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I got some of the CG's on there already!




Uh, the only thing in the .rar is the live.dll and 'MyGame.exe' which crashed when you attempt go beyond the title screen.


Work's for me… Thanks for sharing~!


Try changing your system local setting to Japanese in your control panel. The first time it did not work for me because I was in English United States but after changing it the game worked.


Have a gander at >>2985


it crashes for me too and i'm in japanese mode


Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Can someone please share this again? It got deleted. please please please please… :(


deleted ㅠ_ㅠ


re-up please


Please please please please reuplaod. T_T


Plz reupload
I am deperate want this CG too!


Can someone reupload the cg photos!?


any helper??Plz


I can help but how exactly do you upload the game file here? I tried media-file but it didn't work and the file got corrupted


you can upload to google? or google drive?
really thank you for your help


anyone have walkthrough?,seem like i struggle to get every CG in game :[


Yes,Please help
i also want this game :(


Alright its on google drive now, and I created a link not sure how long it will last but here



Just tested it and the game works with no corruptions


it still doesn't work for me. there is only the game.exe file, there should be more like a folder with the data or something. is there some trick I'm not seeing?


Thats about it when I downloaded the game the first time when posted it only had the game.exe file and live.dll

Make sure you system local settings is Japanese so the game will not crash. Other than that there is nothing else I can do.


You need to change system locale to Japanese. Selecting Japanese with Applocale alone doesn't seem to work.


my system locale is in japanese thats why its so odd? hmm….


Set format to Japanese too


Hey there. I tried extracting the CG, not super experienced so please tell me if anything is wrong or missing.



Don't worry, if you used kirikiri's tools everything's there.


sometimes your antivirus goes wild for nothing and won't let it start or delete files even. turn off your antivirus or give it instructions to ignore the folder the game is in or something


i love the cg of 大山英勝
His bodysuit body is too sexy


Can someone make a walkthrough for this?


there isn't really a walkthrough to be made… It's mostly straight forward…

But I can tell you that once you've got one of the character's ending, you'll unlock the ability to view two delusions a night instead of one.

So, do the sempai route first, since that's one of the more straight forward route.


You can take one desillusion of a protagonist and give it to another one as a dream. To do that you need to advance at the specific moment of the one you want to take the desillusion. Then a new option will appear when you selection the route of another character. You can use the desillusion here.


shouldn't they be working on the oni game instead?


they are but i think it is a staple game to continue their big project.


Is anyone able to pull the cgs fro this?


Did ya even check the thread?


Can Anyone Here Pls Share The Full Version Of This Game thanks and godbless



How do you use kirikiri's tools?

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