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>Jiraiya will never make furry/kemono bara porn
Really, what a waste of potential.
Oh well, at least we got Rossciaco and other asian guys to fill that hole, right guys?




don't cry, ross is WAAAAAY better than that jiraiya guy


I would like ross more if he laid off the kamui obsession. Cause of him i seriously dislike kamui.


Who is Ross?



Is there any blog or post where I can see jiraiya's art only?



this is the mother load imho. just search jiraiya or any artist that interest you.


>ross is WAAAAAY better than that jiraiya guy



about Jiraiya artwork

He's been featured in this fairly new gay comic magazine called "Otoko Matsuri". It's basically kinda the new GG magazine. With G-men gone this new magazine really is something great happening.
The 3rd volume will be on sale this Saturday at Comiket but you can also buy it at stores such as rainbow-shoppers or biggym.
Correct me if I'm wrong but Jiraiya should be featured in this new 3rd volume once again.


Heheh, funny you mentioned that, I happen to just have bought all 3 of the most recent otoko-matsuri from c92. Will check when i get back to see if jiraiya's work is in there.

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