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File: 1498625464138.jpg (108.77 KB, 800x600, moritakenewgame.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Moritake's making a new game! This time it's in a rural.country-like setting. He says he's halfway done so far, he'll probably release it in 3-4 months from now.
He also says that the main character will be a younger man type just like in pretty much all of his other VNs.
Link: https://twitter.com/fore_st/status/879654630472298499

Looks to me that it'll be like a regular VN instead of the RPG style he used last. Hope he makes a good number of CGs!


mind if i ask about his other works? and does it have an english translation?


I've loved all of his works so far, looking forward to this too !!


they don't have translation but visual novel translator or translator aggregator have no problem with his game. i think you can find some of his game on bara manga online


Wish there would be a translation project or smth


hope there is a thread of how to use visual novel translate, I'm such a noob at these


Perfect! I'll go buy this one instantly as usual (^o^)
Hopefully people won't share their bought copy so soon(best not)
And I think we can expect it by the end of August, latest.
I can vaguely recall that leon was working on one game at some point.
There are plenty online.


is it me or did he delete a ton of his tweets?


He did. I was trying to looking back at his older tweets to see how long he usually takes between announcing and releasing a game, but now all those tweet announcements are gone. I wonder why.


>how long he usually takes between announcing and releasing a game
It depends, one time it was 12weeks another time it was 13weeks and with the last one he was actually 3weeks early.
This time since he said that he's about halfway done I would say expect a release sometime around Comiket or at least before August ends.
You can also significantly lower your waiting time if you buy the game instead of waiting for a share ;)


I looked at his previous releases before he deleted his tweets and it seems like he has a release schedule every 6 months. He tends to release games in March and September during the year.


The thing is, Moritake has no schedule.
He just creates as he sees fit and when it's done it's done.
Just keep patiently waiting and at some point the game will be ready


Well yeah, obviously, like with every other nip bara artist. I just noticed before that his past 3-4 games always had the same 3-4 months gap between announcing and releasing a game.


If I could, I would gift Moritake a whole professional studio and throw as much money as I can at his face, so that he may continue producing awesome bara art, bara games, bara TV shows, bara MOVIES…..


Any updates on when this game will be released yet?


It'll be ready when it is ready.
Judging by his usual pace I guess either this or next month, but definitely next month latest.
And if you don't want to buy it then it'll take even longer for you.


gaaaaah release it already >.< if only there was a pre-order system or something


My thoughts exactly xD
It's the only game left that we can look forward to now.


Same here lmao, been refreshing his twitter every day..Hoped that he would release it this week-end.
Realistically though, his other games usually came out about 3-4 months after announcement, and it hasn't even been 3 months since moritake announced the game (been 2.5 months since the very end of june)…I'm just going to anticipate and imagine that they'll release it end of September-end of October.


I strongly believe that it's gonna be within this month still. Would be great for sure, since all the other VN creaters have completely let us down. Normally you can always count on Moritake…


File: 1505718843273-0.gif (822.55 KB, 1278x720, 51.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1505718843273-1.gif (721.68 KB, 1278x720, 56.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

If you're interested in other good bara VN games with animated sex scenes and sound effects, you should check out Guffaw-Coccyx (dobnezumi for twitter and tumblr). He has quite a few bara VNs released on Booth already: https://guffaw-coccyx.booth.pm/items
There are a couple sex scenes in each, only thing though is that the men are older but the dicks are just absolutely glorious.
Seriously, in terms of bara VNs, Moritake and Guffaw-Coccyx are probably the best (high quality drawings, lengthy, backgrounds, with music, sound effects, great sex animations). I'm surprised barely anyone knows about Guffaw though.


ugh it's not on booth I blame you stinking pirates -_-


Moritake just released the new game


(and since I'm a poor dude I'll just wait till it eventually gets shared so I can stop crying over it :c)


It's not on Booth, yet ;-;


it was released an hour ago, so moritake probably is going to release it later today (tomorrow?)



Nice! Glad Moritake was able to get this out! I'll of course wait for the Booth version.

It's sad though that Moritake by all accounts seems to be the only game maker that can release at a relatively "speedy" pace, by comparison to everyone else. I guess he's got a good system down.


I had a feeling it was going to be a september release! I'm trying to purchase this on digiket using an unused bitcoin code and noticed it uses hirigana ID. I'm guessing the code needs to be in hirigana to go through?


I knew he was going to release it soon but not THAT soon
feels bad that I can't use money to buy it and rely on piracy, moritake is worth the coins


If you want the game, send me an e-mail at satyroom@gmail.com. I will give you a link.



Bless Moritake-sama!

Hmm, reading the description it sounds like another interesting game. From what I understand.

*It's a mystery story partitioned into Three distinct chapters.
*Choices affect the content of course
*Progressing normally however should easily net all CG Scenes (but as always he's included a capture tip text file)
*138 CG Images (Scenes?) with 500 still images used. (not sure the difference here)

I've begun to take more notice of how チ○ポ (Chinpo, aka. Cock/Penis) is comically censored in games with that circle. Even Funa has a censor buzz in his latest game when the characters say it.


- it's actually a short game
- the course is always the same for every character and you have to go through every route multiple times in order to get every character's ending
- the kemono man has once again no animation
- the little bit of voice acting was a nice touch though


for some reason it starts to skip/ fly through all text after the first decision point


You're probably holding down the control key. The game works fine with me.


you can get access to every characters ending as long as you don't do repeat visits.

There's an "affection" value that gets added depending on whose are you visit first. I managed to get all the endings unlocked by focusing on 3 other characters in the first chapter and then choosing the remaining ones in the second half.

The Kemono man has an animation and they've had them in every game they've been in, I don't know what you mean by once again. He did get much less screentime than the other characters in this game though.


What I mean by no repeat visits is after you pick a characters area don't pick the same one again because it'll waste the bonus affection you'd get by visiting someone different. It's in his walkthrough txt file (But of course that's all in japanese)


in the RPG there were a LOT of kemono animations if you go to the whorehouse.

To have all the endings at the chapter 3, you need to take all the bad choices at chapter 1 and/or never pick the same character two time in a row. For security, do a reverse picking order at chapter 3 and never pick the same guy in a row.


I meant that Byakko has no sex scene animations just like that one blue panther guy from another Moritake game(forgot the title). It's such a shame because Byakko is an awesome character but it seems like Moritake only caters that much towards furry fans.
At least not all characters turned out to be the usual highschoolers, the first teaser shot was really giving a vibe of featuring only classmates of yours.
Daimon was a nice surprise for sure, love detective characters ^^
I tried to play the game with having focus one only one character at a time, even arranged my save states because game does not feature a memory mode.
Well as always the guide explains everything all too well and let's be honest, Moritake's games are all 95% porn and 5% story so there's not really any guide necessary at all times XD

Just curious here, but are you really sending out copies of the game?
Wondering if the commenters here or in other threads actually bought the game or grabbed a shared copy of allegedly yours?


File: 1506633417661.gif (3.13 MB, 800x600, hyoback.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I do agree that he does cater less to his furry fans but the blue panther you're talking about had two animated sex scenes in the game he was in. Byakko unfortunately was left with just one in this game.


I wish the main character was older like the blue haired hottie in the RPG, and less high school teenager like Transparency. But Transparency did it right by having the teenager main character top all of the big hunks.

I like my bottoms huge and hunky, not twinky tiny. This is bara for crying out loud.


careful there with your own usage of "bara"


Oh right! But I actually meant the scene with him and protagonist, that one wasn't animated though for whatever reason, just as well as the sex scene with Byakko in this new game. Such a shame…


Could you post your save file? I tried following his hints but I just can't get the last CGs.


I agree that he doesn't give much furry scenes in his games. Although he's clearly making it a point to add them at least.

But for me, I'd also say that I'm not that impressed with his "furry aesthetic style", it lacks the definition and detail of the regular humans. I think he should work on it a bit more.


im a bit peeved that tiger man got less animations than the other one, but it didn't matter as much since i was mostly interested in the inn manager.


here you go first choice has all the 3rd chapter endings for the whole cast.



hmph the guy on the far left got a bunch of promo featuring his ass and it's even on the title screen yet he isn't a total bottom. Why moritake.


The fact that Waruyama got so many scenes made me happy.

Wasn't expecting the threesomes in some of the endings too.

That said, I'm kinda disappointed theirs no links connecting this to his other games (it's a minor nitpick but still…).

His first 4 titles were all linked via references and cameo's. Then Maratopia ended on a 'TO BE CONTINUED'. Since then, Onsen and Yokkora Sex haven't had any links (Unless I've missed them somewhere).


because he knows some people want to see characters do both its a nice consideration for people with different tastes.


Honestly, the game was kind of a letdown compared to the previous RPG game.
Like, the RPG game actually took a while to complete and collect all the CG scenes, you had to go through an entire labyrinth and do some errands around town. It was a genuinely awesome and even more so because of the big variety of characters used in sex scenes.
This time though, it wasn't as good:
- I think reverting to the same VN format was fine but the gameplay was just so predictable: first round of visits had the characters teasing, then came to the round of scenes with the MC being submissive, then another round with most characters being submissive, and then 2-3 extra scenes. It was very short (took 2 hours to complete while the last game took me about 7)
-Only having 5 characters with predictable top->bottom or vice versa scenes
-Sex scenes weren't too interesting
-Kind of…bland artwork? The characters, backgrounds looked a little too pedestrian (detective, hot springs owner, delinquent, rugby/farmer guy, shrine tiger) especially compared to the wide variety of characters in the last game.
-Bishie twink teen-looking MC…seriously. What a boner-killer especially since the last game had a good-looking, muscular, adult warrior as an MC.
I suppose the voices were a nice touch, but it didn't add very much to the gameplay experience.
But overall, the game is probably one of my least favorite among all of Moritake's.

I think I was just anticipating a lot since the last game was so great and also he was taking about the same time as the previous game to make it.

I really shouldn't complain though, I sound super entitled and hell I can't draw on a tablet for shit. Compared to other bara games of course this one is on a higher level, but his older games were a little better to play.


It was a staple game with like 2-3 months of production. THe work quality and quantity is kind of incredible for the short time limit.


cam anyone pls share the torrent of this game thanks and godbless


You probably won't get a dl link for this game for a while (a few months at least), being that it literally just came out a few days ago.

Then again, you never know, I've been proved wrong before.
So, carry on I guess, keep "bumping" and whatnot…


I actually find it great that he returned to the VN style. His RPG I did not enjoy even in the slightiest. I just can't stand mob x hero/character scenes and the RPG was full of those, except those few scenes with the duo heroes as a pair and those were also not really anything spectacular.
This new game is also not great, but I like it a lot nonetheless, on the Moritake level that is. You can never expect deep characters or deep story like perhaps compared to a Migiri/Heckman/Dobnezumi game/novel of course.
But the animation and cheesy music make it at least a fine porn game. Character-wise it was great to have a contrast once again( size difference, age difference, species difference etc.) and the fact that he experienced a little with actual voice files perhaps might lead to a fully voiced future game too ^^


is there anyone here willing to share the torrent you can send it to my email:senseimarou@gmail.com thanks and godbless


What torrent? There is no torrent.
Nobody is sharing the game yet out of respect for the author.
Buy the game or wait longer, next month perhaps


you can turn the game into torrent just use bittorent or utorrent to turn the game into torrent then you can share it


>Nobody is sharing the game yet out of respect for the author.


Does the game come in ENG? Newbie here


No ENG as fas as I know :\


plus the creator comes here from time to time, so you either buy it or wait a few months for it


BMO has only uploaded two games this year. the last in may. isn't it dead?

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