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File 1374737242132_406357956.png - ( 35.83KB , 250x196 , 1374737242132.png )
1073 No. 1073 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Putting it simply; Don't use them as the primary download link.
You are essentially making money off the original author's work, which is distasteful at best.

If you are sharing something that you scanned/translated yourself, you are allowed to include AdFly links, but ONLY as a "Donation" link that people can use to support your scanning/translation work. The post must contain a non-AdFly link to the same material.

If you are sharing something that was uploaded by someone else, or something you found on the net, you are not allowed to use AdFly links.
If the material was originally shared on a blog or similar with AdFly links, you are allowed to link to the page in question (Not the AdFly links!) as a "Use the links there if you wish to support the original scanner/translator". The post must however still include a direct, non-AdFly download link to the material in question.

Posts found violating this will be either deleted or have their post content edited to include nothing but a direct download link.

Posts made prior to this post will be allowed to stay, however it is recommended that you post a direct link somewhere in the thread, to avoid having it deleted/edited if it happens to be bumped at some point.
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>> No. 6762
Is it possible not to use upload.com that site has an overly long wait time in between downloads.

File 01_1213284089.jpg - ( 765.41KB , 1100x1687 , 01.jpg )
6242 No. 6242 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know the name of this doujin ? Had it been translated yet ?
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>> No. 7174
Yup, it's Shoya,
>> No. 7175
There are disposable masturbation cup in Japan ?
>> No. 7176
Tenga Cups, Eggs, Flipholes and more
Source: http://www.tenga-global.com/products/cup/

Bought one as a present gift for a friend.

File 3_match_1579443022.jpg - ( 92.41KB , 560x420 , 3 match.jpg )
6494 No. 6494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7127
dead links
>> No. 7152
Can someone please upload the CGs?
>> No. 7171
Somebody please reupload to Mega or MediaFire

File 6e96a0a7-109b-4823-934a-5e82ec549294_zpscb820094_1451606394.jpg - ( 30.76KB , 176x250 , 6e96a0a7-109b-4823-934a-5e82ec549294_zpscb820094.jpg )
7117 No. 7117 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any chance this is getting translated?
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>> No. 7167
There is no Japanese version. The author is Thai! LOL
>> No. 7168
I see...
>> No. 7169

File 1_1261616472.png - ( 594.82KB , 752x1062 , 1.png )
4661 No. 4661 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
original done in two parts on his pixiv gallery.
Not sure if there will be a 3rd part yet.

translated by me, anonymous, over the last couple nights. Everyone needs a hobby.
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>> No. 7153
Site looks seedy. You can't delete your billing information either. I ended up changing what I entered to nonsense just in case. It says it's secure but I don't think it is.

I almost had a bitcash account set up but the only thing stopping me from funding it is I'm not registered with a Japanese mobile provider.
>> No. 7156
I bought Bitcash from them all the time and I am from the US. So far so fraudulent charge or anything happen to me.
>> No. 7159
I'm more concerned with identity theft. I've been getting calls from a foreign number. Could be random but I feel like it's related.

File 01_953487751.jpg - ( 1.95MB , 2150x3035 , 01.jpg )
6587 No. 6587 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 6722
>> No. 7157
>> No. 7158

File In_these_Words_1_eng_1_970627988.jpg - ( 46.90KB , 305x425 , In these Words 1 eng (1).jpg )
3382 No. 3382 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Chapters 1-8 in english

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>> No. 4164
Chapters 5-8

>> No. 7066
hi, thanks for uploading these, but the both the links are dead, can you please reupload? :D
>> No. 7150
Chapter 1-5 + new york minute in French


Chapter 6-8


File 1_1808423232.png - ( 3.12MB , 1100x1594 , 1.png )
7124 No. 7124 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Prrrobably one of my favourite kemono doujins. I will upload OreSen 2 and 3 if anyone wants them.

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>> No. 7142
Could someone please upload these somewhere else. No matter what I try I cannot download them
>> No. 7144
Hmmm, here's a dropbox link to all 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/emh2ulor5nvf12o/OreSen1-3.rar?dl=0

Enjoy! ^^
>> No. 7148
File dd18226d-520d-48ed-860e-03de455e504e_49215718.jpg - ( 297.23KB , 768x1024 , dd18226d-520d-48ed-860e-03de455e504e.jpg )
Digital HD versions when?

I could typeset all of Jin's digital works since all of them are of a pretty high quality.

Also, I could do some color edits since I got those T Webster brushes.

File Cover_362741399.jpg - ( 306.28KB , 800x1213 , Cover.jpg )
7145 No. 7145 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
College themed Doujin by Jin.

Chapter 0-3: http://ul.to/okaw68bj

If you have trouble downloading from uploaded.net please tell me and I'll post a dropbox link to this and I will stop using uploaded.net.

File 944532_458759020884155_850337707_n_562890174.jpg - ( 67.96KB , 960x484 , 944532_458759020884155_850337707_n.jpg )
505 No. 505 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7050
Someone please reupload this!
>> No. 7126
>> No. 7141
reupload please

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