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File 1374737242132_406357956.png - ( 35.83KB , 250x196 , 1374737242132.png )
1073 No. 1073 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Putting it simply; Don't use them as the primary download link.
You are essentially making money off the original author's work, which is distasteful at best.

If you are sharing something that you scanned/translated yourself, you are allowed to include AdFly links, but ONLY as a "Donation" link that people can use to support your scanning/translation work. The post must contain a non-AdFly link to the same material.

If you are sharing something that was uploaded by someone else, or something you found on the net, you are not allowed to use AdFly links.
If the material was originally shared on a blog or similar with AdFly links, you are allowed to link to the page in question (Not the AdFly links!) as a "Use the links there if you wish to support the original scanner/translator". The post must however still include a direct, non-AdFly download link to the material in question.

Posts found violating this will be either deleted or have their post content edited to include nothing but a direct download link.

Posts made prior to this post will be allowed to stay, however it is recommended that you post a direct link somewhere in the thread, to avoid having it deleted/edited if it happens to be bumped at some point.
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>> No. 8752
dude some one keeps posting CP on the baords all of them can som,e one delete them all please

File 0_1114385765.png - ( 1.57MB , 1558x1168 , 0.png )
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>> No. 8947
File 52272153_p0_950196061.png - ( 669.45KB , 768x1024 , 52272153_p0.png )
thank u!! does anyone have this one?
>> No. 8948
bump <3
>> No. 8949


File 01_1562897990.jpg - ( 127.71KB , 421x599 , 01.jpg )
8917 No. 8917 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Makoto Kai - Chijoku no Tokyuba
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>> No. 8944
Wow! Thank you! This is the best thing since Dog Training Camp.
>> No. 8945
sorry, couldnt find a better version
>> No. 8946
oops, my bad

File spcmCM_544344057.jpg - ( 379.93KB , 1024x768 , spcmCM.jpg )
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Here it is.
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>> No. 8880
Here is the CG. I´ve just extracted it. Enjoy!
>> No. 8882
Thank you!
>> No. 8942
*thumbs up*

File image_546374295.jpg - ( 138.14KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
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File 0_1041713135.png - ( 739.10KB , 774x1200 , 0.png )
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>> No. 324
Page 41 is missing
>> No. 325
File 41-2_1563632473.png - ( 830.21KB , 800x1295 , 41-2.png )
God dammit.
>> No. 8915
Other issues of Dokkun?

File cage-cover_1811497148.jpg - ( 667.78KB , 2346x1600 , cage-cover.jpg )
4644 No. 4644 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's biitchylin again. I just translated another
bara of D-Two.
Frankly, I'm not that into SMBD stories, but this manga only contains a little these things...
Compared with the artist's last bara, "Wolf Island", this is at least not a sad ending...
Still a lot of mistakes ;D!!!
If you find, maybe in some pages, using other phrases will be more native, please let me know~
But, I think this translation is better than last one~
Hope you guys enjoy it!
If you want to post it elsewhere, I won't mind ~
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>> No. 5423
Funny, I just bought this Doujin at "Tora no Anna" 2 weeks ago
>> No. 6293
thanks for the much needed effort in translating bara doujins like this, keep it up
>> No. 8911
Can someone reupload the OP one? The link is dead.

File 123-1_1510779215.jpg - ( 173.92KB , 768x1085 , 123-1.jpg )
7500 No. 7500 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7596
Please upload this on some other place because I have no idea how to use that one.
>> No. 7950
>> No. 8910
Reupload please

File _271652536.png - ( 718.09KB , 800x600 , タイトル.png )
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Hi there,

If anybody tells me how to extract the content from the exe file, I will happily upload them here.
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>> No. 8900
No I wasn't. I was talking about his new book.
>> No. 8901
geez why are you guys taking it personally? we just want someone to re-upload the game because the original link died. If you don't have it or don't want to share that is fine.
>> No. 8902
artist himself requested for it to be taken down, links didn't just simply die.
If you want to see more games by him, respect his wishes and don't share or request sharing without his consent.

File tumblr_nsl1skUzrf1sf7yiro1_500_223899142.jpg - ( 135.13KB , 500x703 , tumblr_nsl1skUzrf1sf7yiro1_500.jpg )
8770 No. 8770 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=45209564

A short spank-kink comic by Domu.

Can anyone give a rough translation of what's being said here? I'd love to scanlate this, and can do the rest of the work if I had a working script. Reply on the thread or email me!
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>> No. 8780
たまに体動かすとしんどいな Man, this much moving around is exhausting...
おお田中今年もきたのかよ Oh, Tanaka! You came again this year?
なんだ渋谷か Oh, Shibutani
べつにこっちはきたくてきてる訳じゃ It's not like I came because I wanted to...

またまた Oh come on,
褌一丁で気合入ってんじゃんかよ that skimpy fundoshi always gives you *spirit*, eh?
捲るな Don't roll it up!
みんな~田中が今年も褌一枚だぞ~ Hey everyone~ Tanaka's wearing the skimpy fundoshi again this year too~
バカっ大声出すな Dumbass, don't shout it out to the world!

はっはは本当だ~ Hahah, he really is!
さ、触るな D-don't touch me/it!
なんかエロい~ It's kinda sexy~
プリケツプリケツ Asscrack, asscrack~
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 8887
Thanks translator dude.

Here I thought that all fundoshi are skimpy. (seriously, they only cover asscrack)
>> No. 8895
jockstrap doesnt even cover the asscrack

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