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File 1374737242132_406357956.png - ( 35.83KB , 250x196 , 1374737242132.png )
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Putting it simply; Don't use them as the primary download link.
You are essentially making money off the original author's work, which is distasteful at best.

If you are sharing something that you scanned/translated yourself, you are allowed to include AdFly links, but ONLY as a "Donation" link that people can use to support your scanning/translation work. The post must contain a non-AdFly link to the same material.

If you are sharing something that was uploaded by someone else, or something you found on the net, you are not allowed to use AdFly links.
If the material was originally shared on a blog or similar with AdFly links, you are allowed to link to the page in question (Not the AdFly links!) as a "Use the links there if you wish to support the original scanner/translator". The post must however still include a direct, non-AdFly download link to the material in question.

Posts found violating this will be either deleted or have their post content edited to include nothing but a direct download link.

Posts made prior to this post will be allowed to stay, however it is recommended that you post a direct link somewhere in the thread, to avoid having it deleted/edited if it happens to be bumped at some point.
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>> No. 4784
File 43_685186292.jpg - ( 4.10MB , 3027x2146 , 43.jpg )
tanz has mentioned that he fixed the size limit.
see pic for proof.

File tiger_280204337.jpg - ( 148.42KB , 560x420 , tiger.jpg )
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From Crimsonblood and me.
It's All Time by RYCANTHROPY.
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>> No. 4805
File not found :( Please reupload!
>> No. 4806
or just use 7zip like a sane person
>> No. 4811
reupload Please

File 001_1625238475.jpg - ( 378.72KB , 721x1002 , 001.jpg )
4808 No. 4808 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
From baraparadise.wordpress.com posted in /dr

>> No. 4809
Thank you so much.
Really love Naop works.
I hope soon someone want to translated this Naop manga to english version.
>> No. 4810
This should be translated as top priority right now!

File 67016_433008180125906_1348363633_n_651412783.png - ( 519.22KB , 516x720 , 67016_433008180125906_1348363633_n.png )
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>> No. 4800

I can't read japanese yet
can anyone tell me which volume goes first I'm confused on the names and everything
I'd rather have the japanese untranslated versions
>> No. 4801
the one pictured in this thread is the first book, the english title it was given is (1)Drive That Man Into a Frenzy, the second volume is titled in english (2)Everybody's Doing It, and the last volume is title (in both Jap & Eng) (3)The Kid's Return, all three can be found on Leon's site since he was the person who translated each volume
>> No. 4802
I only translated 2&3 actually, stupidgit translated it and beat me to the punch for the first one heh.

File adlai1_1516137429.png - ( 629.94KB , 770x770 , adlai1.png )
4715 No. 4715 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
From CrimsonBlood and me.
Kyokon Haken
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>> No. 4797
File 2f_912348429.png - ( 827.60KB , 840x910 , 2f.png )
>> No. 4798
File chrisb1_420774886.png - ( 1.18MB , 1200x1300 , chrisb1.png )
>> No. 4799

File muneatsu_277652541.jpg - ( 98.71KB , 560x420 , muneatsu.jpg )
4769 No. 4769 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
From Crimsonblood and me.
Warning! It's a shot muscle doujin.
>> No. 4790
Thank you.
I wish someone want to translated this doujin to english version.
>> No. 4793
buuump! >w</

File Top_18136359.jpg - ( 551.62KB , 1024x721 , Top.jpg )
4721 No. 4721 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
From Crimsonblood and me.
Top 04
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>> No. 4740
anyone know the artists name i would like to find more of his works
>> No. 4741
artist: ガレオ
circle: ガレオリア彗星
>> No. 4792
The artist il Galeo.
Thanks FrozenRain!!!

File tumblr_mjcj95EaG91s7xdcwo1_500_1072404022.jpg - ( 154.00KB , 454x684 , tumblr_mjcj95EaG91s7xdcwo1_500.jpg )
4779 No. 4779 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone got this Bara (A Wild Kingdom / Lwao)from Kumagoro?
>> No. 4785
>> No. 4789
There's Doujin Requests for some reason

File a01_402499560.jpg - ( 150.97KB , 1653x2497 , a01.jpg )
220 No. 220 hide watch quickreply [Reply]


An awesome toriko doujin from the old board shared by irisu. Links copied from the thread.
>> No. 4787
Re up pls ;-;
>> No. 4788

File inogashiratakeru-1_516784952.jpg - ( 533.44KB , 1500x2128 , inogashiratakeru-1.jpg )
4757 No. 4757 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, guys
This is biitchylin's third release...NODA is one of my favourate artists. I'm now looking for 1-2 cleaner & typesetters....No request for your skill...but one request: Your English is better than me! so when you type the translations, you can be my proofreader and correct my mistakes, and make the transaltion more fluent! I think for a while...finding a QC perhaps will make 天河translation complicated...And a kind friend Grigolow_BJ is now helping me with these work...but everyone has his private things to deal with...and I do not want to bother him frequently...so...if you want to offer me help...please contact me! Thanks and hope you enjoy this bara!

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>> No. 4761
wow got more of this series?
>> No. 4766
hey Biitchylin sorry I haven't e-mailed you yet I will soon sorry real life happened, yay. I will be e-mailing you at least by tomorrow.
>> No. 4783
to 4761, according to Grigolow_BJ, this this a side story of dangerous relationships..you may find more from this manga... to Fleur...nevermind...I'm waiting for you!! hehehehe~~~

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