- Dream Daddy
- See No Evil
- Super Health Club
- Stranded by jyagger
- Tusk: The orc Dating Sim(more like a short novel really)
- Eldet(Demo)

Other that those, there ain't much bara vns. There are a couple else like No Thank You!!! but they are a mix between bara and yaoi.


if you're looking for nsfw and don't care if it's japanese, I recommend syunta's management. Artwork is fine as hell.


Search up 'Bara' followed by 'itchio' on Google.

That should be a decent number of VNs for you for a good week straight.

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