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File 1374737242132_406357956.png - ( 35.83KB , 250x196 , 1374737242132.png )
1073 No. 1073 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Putting it simply; Don't use them as the primary download link.
You are essentially making money off the original author's work, which is distasteful at best.

If you are sharing something that you scanned/translated yourself, you are allowed to include AdFly links, but ONLY as a "Donation" link that people can use to support your scanning/translation work. The post must contain a non-AdFly link to the same material.

If you are sharing something that was uploaded by someone else, or something you found on the net, you are not allowed to use AdFly links.
If the material was originally shared on a blog or similar with AdFly links, you are allowed to link to the page in question (Not the AdFly links!) as a "Use the links there if you wish to support the original scanner/translator". The post must however still include a direct, non-AdFly download link to the material in question.

Posts found violating this will be either deleted or have their post content edited to include nothing but a direct download link.

Posts made prior to this post will be allowed to stay, however it is recommended that you post a direct link somewhere in the thread, to avoid having it deleted/edited if it happens to be bumped at some point.
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>> No. 6762
Is it possible not to use upload.com that site has an overly long wait time in between downloads.

File image_1533706752.jpg - ( 203.61KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 7216
Nothing new...
>> No. 7245
It will get some new story soon and I'm gonna upload the CG once I complete it.
>> No. 7248
Really! wooo! we gonna get new contents, thanks!

File 01_1213284089.jpg - ( 765.41KB , 1100x1687 , 01.jpg )
6242 No. 6242 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know the name of this doujin ? Had it been translated yet ?
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>> No. 7202
File 02_1276790897_1687081271.jpg - ( 732.36KB , 1100x1626 , 02_1276790897.jpg )
Pg 2
Sorry if the sentences sound weird.
By love of a father, it means the love of a father for his son.
>> No. 7205
This one should be : " This is .... dad's masturbation cup "
>> No. 7247

File 00_CavemanGuu_Cover_238833211.png - ( 1.66MB , 1100x1553 , 00_CavemanGuu_Cover.png )
7224 No. 7224 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Bara Comic by Jiraiya
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>> No. 7242
The main guy is fucking cute <3
>> No. 7243
Thank you so much! <3
>> No. 7246
Hello! I'm glad y'all are enjoying Jiraiya's work-- but posting this makes it harder for him to produce more work in the future. Can we please support Jiraiya directly? Cause I think he's awesome and I can tell you guys do too! As the publisher of Caveman Guu, I submitted a takedown request through proper channels, but will you please consider removing this post?

Thank you!

File 3_match_1579443022.jpg - ( 92.41KB , 560x420 , 3 match.jpg )
6494 No. 6494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7152
Can someone please upload the CGs?
>> No. 7171
Somebody please reupload to Mega or MediaFire
>> No. 7244
CG upload please. Rider is my love <3

File 001_copy_2146462903.jpg - ( 620.67KB , 1045x1513 , 001 copy.jpg )
856 No. 856 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 902
Ha, translating this is not fun at all.
There's so much script to work on, I mean you start, then you have two pages done and right after starting page three after getting a good look at it you just quit. At least that's what happened with me.
Sorry, but I guess you guys just be grateful for what you've got.
>> No. 7212
does anyone have the sequel to this?
>> No. 7223
please post any other of his works....they're really hard to find

File ITM0103510_1_1586332066.jpg - ( 160.34KB , 560x420 , ITM0103510_1.jpg )
7177 No. 7177 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7217
Excluding the 3 ending CGs, all of them are already ripped in the game folder.
>> No. 7220
I can't download the game so... I just need the cg :((
>> No. 7222
CGs: http://www.mediafire.com/?a5101j89ol2o19q
Pass: BaraBlogger

This is the CGs from the 'CG' folder inside the game directory..
I haven't play the game yet.. So.. Not sure about any other CGs

File ITM0102780_1_2020372984.jpg - ( 141.04KB , 560x420 , ITM0102780_1.jpg )
7180 No. 7180 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7215
i can't download it. can someone help me
>> No. 7218
Can someone please reupload this to Mega or MediaFire? I can never download from Uploaded.net, always says that free downloads aren't available.
>> No. 7221

File virtuscoverok-721x1024_zpsb90a193e_1782032677.jpg - ( 234.55KB , 721x1024 , virtuscoverok-721x1024_zpsb90a193e.jpg )
6192 No. 6192 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This manga really need translating. Does someone interested in it ?
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>> No. 7114
I could translate it, but I need some digital doujins in exchange.
Cheap stuff from Digiket.
>> No. 7194
I supposed you are offering translation service in general, not just for this book.
If so then could you leave any info in order to contact you?
>> No. 7219
I can translate it. But I do not want to do the type setting part so someone else should take care of that.
Contact me if you are still interested

File 1_1808423232.png - ( 3.12MB , 1100x1594 , 1.png )
7124 No. 7124 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Prrrobably one of my favourite kemono doujins. I will upload OreSen 2 and 3 if anyone wants them.

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>> No. 7148
File dd18226d-520d-48ed-860e-03de455e504e_49215718.jpg - ( 297.23KB , 768x1024 , dd18226d-520d-48ed-860e-03de455e504e.jpg )
Digital HD versions when?

I could typeset all of Jin's digital works since all of them are of a pretty high quality.

Also, I could do some color edits since I got those T Webster brushes.
>> No. 7207
just a question, all those x.5 issues are obsolete, right?
>> No. 7214
I think the .5 one's are just the first half of the issues while they were a WIP. 0.5 for example goes up to page 13.

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