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Looking for help on a level


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How do you get pass this guy here?


game has not been shared so good luck with getting help.


there's plenty of people who played the game, so help with definitely come ;)


to pass this guy you must see all other CGS, basically do everything in the game and talk to the Santa in town (house right to the main inn)


alright thanks just got a scroll from santa


With the scroll you return to the area here
>>4111 and talk to the golden knight. He will let you pass.


Can anyone share this game?


this is not the place to ask for the game, you should ask in the RS section, but here it is https://mega.nz/#!v41UjbaB!E2Zzboi-3eWC5SSXtFKYTWSpFejznGOXiqsF04X4ei0

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