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I played it. I thought it was awful. Really slow movement, overly cluttered maps, and pointless battle system. I didn't like the story or monster sex but that's a matter of taste. If you like monster sex then go for it cause the art in the game is fantastic.


the only worthwhile thing about this game is the CGs, everything else about it is pretty god awful even by rpg maker standards (which is a shame considering how much work and effort obviously went into it all, but effort alone does not make something good)


Ho boy. Its simply not gay enough. Barely have any man on man actions. Whats the point making the guys hot if they wont fuck each other? The story is not bad just too obscure for people who never read about alchemy. I didnt understood it the first time I played it until someone explain it on 4chan. It didnt help either that some of the monster are female… Still I can see the creator effort. Its just not the "bara" game for me.


Weird and all, wouldn't hurt get the CG only for not play it too


how to win Zasaroia? I always can't do anything and lose the battle.



The game is all about losing. Lose with pride.


Need all CG save please


I need a guild play that game


So, nobody had upload the CG?


File: 1565166767759.jpg (99.3 KB, 680x481, D_m-dkwU0AAco91.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


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i mad him handsome,hunk,body,expression



Found that.
It has EXTRAS too


What extras???


5-9 draws of the character by other artist


I see. Tnks

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