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Chapter 1: >>5

Since the new chapter is finally out (and previous thread no longer being bumped), I figured it was time for a new thread!


For now, like last time, it's in Chinese only but English version is on it's way.
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Help me, please!

Which part should i touch to make water(?) spirir cum??

I'm really terrible at this…


dick, nipples, some times pecks


Can u sent cg/and art this games someone ??



any update, information or news?



Read this >>4333


ah, sorry, didn't read that.
thank you


Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do in the desert???



Thx for the update!!


cant wait for the english version of chapter 2 finished it w/o even understanding a damn thing but over all it was great Mr ambassoon hope youll have some time to do this soon all the best also cant wait for chapter 3 :)


Please, can anyone tell me the release date for the english version of chapter 2? This is one of the best gay sex games I've ever played, I don't want to spoil the game playing in chinese, plus… I DON'T UNDERSTAND CHINESE!!! U.U


Calm the hell down


>>4449 chill out ….. read the above replies….. the translator will probably be finished late august or early september….. translating is hard work so be nice


Take it easy there excited person.
Patience is key.
The dude ambasson is working on translation as fast as he can.


the update said end of July to early August, not end of August to early September. But I will be patient for the English version


Anonymous, I know the guy behind the translation is being very nice for doing what he's doing, I'm really grateful for it, I just wish he didn't gave a date for the release of the translation if he wasn't completely sure he would make it in time, I can't wait to play the 2nd chapter.


Any updates? :)


Any updates on the eng version?


How many known sidequests are there in this?


Any updates? I want to jerk off to this game so badly =(


Did he die? Lol sorry


People are getting impatient ….. i feel bad for the translator. Any idea when it will finally be done?


me no idea, man don't put pressure on the translation, it'll be done soon…I hope..
Anyway, getting impatient won't bring us nothing, then let's wait for it… just a bit more


My boner is still waiting to fulfill its destiny =(


it'd be fine too, if they give us some informations


Your boner is going to wait for a while.

Why don't you fullFILL me in the meantime? ;)

Kidding! :P


How do i unlock that CG of Gien taking a shower ?


Any progress of the English version?


sorry if i sound rude but its almost October now and still no english version.


It will get done when it gets done. Better to expect it late then keep pressuring them to get it done soon.


this makes me worry.i hope the translator is ok. i don't mind waiting, but a life signal would be nice.


You clearly have no idea how long it takes to translate something, specially if they are doing it for free the dude can´t pospone actual work to translate a game for free for you so chill.


I'm sad, still no updates. If this is not going to be released soon I'm gonna commit suicide, with a big purple dildo… Don't ask me how it will happen.


Is there anywhere i can donate to help support konohanaya and/or the translator? I’d love to help speed up the process :)


Same here. I don't get why it takes so long. The author could commercialize the process, it would be faster.


Even Konohanaya stopped updating about this game…


can't you guys just ask the people responsible directly instead of complaining here?



The person responsible answers ONLY here.


I think not. The creator has his own contact address as well as the translator


konohanaya has sent all the cg of the game on his twitter


>>4746 we are talking about the english version. Its been far past the original release date, it would be nice to get an accurate gage of when it’ll actually come out


Well the translator is doing it all for free in his spare time, therefore either wait or ignore


File: 1507756561791.png (86.36 KB, 545x951, hanaprofile.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I thought HANA was a female…?


he's a boy,I’m sure


He is a boy.he posted a his photo on his blog


I'm pretty sure he posted a picture with him in it on his twitter a long time ago.


File: 1507930692394.jpg (61.11 KB, 500x332, iStock_000011798660Small-5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I tried looking at HANA's Twitter and Tumblr blog but found nothing. I guess I'm just gonna have to believe you guys.


Yup can't find the picture on his twitter anymore. It was a very long time ago when he just started posting in his twitter. As far as I can remember, he was wearing glasses.


dont get off topic LOL


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