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I know it has some honorable mentions, and there isn't enough gaymes rpgs that I like (I like anaholic, kemocoliseum and the sport teacher). Are there enough gay people playing fire emblem to bother in doing so? I am happy with what there is, I won't deny it but it could have hurt people having raphael as s support I guess.


i don't really know what your actual intended message is, but the 3DS fire emblems had enough desire for better gay options that they were modded in, the same could happen for three houses


I wish it wasn't the way to cater to bara fans. I thought about ashe, raphael, dedue and claude, maybe there aren't enough people who want this.



What game is "the sport teacher"???
Never heard of a adult RPG named that.


It'sa VN>>1317


If your main intention is to mention how there's only a few gay ero games available, then let me tell you this:

Currently there are about 4 games in development that should come out around September. So keep looking out for those ^^
(Not telling what games I'm referring to though, find that out yourselves :P)

Reasons as to why there's so little:
Plenty, but I guess the most prolific one is the out of control sharing culture. Sharing always happens, that's inevitable. But try to keep it within reasons and control. Artists voice their disappointment all the time and lose their motivation to keep producing.


I mentioned anaholic and kemocoliseum because I liked the game mechanics as I like FE, and I like the sport teacher mainly for the adult content and the voice acting, as I like all of them. But I'll hope for the mod as >>1311 said, for a hidden raphael picture or something though here at barachan is a perfect raphael pic.

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