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Moritake's making a new game! This time it's in a rural.country-like setting. He says he's halfway done so far, he'll probably release it in 3-4 months from now.
He also says that the main character will be a younger man type just like in pretty much all of his other VNs.
Link: https://twitter.com/fore_st/status/879654630472298499

Looks to me that it'll be like a regular VN instead of the RPG style he used last. Hope he makes a good number of CGs!


mind if i ask about his other works? and does it have an english translation?


I've loved all of his works so far, looking forward to this too !!


they don't have translation but visual novel translator or translator aggregator have no problem with his game. i think you can find some of his game on bara manga online


Wish there would be a translation project or smth


hope there is a thread of how to use visual novel translate, I'm such a noob at these


Perfect! I'll go buy this one instantly as usual (^o^)
Hopefully people won't share their bought copy so soon(best not)
And I think we can expect it by the end of August, latest.
I can vaguely recall that leon was working on one game at some point.
There are plenty online.


is it me or did he delete a ton of his tweets?


He did. I was trying to looking back at his older tweets to see how long he usually takes between announcing and releasing a game, but now all those tweet announcements are gone. I wonder why.


>how long he usually takes between announcing and releasing a game
It depends, one time it was 12weeks another time it was 13weeks and with the last one he was actually 3weeks early.
This time since he said that he's about halfway done I would say expect a release sometime around Comiket or at least before August ends.
You can also significantly lower your waiting time if you buy the game instead of waiting for a share ;)


I looked at his previous releases before he deleted his tweets and it seems like he has a release schedule every 6 months. He tends to release games in March and September during the year.


The thing is, Moritake has no schedule.
He just creates as he sees fit and when it's done it's done.
Just keep patiently waiting and at some point the game will be ready


Well yeah, obviously, like with every other nip bara artist. I just noticed before that his past 3-4 games always had the same 3-4 months gap between announcing and releasing a game.


If I could, I would gift Moritake a whole professional studio and throw as much money as I can at his face, so that he may continue producing awesome bara art, bara games, bara TV shows, bara MOVIES…..


Any updates on when this game will be released yet?


It'll be ready when it is ready.
Judging by his usual pace I guess either this or next month, but definitely next month latest.
And if you don't want to buy it then it'll take even longer for you.

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