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can i ask do you have the full game of meatlog mountain and meatlog mountain second date if you do can you pls share it thanks and godbless



Sadly, all the copies of MLM and Second Date have a Username/Password setup with the buyer's RL name and associated Paypal email address. If I was good at reverse engineering the EXEs, I would try to find a way to dummy it out with fake data.

Back when the game was new, that was still out of my reach, so I did my best to create CGs from MLM 1.

That awkward gif of the MC and Durk jacking together was my doing, it looks odd because I only used the unique frames of animation and I didn't try to match the timing of the game. Poor Dr. Cub's dick…

I still have my copy but obviously I don't want to share my personal info. Sorry. :(


Yup that really sucks, before the team died they could have at least released all their work but oh well. Is it possible for you to do a video of the gameplay or do you not have the camera equipment.


Still one of my favorite games. They were also working on Thingie in the basement, or something like that. I was so exited, the art was so hot, but then they canceled the project. They created a couple of 3D rendered games, but never as successeful and shut down the company. So so sad…


Lets be honest, Once Grisser and Kupopo left the whole team fell apart. Tack on CG pirating(which was the meat of both MLM games) and their failed attempts at 3d homo erotic games. They were bound for failure. It's sad they went under though.



devs mostly quit the whole project, add a strong way to avoid piracy

such way to kill a game


Thank you!


too bad that they quit, but their DRM is something others should implement as well to 100% protect their work

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