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Chapter 1: >>5

Since the new chapter is finally out (and previous thread no longer being bumped), I figured it was time for a new thread!


For now, like last time, it's in Chinese only but English version is on it's way.


File: 1493641190710.png (154.14 KB, 559x457, Безымянный.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Can somebody help me please? What should I do in this location? I don't know how proceed.


Back to previous location and find a blue color doll.


File: 1493644390602.png (371.96 KB, 624x351, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Thanks for the free download but when I run the game I get this error, is it common to happen?


File: 1493644722207.png (218.15 KB, 559x455, Безымянный.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You mean that doll? And what should I do with that? I don't know Chinese.


O! I figured it out! Thank you!


i have to say, the production quality is amazing for this game considering it's free. Unfortunately not as many sex scenes but overall worth the wait !! HANA mentioned the english ver would be coming soon too, i'm eagerly awaiting that


File: 1493672448996.png (151.61 KB, 539x416, jow.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

does anyone know how to get these last cgs?


Not too much extra content in this one, considering the initial release date of last year September. Normally you'd have expected more.
Well I sure wouldn't mind if this game stops being for free and being sold in favor for it getting finished within '17 or early '18.
These chapter releases aren't any good at all and at the pace this is going, expect it to be finished in ~5 years or so.


can someone share a save file at the start of chapter two? kinda lazy to play chapter 1 again in chinese


Share the guide please…


visit the place where the sprite come out the water again, you could get the last third and fourth cg. when you finish watching the whole ed you would get the last cg




Managed to finish chapter 2 earlier today. Overall I was satisfied but I was hoping to see more of our hunky beastman, instead of saving him right to the end of the chapter, since they even bothered to add him to the chapter 2 cover.

But I guess this just makes me more excited to see him in chapter 3.


how exactly i get the fourth , i'm stuck in the third



Getting him to cum should unlock the next one automatically. If you mess up, you only get the other.

The very last CG you get by choosing the bottom option at the end of the game.


This game make more sense than SAO xD


anyone gonna put the cg's on here?


bump for those cg's boiii


Just download the game and extract the cgs yourself. It's not that hard.


O…kay. I don't know how/why it happened but looks like I've lost all my saves and all the CGs are locked again too..

I haven't deleted anything, so I have no idea why they're gone.

I don't think it's my firewall, since it only blocked the .exe file when I first launched the game. Plus I had been playing it for several days already.



Can somebody suggests Hana put this game on Patreon? That way us fans can support him to finish the game faster.


>>3934 i know nothing about computers lol


i could find the cumming animations but the actual cg's were nowhere to be found :/


I can't figure out what to do in the desert segment, can anyone help me?


i just went up mostly, and in diadonal for the left, i eventually got there(after a min or 2) i ignore all the battles


From the starting monument, head North until you pass two monuments.(The starting one doesn't count.)
After that turn east until you pass 3 monuments.
Turn South and pass two broken warp gates.
At last, keep going west you will find the right warp gate to the last scene.


I have no idea what to input or do at the blue doll part, any help please?



I think it gets eventually done automatically after a few screw ups, it was for me anyway.

Kinda like in chapter 1's tower the glyphs were revealed after several falls.


There are two routes to choose from Choosing Red will gain you hidden treasure and choosing blue will unlock the story route.(Which u can do both)

Red Route:

Blue Route:


File: 1494550170711.png (646.54 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hey does anyone know how to clear this part of the blockade where the monsters are in town. I tried talking to everyone and killed all monsters but they keep respawning.



There should be a building you can enter that was previously locked.


File: 1494553481204.png (693.28 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I tried that house, maybe it wasn't the right one. Was there something I need to do prior?


Head to the mercenary building and talk to the mercenary beside the chair.


Whoops did not mean to submit that. Anyways after you talk to him, he tells you the location of the mercenary leader or something and tells you he's in the locked warehouse which he passes a key to you for.


I see thank you.


So as I mentioned in >>3936 I lost all my saves so now I have to replay through everything again. I was just wondering that are there any working save editors out there to get through the early bits faster.

I tried to online editor which actually allowed me to change the amount of gold you have. Editing the stats however just gives me an error about permission after trying to save the new file and actually just ends up deleting it altogether (I had done backups just incase).

Even if I can't edit the stats, that's fine tbh, the gold alone helps a lot already.


Anyone have the cg's to post? Also how many new scenes are there, just out of curiosity (i'm gonna play it either way)


How do I get to the door in the desert? I've found a treasure map (got the treasure/egg), but now I need to remember where to I got it from…



More Events added than chapter 1. Extract data.xpcss3 event only cg, short cum fmv's in ogv. compressed using .7z


is that all the new cg's? and i cant play the cgi dunno that file format


Default Fmv is in Ogg Vorbis Video, varying 5 seconds. I didnt convert it to mp4. You have to atleast
install ffmpeg 😶


Hi everyone, just a quick update on the progress of the translation.

Unfortunately I have not been able to complete the entirety of the translation due in part to the volume as well as real life responsibilities, particularly as my University exams approach. Thus the translation will be pushed back until I have more free time to dedicate myself to a better quality translation; I know that if I rushed one out now, it will be a jumble of mistakes and awkward phrasing. I do apologise for those who were eagerly waiting, but I do ask for some patience. I am as willing to get the content out to you all, so rest assured that once I have time I will work on it to the best of my ability.

Apologies once again.


Why are you apologizing?
People should rather be grateful that this game is being translated *at all*
Just take all the time you need ;-)


Agreed. Your personal life is much more important. You are doing this for free, nobody has the right to preassure you.



Please don't feel overly pressured over this; while it does suck to wait extra to play the new chapter you got a life with responsabilities and other things to do and nobody should feel entitled to feel like you owe them anything when you are actually doing everybody a huge favor by translating the game.


when is the english translation coming out?


Never (Kappa)


Never? Did he not say he's working on it?!


Nevermind what >>4103 said, he's obviously just messing around 9_9

English translation is in the works by Mr ambassoon and we all shall be patient since he's only just human like us.
If people just cannot wait long enough, well there is still the Chinese version available.
And to those that still need to mess around, Oh my what sad sad lifes you must have ToT


Sorry, sometimes I just have to troll :-)


Any updates to the english version? :(


File: 1498451290004.jpg (88.74 KB, 819x480, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

someone help me how to get these two CG?


After saving the cat-ish slave, go back to the cave where you met the blue haired water guy


ty so much


anyone have the save file for chapter 1?


Just speed through it using Cheat Engine bro. Doesn't take more than 3 hours with that I think.


do we know anything new about english version?


Still in translation I think?


the english version will never be released lol


Eh cum on, have a faith :P


Any updates on English ver. ??


Hi everyone! An update that the translation is once again being worked on now that my real life commitments have been dealt with. Tentative deadline to be end of July to early August, so please bear just a little longer!


We are sorry for bothering you with asking for translation so frequently man.

And thanks for willing to translate, I know it's not an easy job. Good luck :)


thank you really much ambasson
I mind it isn't ready yet but at least you advised us.
Thank you for all your efforts and good work


Help me, please!

Which part should i touch to make water(?) spirir cum??

I'm really terrible at this…


dick, nipples, some times pecks


Can u sent cg/and art this games someone ??



any update, information or news?



Read this >>4333


ah, sorry, didn't read that.
thank you


Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do in the desert???



Thx for the update!!


cant wait for the english version of chapter 2 finished it w/o even understanding a damn thing but over all it was great Mr ambassoon hope youll have some time to do this soon all the best also cant wait for chapter 3 :)


Please, can anyone tell me the release date for the english version of chapter 2? This is one of the best gay sex games I've ever played, I don't want to spoil the game playing in chinese, plus… I DON'T UNDERSTAND CHINESE!!! U.U


Calm the hell down


>>4449 chill out ….. read the above replies….. the translator will probably be finished late august or early september….. translating is hard work so be nice


Take it easy there excited person.
Patience is key.
The dude ambasson is working on translation as fast as he can.


the update said end of July to early August, not end of August to early September. But I will be patient for the English version


Anonymous, I know the guy behind the translation is being very nice for doing what he's doing, I'm really grateful for it, I just wish he didn't gave a date for the release of the translation if he wasn't completely sure he would make it in time, I can't wait to play the 2nd chapter.


Any updates? :)


Any updates on the eng version?


How many known sidequests are there in this?


Any updates? I want to jerk off to this game so badly =(


Did he die? Lol sorry


People are getting impatient ….. i feel bad for the translator. Any idea when it will finally be done?


me no idea, man don't put pressure on the translation, it'll be done soon…I hope..
Anyway, getting impatient won't bring us nothing, then let's wait for it… just a bit more


My boner is still waiting to fulfill its destiny =(


it'd be fine too, if they give us some informations


Your boner is going to wait for a while.

Why don't you fullFILL me in the meantime? ;)

Kidding! :P


How do i unlock that CG of Gien taking a shower ?


Any progress of the English version?


sorry if i sound rude but its almost October now and still no english version.


It will get done when it gets done. Better to expect it late then keep pressuring them to get it done soon.


this makes me worry.i hope the translator is ok. i don't mind waiting, but a life signal would be nice.


You clearly have no idea how long it takes to translate something, specially if they are doing it for free the dude can´t pospone actual work to translate a game for free for you so chill.


I'm sad, still no updates. If this is not going to be released soon I'm gonna commit suicide, with a big purple dildo… Don't ask me how it will happen.


Is there anywhere i can donate to help support konohanaya and/or the translator? I’d love to help speed up the process :)


Same here. I don't get why it takes so long. The author could commercialize the process, it would be faster.


Even Konohanaya stopped updating about this game…


can't you guys just ask the people responsible directly instead of complaining here?



The person responsible answers ONLY here.


I think not. The creator has his own contact address as well as the translator


konohanaya has sent all the cg of the game on his twitter


>>4746 we are talking about the english version. Its been far past the original release date, it would be nice to get an accurate gage of when it’ll actually come out


Well the translator is doing it all for free in his spare time, therefore either wait or ignore


File: 1507756561791.png (86.36 KB, 545x951, hanaprofile.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I thought HANA was a female…?


he's a boy,I’m sure


He is a boy.he posted a his photo on his blog


I'm pretty sure he posted a picture with him in it on his twitter a long time ago.


File: 1507930692394.jpg (61.11 KB, 500x332, iStock_000011798660Small-5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I tried looking at HANA's Twitter and Tumblr blog but found nothing. I guess I'm just gonna have to believe you guys.


Yup can't find the picture on his twitter anymore. It was a very long time ago when he just started posting in his twitter. As far as I can remember, he was wearing glasses.


dont get off topic LOL



OK, to return the discussion on track, let's talk about some sidequests.

Found and completed:
- The already available two at the first part.
- Green-haired dude at arena-esque building in desert town → asks to find some flower loot from enemies I think.
- Mayor/butler(?) person at the upper leftmost house (first floor) in the first town → asks to exterminate a monster in a new forest area. Said monster drops a powerful magic staff equippable by Gien and Kevin.
- Girl at the nearest house where you fought a ghost in the second town → asks to find an ingredient in the same forest area. The item glows near a pool.

Still uncompleted:
- Flower in desert → Found the flower, planted it in the house where you have bonding event with your teammates, but looks like it needs something?
- Girl at the inn in the second town → Asks to find something in the mountain where the party is split into two, but after finding the item the quest is still not completed.
- One more sidequest I don't know when or how I triggered it.

- The building in desert. Still don't know how to unlock it or even whether it's accessible in part 2.


Can someone put a guide up please? If you can just a bit of infos for each step so I can at least get the story?


You want a guide from start to finish or from the start of second part?
I can't really promise anything but I'll try to make one.


Granted, I can't give details since I don't unerstand a lick of Chinese.


however still playing a Chinese game…


hey can someone tell me where can i find the english version of the end of dreams? i can't find it anywhere..


on the top of the thread there is a link to the previus thread that has chapter 1 in both english and chinese version


Any new info on english version?


Hey, if one can still find enjoyment despite the language barrier, it's not a problem, at least for me.
Anyway, the idea of making a guie for a game you don't know the language of sounds stupid so I'm scrapping that.

Not yet, unfortunately. It will be here when it's the time.


>Not yet, unfortunately. It will be here when it's the time.
Then when is the time?
It's not even a matter of delay, at this point it's lack of proof of life.
At the moment the original deadline he gave was missed, any other place would have expected him to at least mention he is ok here and there. Bare minimum, yet not even a peep if he has quit, is having trouble with bugs, etc. and the creator has already posted the cgs himself separate from the product he made.
If you are actually connected to ambassoon, then I will take your word on another "tentative" deadline, but only that.


Well unless you do some research yourself and try to contact the translator and/or creator, you'll just have to accept that there won't ever be a translation of the recent chapter and perhaps not even a continuation.
That's just how it is


Goodbye Translation


Goodbye english translation. You will be remembered.


As a programmer, I really don't understand the behavior of most Japanese game creators. It's so clear that English version of any app would target much much bigger market than in a local language. And if you don't have enough time or resources to translate and don't require top quality of the translation, why not to just extract all translatable strings from the code, post it on a server for public translation/edit, and then inject them back into the app?


most Japanese people either don't do English at all or don't have enough confidence in their English abilities to be able to engage with an English speaking community

they also don't generally see the need to market outside of japan b/c they usually make do with their domestic sales alone (and licensed sales for this kind of thing don't often add up to much anyway - you're SEVERELY overestimating that)

also translation is expensive, especially for text-heavy games

>why not to just extract all translatable strings from the code, post it on a server for public translation/edit, and then inject them back into the app?

u say this as if it hasn't been tried before (it has)

also who the fuck is gonna put the script of their for-profit game online for free to the public? no one


oh and also this guy is chinese, not japanese


Think about it this way:
If you were producing a game, would you then bother to work on releasing your game in Japanese, Chinese or any other language as well?

And also, when will people finally understand that Japanese doujin creators don't do it for profit and have no interest in a big market?


>Japanese doujin creators don't do it

that's highly misleading
they don't do it to get super huge and famous, but they DO want to get paid for what they do

there have been tons of japanese bara artists who quit as soon as they become "big" overseas because they're not interested in being that well-known. the big names that are still around are not still working because of us, but rather in spite of us, or they simply don't give a fuck about us. it's not like our community provides them with substantial profits. basically the only names who are well known enough outside of japan to sell ANY copies are tagame, mentaiko, and takeshi matsu/tsukasa matsuzaki, and even they won't sell enough copies to make it a profitable venture for anyone except those who are REALLY passionate about the subject matter like Massive and are willing to publish them at a loss

compared to those guys, this Chinese no-name artist is a drop in the ocean


uh you've just said exactly the same what he >>5057 said.
just a good bit more elaborate.


HANA is female I'm sure


>would you then bother to work on releasing your game in Japanese, Chinese or any other language as well?
You might be surprised, but my company makes releases in many different languages, even though it may not bring more money. That's why I'm in this discussion, saying that I don't understand all those developers, who don't want to localize their products or, at least, translate to English. It is easier, than it may look like! Almost any developer's framework (whatever language, libraries and engine you're using) allow simple process of localization. You only need to mark all texts in your code as localizable and run tools that will extract it for translators. And, as I said, if that guy doesn't have time, skill or money to translate, he could post extracted strings for public translation.


Well how about you take this brilliant idea of yours and ask several artists if they'd be interested in this. Artists/Circles that come to mind are UGCP or funa or Moritake for instance.
I would be very interested in what their responses will be. I guess we'd all be.


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