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File Oresen_3_001_kc_136982113933s_1404331191.jpg - ( 21.92KB , 229x300 , Oresen 3 001_kc_136982113933s.jpg )
59 No. 59

give a big thanks to the guys at KEmonono for uploading the raws. Lets be respectable about this and do not misuse this gift. *bows*
>> No. 105
Cleaned Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?3b6xz72ahqzjlba

Credits to Xe for scans and Moo~ for cleaning
>> No. 109
thanks for sharing :)
>> No. 121
I'm not sure if it got taken down from kemonono or if I just can't find it anymore
>> No. 124
It's not you. The whole Oresen 3 thread is gone. Jin must have complained.
>> No. 125

he even got the translation for Yamato Beasts 2 taken down as well

save them while you can people

>> No. 126
It's gonna be tough for him x.x... it's already on spanish boards and the other furry ...
>> No. 127
Gonna hurt translation efforts I guess :(
>> No. 128
I was able to upload my entire stash of Jin Doujin (Furry Only). All are in English except for Oresen 3 and Big Tiger 1

The password if if asks for it: bara

Excluding Inj 2, that password is: kusaba

>> No. 129
I'm sure many have already got it and are in the process of translating it
>> No. 131
and is w has already said he's begun working on it.
>> No. 134

A new Oresen 3 thread has been posted. Go get it while you can.
>> No. 135
Just wondering... Is it any different than the second post's?
>> No. 136
Just wondering... is it any different than >>105 ?
>> No. 137
Sorry for triple post
>> No. 138
I don't think it has the link to the cleaned up version, just Xe's original scan link and the pages are posted on the thread.

Someone's also posted a page he's decensored.
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