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New game in Steam. It's an open world RPG with BEARS!


Looks fun, too bad its not "really" fun XP

I might give it a try, thanks for sharing


It looks interesting, a link from where to download it


it's called steam?


It's called Witanlore: Dreamtime. It is available for purchase on Steam for $6.99


recently bought it; its still really really early access, incredibly rough to play, but it shows quite a bit of promise


Yeah, it's actually made by a bunch of top-tier Elder Scrolls/Fallout modders so in general I think it's really promising. Just don't expect anything…progressive from this game… the project lead is kinda a douche…


OMG Link Plis



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>nothing progressive.

THANK GOD! we don't need this shit. we really don't.

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