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Can we have a thread discussing erp? Post your f-list profiles, discord groups/usernames, Skype names, tox codes, forums you use, or whatever else you use to ERP.



Does anyone know an good Discord groups? X_X Preferably ones that aren't heavily moderated and filled with tumblr users?


>heavily moderated and filled with tumblr users
elaborate? i might have some for you


Basically the overly sensitive, holier than thou assholes that tumblr is filled with, the type of person who would rather make a public statement than to let people do what they want.


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Ok, I'll bite, I know I'll regret this
I'm Baghera on the Barachan Discord
I'm looking for furry bara RPs and random chit chat.


Might as well post mine. https://www.f-list.net/c/the%20big%20fag%20network

I'm on pretty much every few days but I'm currently trying to cut back on fapping so I probably won't be able to rp much until I hit my goal. I do go the extra mile for people I do like though.


discord is rengoo #2534 https://www.f-list.net/c/rengoo

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