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So I was browsing through Booth the other day, looking for any games that (be it full or a demo)haven't been shared and/or requested yet and came across this:

https://pegaten.booth.pm/items/386622 1.1 update after installing the game

Art's alright imo. Not great but not that bad either.

You can probably finish it in couple of hours. Maybe even less. Mine took a little over 4 hours since I spent some time grinding and most likely you will as well since the enemies get really strong later on.

Few things: When you get access to ship, don't enter the port with it in the first town or you're gonna get it stuck. You can't access it at all then, forcing you to start a new game.

You can farm blue and green chests for loot. The chests reset when you re-enter the dungeon and the contents of them are a bit randomized.

One of the recruitable characters has a passive skill (gold bar icon) that costs 2000 XP, get it asap, it doubles all the gold you get from battles. The other one doubles the drop rates for battles, but I didn't find that very useful at all.

There's around 7 CG scenes, 3 or 4 of them you should get automatically.

Have fun!


Is there a guide for this? i'm kinda stuck after the tree boss.



There's a tower on a small island, slightly south of the first town. That's your next destination. Be careful though, the enemies are tough there. My MC was mainly just defending there while the other guy was using skills.


Wow, thank you! I wonder why this game doesn't appear in a search results on booth…


yeah, i had to go to the balloon island to get some EXP. made it to the final boss but lost, by the way, there is a fort at the west of the first town, is there something important there?



I was wondering that as well. When you try to enter there early in the game, you're asked the demon king's true name or something. Later in the game, it sort of gets locked out and you're never asked that again.

I'm not sure did I get it correctly but I typed タケヒサ which I saw during the dialogue after you beat him.

I'm not sure was it correct or not, but the "wrong answer" beep you get was different and the dialogue the mysterious voice gave was different.

Maybe it doesn't actually give access to the building, but instead does something else? Like, changes the boss battle? If you look that the monster log for example, the final boss isn't even on the bottom of the list. Maybe this spawns an easier/harder version of it?



Forgot to mention, in the merchant town(?) you can buy accesories that protect from that status effect the last boss uses. Makes the fight incredibly easy.

Also, to get the best armor in the game, I was grinding the cave south of that town. There's huge amount of chests there that can give items you can sell for gold, or craft the items required for the armor. I probably ended up doing like 10-15 runs there.

The last chest is always a mimic though. When I first found the place, all my attacks did 1 point of damage so I had to defeat it with items. When I returned, I was pretty much two shotting it with skills, haha.


The demon king's true name is たけひで but nothing special after entering the door(You will teleport to the demon castle and fight the demon king).

Dose anyone know how to get the third ending?



There's one ending for having that bandana guy in the party when you beat the boss and another without him.


does anyone know the locations of all 3 pieces of orihalcion ore? you need those for customization and with them you can even further upgrade the hero's 3 piece armor


Hey! I'm completely stuck at the beginning, I completely don't know where to go or what to do, I randomly got a guy in my party but that's it. Can someone help please?


third ending is losing ending by the hands of the demon king


File: 1483894764066.jpg (49.22 KB, 536x405, mausoleum1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Whats the grey building west of Starter Town?

Also, at what level did you defeat the Villain and what items did you use?


If you follow the author's pixiv you will know the uncle's real name. Answer with the name of the uncle will bring you to the last boss directly.(However the time limit is before you enter the castle, once you enter the castle you can't use the building anymore.)


Any link to the game?


right in the first post


Thanks. Didn't know it was free



How do you unlock the scene and recruit the priest? so far MC is lv 12, red guy is lv 14 and spearman singlet is lv 10. But when i go to the castle south I keep getting recked by monsteres


OP here. Nice to see that the game is still getting updated!


The game is surprisingly hard and you need to grind a bit. What I did there mainly (to level up) was just attack with the tanky guy and defend with everyone else until they were strong enough to no get killed every other hit.

As for the scene, I thought that was automatic? Unless you're talking about that other scene where you need to peek on a window in that short time where the MC is alone.


No I already peaked at the window when MC is alone, but I mean the scene for the priest with the gold hair who is at the church. I went and talked to him but no scene came up.

Also what level did you grind up to until it was good for you to raid the castle down south?



I just started replaying the game and realized that you're still very early in the game and can't get it yet. You need an airship first. You get it from that tower you mentioned. Then you fly to the demon's castle but you can't get in there, so you gotta return to the first town, talk to the mayor and then to the priest.

I think my party was around 14-16 when I went there. You don't really need to fight there tbh, you can just keep running away, that's what I did most of the time anyway. All that magic and status effect spamming they do there just isn't worth the effort. There's only like 3 or 4 floors there.

Did anyone manage to get inside the basement in mayor's house?


you actually get all the info you need in-game, there's this data management house and speaking with the cat there's also a memo from the artist himself where he speaks about his current progress of the new game


How many CGs are available on the v2.0?



Comparing to 1.1, I think there's like 3 more scenes. I've only unlocked one of the new ones so far.

I thought there was gonna be just one since the patch notes only mentioned a scene with the mayor.


Jesus Christ. Anyone managed to beat the 4th arena fight? It's fucking ridiculous! No matter how many times I try, I just can't beat him. Does his attacks go through defenses or what, 'cause no matter how much I pump stat boosting items from the secret shop or use the defend command he still ends up hitting hard as hell and like 2-5 times per turn! And this is with almot maxed party, MC being 50 and everyone else around 45.

Only way I can damage him decently is to spam the skill the MC has that is based on his HP. But even then I gotta keep him at full HP all the time which is pretty damn hard because the enemy always gets his turn first unless the party has AGI boost. I even had the accesory that resurrects you once if you die, but even THAT is useless there because the enemy immediatly gets another turn..

God I'm pissed.


never bothered with all the extras in the game since they don't reward you besides the usual RPG elements
three more scenes
- after you receive the normal ending you have to go to mayor's house again and go upstairs
- after the extra scene go to mayor's house again only with you and tousan in party and go into basement
- after both extra scenes go to demon castle with only you and tousan in party to get extra ending

you can send any additional party members off in drinking in the pub in town


Anyone got the CG for 2.2?


Is there an English version of this?


Why should there be?

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