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Hey, so I'm normally not into bara unless the guys in it are wearing helmets, and while this site certainly has plenty of images, I can't seem to find any erotic literature in that genre. If anyone knows any, would you kindly help a knight out and post it? If there isn't any, I'd be more than willing to make some with like minded guys! Credit to the image is bughemoth btw


Huh, that is a very specific kink.

Did you want a literature where the characters start off with a helmet, but lose it halfway revealing their identity? Or something where they keep the helmet on at all times?



Yeah, it really is specific, lmao. I'd prefer literature where it's always on. There's a great thread on /2D/ that has images just for that type of kink if you ecer wanna check it out.


If all else fails you can just find a story that doesent mention appearances/kissing/facial expressions and edit the bara tops character description from "he had brown hair etc ect to "he wore a closed face helmet"

Use ctrl + F or find and replace to just change all mentions of the characters appearance to include a helmet




that could work I suppose, however i dont want to commit plagiarism


It's only plagiarism if you share it to the public and claim it's 100% yours.

Use Anonbird's frankly brilliant idea and fap to your heart's content!

…but only YOUR heart though. Plagiarism IS a bitch.


Seriously though, much love to you and your unique taste, Ser Knight. May the road to your quest's end be clear of any and all obstacles.



Why thank you both! Perhaps you'd be interested in Jolly cooperation by writing a story about knights?


If you dont have microsoft word or acrobat pro to edit PDF stories, you can download Libre office for free and use the find/replace feature there to edit stuff ez pz.

The downside to editing with find/replace is it might miss something or goof some words up. Like if you replace red with black it might turn the word "scarred" into "scarblack"

and going into the story to edit it multiple times might just spoil the whole story for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I mainly use it to edit the character appearances to better fit whatever artwork I imagine the character to look like.



Thanks, that's really helpful and I'll keep it in mind. If anyone wants to make a story with me, i set up a kik account called madknight3


Maybe there's some Dark Souls or Elder Scrolls fanfics featuring helmets floating around somewhere. Sorry can't help anymore than that since I don't normally read gay fiction anyway.

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