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Best dad
R: 69 / I: 68


Post bulls, bovine, etc.
R: 221 / I: 220


Some kinky Reptiles , maybe?
R: 88 / I: 88

Birds! reloaded

Here was the top pic for the last thread. I call it, "Bedroom Eyes".
R: 224 / I: 219

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners theme 1

R: 67 / I: 67


We need horny ones!
R: 84 / I: 83


How about some sexy Sharks?
R: 115 / I: 110


Post Tiger, Lion, Panther, any feline.
R: 114 / I: 111


Hey, we all love beefy horses right?
R: 90 / I: 89

Future Card Buddyfight reloaded

Because why not? Here was the last starting pic.
R: 114 / I: 113


Post lewd pokés
R: 35 / I: 35

Deer Thread reloaded

The previous starting pic. If you want more of our antlered friends from last time, just let me know.
R: 91 / I: 91

Digimon Thread reloaded

For some reason, you people really loved the Digimon pics. Well, I guess there has to be a balance to the Pokemon pics (the superior of the two, lol). Here was the starting pic from last time.
R: 158 / I: 156


Post any wolf, dog, etc
R: 57 / I: 33 (sticky)

/fur/ drawthread


1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Stick to fictional characters.

5) Don't be greedy - no begging for repeat or multiple fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you.
If the characters or kink for them are rare, at least wait several threads before requesting again.

6) Usual board rules apply - make sure they're legal, etc.
R: 166 / I: 155

Sonic The Hedgehog

In this thread, we post muscular, buff and manly Sonic characters from games or comics. As such, characters like Vector and Big are more than welcome.

Starting with my toothy cutie timid lazy big gay bara walrus with a steadfast heart of gold - Rotor!
R: 72 / I: 68

Grimoire of Zero

Furry characters from "Grimoire of Zero" (Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho)
R: 26 / I: 26

New, Maldu Thread

Previous thread



Maldu's Twitter: https://twitter.com/dkznqk1117

Maldu's Fur Affinity Page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/maldu/

See also (Human Thread): http://boards.barachan.org/2D/res/1647.html
R: 32 / I: 31


Bunnies, hares, bucks, cottontails, etc…

Post your favorite muscular lagomorphs with their cute little noses and asses. ;)
R: 47 / I: 46

Art Edit/Photoshop Thread

The OwO version of the edit thread on /2D/, making things bigger, more lewd or less lewd than the original artist intended.

Not to be confused with the drawthread, I personally dont often take requests but somebody else might. Try and include artist source and before/after.

Art by Badcoyote
R: 20 / I: 20


Saiyan's great transformation from DragonBall.
R: 118 / I: 112

League of Legends

Furry bois here! Anything with non-fur bois included is acceptable. Demons/Darkin and Goo boys are in the /2D/.
R: 92 / I: 89

Bara TV 3.5 reloaded

The first pic from the last thread.
R: 39 / I: 35

Doggy Kruger reloaded

The big doggie from Sirius. This was the starting pic for the last thread.
R: 64 / I: 62


Gorillas and monkeys are welcomed
R: 25 / I: 25

Mythology (actual) General

Post your favorite depictions of furry deities, spirits, youkai, monsters, etc.. including those in cartoons (ex: Disney, WB), comics (ex: God Is Dead) games (ex: SMITE, Age of Mythology) and artwork (paintings, engravings, scrolls).

Note: This is for the actual myths only, not League of Legends and such, whose characters have different names, looks, etc. (but different SMITE skins are acceptable)
R: 13 / I: 12


Post pictures of this sexy Disney Daddy.
R: 1 / I: 0
ITT vaporware
R: 4 / I: 4
post any you find hot
R: 33 / I: 32

Animated Thread reloaded

For some reason, I can't post the enormous amount of gif's that were in the last thread. This site gives me the error, "file type not recognized". So here's one of the 3 webm's that were posted.
R: 82 / I: 82

Wuffle comic collection

The webcomic has been dead for a while now. The story is very meh (the comedy is weak and the attempts of making a serious story fall flat). HOWEVER, the webcomic is FULL of hot furries
R: 11 / I: 11

The Brief Fling Thread a.k.a. Ricado/Mercenary/Selkie/Whatever...

This is the the thread where you dump the few existing images of your husbando of the month. And when you're done, you move on to the next husbando. Who will it be today?
R: 4 / I: 4


Furry wrestling
R: 33 / I: 33

Boar Thread

Post boars
R: 57 / I: 56

Morenatsu Thread 15 reloaded

Now these characters truly deserve their own thread. Who's your favorite?
R: 1 / I: 1


We're it all started
R: 8 / I: 8

Benki Wars Thread

Fan arts of Flight Machine Benki Wars the game.
R: 31 / I: 31


Post your muscular rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, capybara, etc… The sexier the better. Cute front teeth are a must. ;)
R: 31 / I: 30

Tanuki Thread reloaded

It's the raccoon-dog with the big balls that everyone loves. Cute!
This picture was at the start of the last thread.
R: 40 / I: 40

Leo warzard

LEOxLeo ggxrd
R: 42 / I: 42

Cute Thread 8 reloaded

I wasn't a big fan of these threads from last time, but I saved them regardless. Here was the top picture.
R: 27 / I: 27

Dragonball thread reloaded

All the anthros from the entire series, including "Super".
Just don't ask me their names.