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Just sharing.

Game title: エストリアサーガ (Esutoria Saga/ Ass to rear Saga?)
Author: ムースケ (Musuke)

A SRPG game with Gay theme element.
Sort of Fire Emblem style game with gay theme elements.
Apparently made using SRPG Studio (http://srpgstudio.com/).
Still work in progress though.



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Sweet. Hope it goes well.


will there be H gay scene?







Anyone who owns the game mind telling me how to get past #21? That fight is ridiculous.

Do the skeletons eventually stop spawning or do I need to kill the two skeleton mages on both sides to make it stop?

I've killed so many of the skeletons that I've run out of all the healing items (and my only healer is on the right side of the map) even though I gave everyone at least one item.

Also I wish the author had put a guide on how to get the CGs or recruit all the characters. I'm pretty sure I've missed good amount of them since when you play the level, you never know which character you are supposed to use to persuade the enemy to switch sides.



Restarted the chapter and got through it now. Decided to rush to the mages now instead of sit on my ass and barely any skeletons got to spawn this time.


i wish this was in english


It's also on booth, if you're like me and find buying from digiket too much of a hassle.
And this is really useful, thanks.


For anyone curious, this doesn't hook up to ITH/TransAg. I have no idea what's going and it might seem silly, but half the fun for me is understanding the plot line.




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