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Dragon Ball

Hi someone knows the best yaoi, bara porn videos, images, discord of Dragon Ball Z?
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Lustful Desires

I didn't see this posted here. It's a text based RPG with het and gay content (more gay than het). Content is kinda sparse and a bit grindy. I haven't gotten too far into the game, but a few more areas unlock after a certain amount of days.

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Male Nude Mods for Grand Theft Auto series

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Small On Top


A new in-progress RPG staring a smaller top dom and a bunch of big beefy guys. The creator releases a new patreon demo every month? Anyone have a copy of the latest?
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Amber Man

Amber Man

Maguma Taishi is <3
I hope he makes more so we can all support his work!!

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Male Mods

this theme is for everything related to NSFW game mods.
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Minotaur Hotel Thread #1

This collaboratively made VN/game is about a magic hotel filled with characters needing love, from a 4chan /trash thread that had split off from the GMAD (Gay Monsters, Aliens, and Demons) threads. Post anything related, including screenshots, 4chan links, personal artwork, thoughts, etc…

Past threads https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/trash.desu/text/Minotaur%20Hotel/type/op/
Twitter….. https://twitter.com/MinoHotel
ItchIO…… https://minoh.itch.io/minotaur-hotel
Artist…… https://twitter.com/nanoff94
Story……. https://pastebin.com/jEcMV117
Characters.. https://pastebin.com/hKEqaA9r
………… https://pastebin.com/jDrpWCEa
………… https://pastebin.com/7aqQPbpf
………… https://pastebin.com/qEfLvr4Y
Contracts… https://pastebin.com/hcczzWre

Version 0.1 https://mega.nz/#F!Ot1BiQrZ!ArPdNXYrGKibzzGFQsghLg
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Ie Tatemasu! Cgs and Sprites


Hey everyone, I was able to get the high resolution CGs and sprites from the old bara game, Ie Tatemasu!

I used these tools for the extraction:

https://web.archive.org/web/20040203093201/http://www.j-roen.net:80/diropener/ Right-click "dirOpener300-850-1-PC" and select "Save Target As"(You need this to unlock the DXR and CXT files of the game)

https://archive.org/download/DirectorMX/ Click "Director MX 2004 Installer.exe" (The game works better with this editor)

https://www.findserialnumber.net/macromedia-director-mx-2004-10-0-serial-number-keygen-c1dbaabf.html# Get the serial number to activate Director MX 2004

CAUTION!! A few of the CGs and Sprites contain disturbing materials.


(p.s. Do you think it might be possible to actually translate this game with the tools above?)
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Lust For Adventure

Found this bisexual game on the cursed blogspot:


It doesn't look so bad for being just small cg. And they allow you to be fully gay bara!


The Patreon were one can find the public version FOR FREE.
And because that blogspot it is very fully with virus, here guys:


That is the direct link to the last version.

What we need now it is how enter the cheats that the game has, because the old version used to had a version number on the main screen, now it doesn't.

And walk though for going gay.
Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Masayoshi August Rewards

Hi someone have this images pack?
If someone can give me a link i would appreciate it.
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Magical Love Ring

Made by FUNA (Hanrangen). A rather short visual novel.




The control in Web/smartphone version:
Tap with one finger to move or to select.
Tap with two fingers to go to the menu screen, to cancel, or to close the message window.
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Ie, Tatemasu!

Here's a set from Ie, Tatemasu!, a game from Underground Campaign a while back.
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Small On Top 0.9 Gay Torrent

Torrent link - https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=483469bcd7ecf07c51c6fc948abd99fcdd63f4102790d89c

Referral link - https://www.gaytorrent.ru/?ref=a3a971e13f4810d627d9b47c11e2350b
(if you do not have an account already
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Chin Chin Quest 1 Game

Hi someone knows how to install Chin Chin Quest 1?
If someone could help me I would appreciate it.
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Redflash MUGEN

Someone have the last updated Redflash mugen patreon
If someone can give me a link i would Appreciate it.
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Funa's Chin-Que II

This game has been out for quite some time, actually, but it doesn't seem that most people are discussing about it.


No need to use special softwares to decrypt CGs, since it's on RPGMaker MV format.
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Resident Evil Male Nude Mod's

Guy's, please, give me link on dl Resident evil 6 male nude mod's
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Chimeric Violet

monster gay RPG
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Asking for guide

So I dicovered this game yesterday and seems like they got the name of this game wrong. I can't google it for the guide. Did anyone have played this game before ? Would you be so kind to share the guide. And the game name. Thank you very much.
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Robin Morningwood Adventure


I haven't seen anyone talking about this here. Any thoughts on it? The kickstarter is ending soon, too.
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Gilly's Pharamacy

I have a question. At the moment I am using a local translator to understand everything as you cannot go blind in this game. However, when I reach the tower at the very bottom I cleared the entire tower and collected a lot of items to make my next potion. But when I came back to the shop I did not have enough materials for the 2nd potion.

Does anyone know where I can get them or are they just randomly generated, this includes a key I need to make the 2nd potion or else I cannot continue.
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Ore no Mahou no Koibito

I was wondering if anyone has a walkthrough for this game?
It got released for free some time ago but way back when there was a japanese guide that's gone missing so
clearing the game fully is a lot more difficult.
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Moritake Game Collection

This was just posted on gay torrent it supposedly contains:

Gakuen Tantei Transparency
Moritake - Maratopia
Moritake - MATSURI
Secret Society Transparency


You can use my referral link to create an account and access them.

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Moritake New Game Guide

Post here your questions or your guides of the game please. Hopefully this will Aldo help other players as well. Don't ask for save files. Try playing the game yourself to experience the fun.
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Soul Calibur 6 CAS ShowCase

Lets make a thread sharing your sexy creations in soul calibur vi
Either original characters or alts for the soul calibur characters
I will start with him, his name is Thiccuss
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All the 5 products the author has published are in here.


This author used to have many interesting projects, but most of them doesn't work anymore due to Java becoming outdated.
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I know it has some honorable mentions, and there isn't enough gaymes rpgs that I like (I like anaholic, kemocoliseum and the sport teacher). Are there enough gay people playing fire emblem to bother in doing so? I am happy with what there is, I won't deny it but it could have hurt people having raphael as s support I guess.
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Hero's destiny

Has anyone bought this? Would like some impressions
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how to download from this site https://furrybaraarchives.blogspot.com
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Adastra 0.4

Someone got Adastra 0.4 Build?
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ScLov-すくらぶ- CG


Finally re-purchased this game by Maguma Taishi, so now I can finally share these CGs and sprites. There are also animation scenes, and because I wanted the best quality, they are uncompressed and large in filesize.
I'm planning on uploading these to E-Hentai later
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A Month in Orc Country

Hi. Just wanted to post a teaser of what I've been working on lately. It's not Stranded 3, but I hope it will be enjoyable.
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In The School (いんざすくーる)

I bought this doujin by mistake, not knowing that the CGs were already online, so I decided to make it worth it and have a bit of fun by hosting all the html files on Neocites.

Link: https://inzasukuru.neocities.org/
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Does anyone know how to get the bad ending from tanaka?
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Anyone please share this game please..
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You can't fuck on an empty stomach

Moritake finally released the game on Steam IN ENGLISH (still censored though)

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bara game suggestions?

or VNs, any genre would be cool, i've read morenatsu, nekojishi, and extracurricular activities so far (all of them happened to be furries)
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about RE6 Jake nude mod

I know - someone desperate Jake's nude mod for many years. same to me. searching, hoping and waiting, but nothing happens. I was wondering - Why?
When i learned about how to 'swap mods'. and then i kenw something. i felt foolish to believe 'some modeler' .
'some modeler' didnt undertand 3dmax, only change the code - rename a file to replace, claimed that he was the author.
'SWAP' it means only change the code, IT doesn't use 3dmax to done it.
'Change the code' it means Whan a file(Piers) Already EXISTS, rename a file to replace(Leon or Agent).
only renamed that whats 'swap mods' means. absolutely without 3dmax
EvilLord is real modeler, when he make Chris and Piers happenedand. im so excited, very grateful
then someone swap Piers/s to Leon and Agent, also appreciate that
here wanna say, thanks to EvilLord make Piers happened, (Piers/s File Already EXISTS)so can easy to 'rename' - swap for
You will ask - Piers/s file rename it replace to Leon and Agent, Why doesnot replace Jake?
here will tell you the truth - 'some modeler' who lie about Jake/s they have

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スケベダチ ~下半身には逆らえねェ~


If the top link doesn't work, use the bottom.
If you download from Mediafire, you have to use this tool to fix the images
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After Class Visual Novel

Someone got the latest update of After Class with Parker's Day 4?
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Does the game work?

Hi guys
I found this game and I would like you to try it
the thing is that it does not work for me and that I tried it on 2 difentes computers (it crashed after the unit logo)
I want to know if it works for you or happens to me alone
Is that how it works
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Oblivion Mods

I just redownloaded Oblivion and started intalling mods like Room207's bodybuilder body replacer and I wanted to know if anyone could recommend me some armor refits to match that body. So far my favorite has been the Mithril Armor Remodel.
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Chris Pratt: Slave for a Day

Hello all,

I'd just like to share with you this new game that I've recently released. It's entirely free and you can find both download links as well as instructions on the game's download page:

R: 8 / I: 6

Fallout 4 Modding

Taking the opportunity to advertise my refits for bodytalk but share your hot bara characters for fallout 4
The mod i'm using is called Bodytalk, it has bodyslide support and is heavy customizable
You can find more refits for bodytalk here: https://vectorplexus.com/files/category/5-other-games/ and other spread in the nexus.
The texture i'm using is fatman expanded
You can also join us in TBOS's Bodytalk Discord here: https://discord.gg/ecSQTGb
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A little visual novel

Hello. I just recently released the second part to a project that I've been working on. And I would love to see what people think of it. They can be played here:

Stranded 2

Stranded 1
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Gay Harem

I don't know if this would fit in the bara category but here is a thread for the online game Gay harem
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Hooking text from TyranoScript

Afaik there's no text-hooker that works for any of the visual novels made with Tyrano Script. Or maybe I just missed something.
I'd like to use this thread here to gather as many alternative solutions to this problem or perhaps, even better, finding a proper actual solution!
This is some interesting info for people that love to play Japanese games but aren't 100% fluent with the language itself.
Should anybody be able to find a fully working text-hooking solution, I'm gonna share any 1 doujin of their choosing from a digital download store within a price range of 600Y to 1000Y
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Dead or Alive 6

I didn't saw any DoA 6 post or a topic about the game, so I just used the photo mode and want to post some of shots I took.
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Can anyone give me the walkthrough for the 'harem' ending?? I'm no WWE fan and I'm stumped :\
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Someone got a link for Adastra Build 0.3 Demo?
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Anyone knows how this game works? or if there is an english patch for it. I tried to play but i got a game over in the very first battle…
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鉄筋のマネジャー철근의 매니저 by sidekick

This 2016 Korean Visual Novel go on sale.
To Buy: https://booth.pm/ja/items/1149548

The main character will spend one year as manager of Rebar at Sanryong Gymnasium. You can manage the Rebar and your physical strength and increase your affection with the Rebar, you can get a good ending, and you can raise your Rebar libido to do something together.
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雄者たちの酒場 by づけ丼/Dukedon(づけかつ/Dukekatsu)

From /rs/
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Re0 billy nude mod

Can someone please share this?
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Adult gay video games

Post adult games that are gay-themed or has gay sex scenes. Hopefully free. I'll start.

Strange Flesh (pic related)
Free game, lots of sex scenes, drunk sex makes you bottom, and it has 3 actual endings. Great gameplay. The artist also drew the characters in Bastard Bonds (doesn't have gay sex in it, but there's a lot of naked bara characters).

I guess everyone also knows about Corruption of Champions (finished; fullchan added more content like pissplay) and Trials In Tainted Space (on progress), which are both text-based flash games.
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anyone got any good VAM scenes or videos?
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Badi magazines

I don't know how many read these actually, but here's some of the Badi magazines I've been collecting. Doesn't have nearly everything and most of the magazines I've saved are the ones that have Tagame's or Terujirou's stuff in them. Don't really care about the rest.

Also a good bit of the comics included in these have already been shared in the past.

Anyway, enjoy! Hopefully posted in the right place.

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Heart of an Animal - Bloody Roar Kemonobara Stories


Again, not quite doujins, but figured you guys would appreciate them. A pair of stories of the big, beefy Bloody Roar guys from JaeGunGriff.
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This is not a manga. A Japanese erotic fiction.

Author: Shirai Mizuto (白井水十)

Illustrator: Mizuki Gai (水樹凱)

Title: Noroi Ochi Kaizoku Ou / The King of Pirate debauched (呪い堕ち海賊王)

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#F!VuQ1jCxZ!3uYNoZ2pT8H_FGGl4jAhsg
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ITT vaporware
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Not exactly a doujin or comic, but if you guys follow BigBlueProstatePoker, here's all of the stories he wrote that I could find. Supposedly, there's one he did involving Beast and Donatello, but I can't find it. If anyone has it, please post it up.