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File: 1506493832052.jpg (45.59 KB, 356x499, 51uMC3fEMFL._SX354_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Is it just or has the Priapus manga gotten worse with each volume? I mean, the last one was pretty dissapointing…


It's less sexual for more storyline. THe art quality is the same. If you are into the storyline then it's ok if you're not then it would look more disappointing and boring. I could fap to policeman volume but not to the last one yeah. Big problem is that priapus base concept make it hard to have a strong storyline. Introducing a new rival god or a sub storyline (like the consequences or something) may be better than the current episodic format.


File: 1506533811832.jpg (216.96 KB, 921x773, 65056526_p1_master1200.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Mentaiko himself wants to put other gods in this series as well. Here's a character design for Apollo.


Can't he finish the ITA ITA ITA series first though. That's what the fans really want not some god having guy either accept their gay or turn them gay.


Why did he stopped updating that series anyway??


Well the priapus serie does work very well in general :).


File: 1506563956409.png (1.6 MB, 1433x3085, priapus 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I don't know… they all go up and down it seems.

The first chapter was really only setting up the premise. And it did that well enough. The art was probably the worst in this one, though it's still far from bad. It just seemed to be the least polished of the series.


File: 1506564421435-0.png (844.15 KB, 1121x3773, priapus 2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1506564421435-1.png (2.3 MB, 3169x4561, priapus 3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1506564421435-2.png (346.22 KB, 868x1207, priapus 4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

The second and fourth ones weren't too bad, they had a start middle and end and didn't have anything too "worldbreaking" in it…… but 3…..3 was horrible. I earnestly recommend just fapping to the art and not touching the story with a thirty foot long pole.

As for 5 I'm not decided on. I can only barely read it. (unless someone knows where I might find a translation) but it actually looks a bit more earnest than the previous issues.


Priapus 5 got translated in english few weeks back.


I dunno man, I kinda like the 5th one.



lmfao @ this extreme SJW-tier hyper-over-analysis of something that is raw fetish pandering

get a hobby


File: 1506647531793.png (987.79 KB, 2957x3453, the face.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You have very low standards for what qualifies as an "analysis"

What I posted is hardly any more than a sparknotes version of the comics…. which I suppose paraphrasing is a form of analysis…. but without examination it feels far short of an 'analysis'…..

There's no rule stating that one cannot think critically about things like this though. It's apparent that a lot of time and energy was put into making these comics, so why should we not break it down and appreciate it in greater detail? Especially since this thread is sort of inviting this type of discussion.

For instance, I personally think that it would be more interesting if the focus of the story started to shift more towards how this ordeal is affecting Priapus. After fucking the guys in each issue he gets an interesting look… I think this look is probably the most interesting part of each issue….. because I'd like to know what he's feeling. It's not really clear, which I find kinda fun to think about. So it's possible that this is some sort of solemn look to reflect his regret for what he is doing…….. which would be the most boring imho. It'd be realistic I suppose, but to be fully honest it adds very little to the story and it would have been just as easy to make his character just be really into going around raping everyone…. it'd be slightly psychotic…. but I doubt anyone other than myself would have noticed anyway…..

It would be much more interesting if this look is representative of some latent internal turmoil… but if this is the case then chapter 3 SHOULD have been the best issue, but I think it's easily the worst. With a slight adjustment to the writing it would have been astounding.


you just proved their point


File: 1506649317562.png (83.5 KB, 500x691, some-might-say-i-overanaly….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm a rather analytical person by nature. I'm not going to take offense to someone pointing out that I think about things, even if it's things no one else seems to care about.


I actually find it rather nice to see that there's still some people around that are willing to talk about doujin. It's just sad that nowadays it's just bump. Really miss the good old forum days.


This thread screams the "me, an intelectual" meme.


how so?


I'm here for overthinking. It's the internet; this is an image board for enthusiasts of a pretty niche cross-section of gay male erotic Japanese manga. Where is the logic in dragging each other for being nerds. I don't see how anyone feels comfortable reading someone for exercising their gray matter on something they happen to not find interesting. If there's something you'd rather talk about, steer the conversation there because this is line of thinking is a dead end, practically by definition.

On the topic of Mentaiko and his works in general lot of his more introspective and emotionally grounded works have resonated comparatively strongly with readers. The comic concept on his homepage that would eventually be revised into Itai Itai, and also Hamu and the Boy who Cried Wolf may even be his most well loved projects (they certainly were for me) because they stay with your after you've closed your browser. In the decade or so I've been reading his work I've seen him engage both sides of the porn/plot coin enough that I'm willing to keep an open mind in reading whatever results, even when the quality is a occasionally inconsistent. And, I'm pretty sure this has come up already, yes the premise of Priapus suggested by the first comic doesn't really have much of a future beyond a series of formulaic one-shots. Already some of the people in this thread are seeing it's shelf-life. It needs something if it's going to continue.


shut up taro


File: 1506820312659.jpg (162.57 KB, 500x500, annoying-bitches-cheap-fig….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Quit while you're ahead boo.


i mean that's all of /dis/ but mostly b/c it's like 99% just taro talking to himself


Anyways. i'm ok with it being just one shots based on the same concept but in the last 3, it seems like it tries way too hard to set up the human characters? like, who gives a shit about the delivery guy being closeted or the two fags from V secretly having the hots for eachother. Also, the anime references. Why does mentaiko feel the need to shove them in.


File: 1506900781733.jpg (49 KB, 500x500, ff3b4fee2f0f88d2f714c7d6d5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>it seems like it tries way too hard to set up the human characters?

Well, it is a story… you're typically supposed to feel something for or against the characters… otherwise there's no point to the comic existing. Or it's just a bad story.

And I actually think the opposite….I don't think he's put nearly any effort into some of these characters. The delivery guy wasn't exactly closeted, he was just two dimensional…. we know that he can write closeted characters well, as we've seen in the boy who cried wolf story, this character was not written well.
>who gives a shit about the two fags from V secretly having the hots for eachother.

People with souls and emotions mostly…. sometimes it good to let yourself care about something.

As for the anime references…. eh I think it's just for aesthetically interesting diversity between each issue… it'd get old fast if he just used the same rope to tie everyone up before he raped them. This way he can use ribbon, or tentacles, etcetera.


I'm here for Priapus, not some random human characters that we'll most likely never see again after the volume they're featured in. It's ok that they actually have some personality, but it builds them up as if they're going to have their own story arc or some shit in the future. It annoys me especifically on the 5th one cuz Priapus himself isn't even involved that much.

And i mean, their conflicts couldn't have been too important if they get resolved after getting raped by a stranger.


Someone's got it…


File: 1506992901514-0.jpg (144.71 KB, 728x1033, 54160ab9b80b8c72538b45e8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1506992901514-1.jpg (119.16 KB, 728x1033, 54160abcb80b8c72538b45e9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>And i mean, their conflicts couldn't have been too important if they get resolved after getting raped by a stranger.

Yeah that's kinda what I mean… they're poorly written.

But really
>I'm here for Priapus

….why though?…. sure he's a nice piece of meat….. but that's about it….. right?

I got through the first chapters because of that look, I was hoping that it actually meant something… like for instance; perhaps Priapus is actually lonely. I mean if every guy you fucked all of the sudden decided to declare their insincere love for you it'd be a little tough to have a healthy relationship with anyone. I was hoping that his character would have the emotional depth for this to be a possibility, because it would make him an interesting character. Like some sort of a different take on "this probably isn't love"
….unfortunately, we can see from his reactions in 5 that he lacks this depth and is more or less just as flat as the rest of the characters in the series… which is a shame really. There was so much potential… and now I just don't see the series going anywhere…


Well, now that you mention it, i guess you're kinda right. In the first two volumes (and to some extent, the third one as well) i suppose it felt like Priapus at least cared for the guys? and now it's just like "welp, time to rape some closeted fags".

However, i don't mind that too much, it's porn for godsake. The issue that i have is that instead of trying to do something with Priapus, Mentaiko focuses on the human characters, giving them badly written stories. Maybe it's just my shitty tastes, but in this case at least, i rather have a simple one shot story with simple characters than a story that tries too hard (and fails) to be "emotional".


File: 1507016839025.jpg (134.79 KB, 643x484, 123725352276323873.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Priapus peaked at 3, that one is probably my favorite. Priapus 5 was boring and got ruined because Mentaiko was overthinking it instead of just "porning-it-up".

The worst part is Mentaiko laid out within(!) the comic(pic related) what would have made it hotter, but did something completely different when he became too self aware.
Would it have been predictable? Yes!
Would it have been cliche? Of course!
But who cares, it would have been better/hotter.


Uhhh this is in the Discussion side of barachan so what's so wrong with Taro discussing his views on the doujins?

As for me, I liked the first one since it was the intro but after that it just went ehhh for me especially the Yakuza one. I really liked the 5th one since it wasn't much about sex and the couple had a bond that didn't rely on Priapus fucking them to make them gay for one another.


The demon/god in the manga is very sexy. All the other love interests look like teenagers which is a big no-no.


Especially the first issue. The kid looks like 15 lol


Well that's just Mentaiko's style, teen love pairings. The main guy Priapus himself looks like a teen as well. To some this may appeal but to some well…
Personally I don't really like Mentaiko artwork at all, never have and never will.
But the special English localization book release was a collector's object nonetheless ;-)


Priapus does NOT look like a teen lmao
where do you live where teenagers look like THAT



>where do you live where teenagers look like THAT

Anywhere in America, or any place that is predominantly white. He has some sharp features that you find a lot in Caucasians which develops at puberty, with a bit of roundness that could be attributed to youth (though you could probably attribute it to the Japanese half of his heritage… in the story at least). Obviously it depends on the individual, but I remember a kid on my little brother's baseball team who looked like that when he was 14. Now he was in the minority, because it was obviously strange… but yeah Priapus looks anywhere between 16 and 30. The middle range between puberty and "the dog days of parenthood" where afterwards it becomes a bit easier to discern age.

>it's porn for godsake.
Well that's just it I think…Mentaiko can do both, he can do pwp's and more emotional works…. this series seems like a lazy middle ground…. it's not just run of the mill smut like you get from every other artist too, and it's also not to the depth that we would expect from his good works that are more character oriented. So it ends up not being what either fanbase wants.


Yeah no. You have to be kidding. Priapus looks anywhere between 20 to 30 Y/O and i just refuse to believe any guy younger than that, 18 maybe but definitely not 14 like you say lol.


I dunno man, I think almost everyone who read the manga knows instantly that Priapus does NOT look like a teen.

My bet is between 27-35 yo


File: 1507575696799.png (14.66 KB, 600x700, keep-calm-it-s-only-pubert….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Y tho?

Puberty for white males in the US can begin as early as 9, with the maturing "drastic" changes usually only lasting 2-4 years. Most males are done with their "drastic" changes from puberty by 15 or 16. "drastic" changes being the height, voice, penis, and bodyhair…as well as increased muscle mass if they work on it. Which differs from the "subtle" puberty/maturing changes that occur later. Things like wisdom teeth that usually happen between 17-25, and the brain development, which stops at 25 if not disrupted by drug use. For whatever reason though body hair patterns are usually set in the "drastic" stage, yet facial hair patterns can continue to develop into the 20s. However since Priapus's facial hair is trimmed to the "early puberty" pattern (meaning not a full beard but full enough around the mouth and chin) it really doesn't help to discern his age…. yet many teenage males are still able to grow a full beard pattern, so again… not a good tell.

Not a lot happens physiologically until the body reaches 30, where testosterone and other hormone levels begin to drop. Metabolism slows and hair patterns begin to change slightly. Typically the hair becomes slightly duller and may begin to grey depending on the composition of your hair. Hairlines may begin to recede at this point but it is apparently linked to the hormone levels. Libido usually drops slightly in men, while increasing for women. Skin also begins to lose elasticity, which for some can mean more laugh lines. All of these changes usually start very mild so it often goes unnoticed until approaching 40.

A lot of this does change with race too, and how old someone "looks" varies depending on your point of reference. I happened to go to an Extremely large school (most colleges I visited at open houses were not as big as my highschool) and there were sooooo many people. So I probably had more chances of seeing more developed teenage males than you did, simply because my sample size was larger.


Between the end of puberty (average being 16) and 30 there are usually no drastic changes to most males appearance. Meaning that Priapus could be any one of those ages.


this is the most hilariously shitty thread this board has had in a long ass time lmfao


I find threads with some actual substance very enjoyable compared to the usual "bump" and the "want this/want that!"


I agree. It seems like all barachan is nowadays is fags spamming bump on eveery single thread so an actual discussion is a relief.

Taro you know good goddamn well Priapus looks older than 20 lol


My guess is that this series is getting boring more and more because of Mentaiko general style. It's always twink on twink pairings, Priapus included.
Would be really nice if next volume some new character showed up who puts Priapus back in place for all the mindfucks he caused onto his victims. A much more manly and mature character. Would definitely be a challenge for Mentaiko drawing up something like that.


File: 1507681229636.jpg (29.67 KB, 600x450, BziLdP5IIAID_cx.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I don't know about more manly, but I think the best candidate for that would be Eros (Cupid, if you'd prefer to use the roman name…. since Priapus/Zeus use the Greek names I'd assume all other gods would use the Greek as well) being as how Eros is the god of Love, attraction, and protector of homosexuality. I'd love to see how he reacts to Priapus's mockery of his domain.

I suppose he could be bigger and manlier too. It's not like Mentaiko's really been sticking to the source material….. so really anything's possible. Depending on the source material though, Priapus could be Eros's half-brother.


Mentaiko only really knows how to draw one body type it seems. The only time i've seen him draw a guy differently that wasn't an extra was the gang boss from Creampie


Eros is the protector of homosexuality? You learn more everyday.

And yeah, Eros would be cool. Hopefully he will buff him up though. Because most depiction of Eros is um.. smooth.

The one I'm most disappointed is Zeus. Man, he's a kid! lol.


>expecting mentaiko to draw hyper inflation unrealistic fantasy muscle bara


mentaiko has been around since before that was even a thing, why do you all still expect him to be something that he's not????


Nobody said anything about that.
Read more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.


If you call "bitching in a pseudo intelectual way" to have substance, you sure can have a lot of fun in this thread.


And what exactly are you contributing to this discourse here again?


File: 1507770765970.jpg (14.13 KB, 220x217, impotence.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Yea…. well there are far too many versions of the same stories and each depiction is different. Sometimes Eros is a primordial god, and sometimes he's the son of Aphrodite. Sometimes he's an adult male with a blindfold, and sometimes he's a putti angel.

Though what I find more interesting is that Mentaiko only seemed to address half of Priapus's 'qualities'. The reason he has a 'permanent erection' is because Hera (Zeus's wife) cursed him before he was born (in the renditions where his mother is also Aphrodite, as punishment for a snub or something… you'd think Hera'd be used to it though… because it seems to happen quite often) cursed with ugliness, a permanent erection… and ironically, impotence. Meaning he can't actually keep it up when needs sex.

Though that could also make a neat twist. Maybe Priapus could fall in love with a human and not be able to have sex with him because he actually has feelings for the human….. and Eros could be the one who made him fall in love to teach him a lesson…. that'd actually be pretty interesting to read…..


Hera is kind of a bitch eh? Always angry and jealous and cursing people around.
Well, partly it's Zeus's fault too. The dude can't keep fucking around with all every living things.

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