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File: 1497878111644.png (897.9 KB, 1267x563, Dream Daddy.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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Moved from /2D/ as the thread was getting really discussion heavy.
Fanart posts were split off to: >>>/2D/12299


Oh my lewd! This game is simply adorable!


>game isn't even released and nobody even knows the characters or has interacted with them
>already more fanart than 30 year old classics

And people think fetish baiting doesn't sell.



or, you know, it's attained a good amount of exposure in communities with a lot of artists


IMO, what's make this game so "popular" is the fact that the developers found a way to reach to heterosexual girls and gay people at the same time. Cashing on tumblr fads can bring a lot of attention and possible comissions for artists.


Being a 30 year old classic doesn't necessarily make it attractive to others tho.

I'm cautiously hyped for this game… only interested in Robert right now but I'll try other routes just for the sake of it.



File: 1500033316459.jpg (105.02 KB, 772x480, DErizMgUMAAb_XK.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

The game was delayed last night. They are supposed to come out with a new release date today or tomorrow.


I'm pretty sure they are working hard to deliver a good game but it's always shitty when they choose the last minute to delay a game.


File: 1500065913096.gif (830.17 KB, 320x180, tumblr_ocmsomGoAn1slbg3mo1….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I've been waiting all night for the release!


Right same here but 5 day's isn't really that bad unless pushed back. At least they gave a date so that way we don't stress out by looking constantly


File: 1500123462522-0.gif (733.09 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo1….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500123462522-1.gif (320.03 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo2….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500123462522-2.gif (452.11 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo3….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

While we're waiting for the game to come out.
Check out their profiles!


File: 1500123521047-0.gif (315.54 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo4….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500123521047-1.gif (282.42 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo5….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500123521047-2.gif (892.09 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo6….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


File: 1500123580108.gif (485.09 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_osh4xhoZMX1wraunvo7….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


And there you have it.
A bit cliché/mainstream ain't it?



Damn lol, I hope it's not violating copyright?


…it's not real


Lol wut


Well if you mistaken the dadsona fanart as the real thing, we can consider it as a compliment right?

For more hot dadsona just search the Twitter/Tumblr with hashtag #Dadsona.




They are letting a lot of people down. I hope the game isn't going to be delayed again


This time its a Steam issue.


no this is there fault. They didn't give a proper date for the game in the first place. Plus on their twitter they already allowed there critics to have access to the game to rate. On there message board on stream a lot of people are disappointed.



Its out now and Oh My God it is too hot and so cute as well.

Is that even Possible?


I don't know about the hot but I didn't expect these father/daughter feels. Amanda and Dad have a great chemistry.

I started with Robert's route but the asshole being non-committal I went with Joseph who's character is much more motivated. I'm actually loving his story so far.


brian is too cute


File: 1500594495362.png (263 KB, 481x481, dreamdaddu.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

speaking of best daddy, wonderful taste and sexual frustration, i made an icon for him ya'll might like


The artwork is nice but the game is really silly… finished it with brian but not interested in playing again whatsoever


i hope you weren't expecting a serious adult gay dating sim to be published on steam b/c that's never gonna happen lololo



The only thing stopping it from steam is dick/sex stuff which doesn't apply to what he said actually.

Like, dicks/sex can be silly.


File: 1500612130329.jpg (358.71 KB, 1600x900, OMG Brian.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Well there is at least One Shirtless Daddy scene I see so far


Yeah I'm in the same boat, I wasn't expecting it to be 100% serious but it still feels like a bit of a let down. Played through Brian's route as well as Robert's and the dates were kind of wack. There being only 3 of each for each guy doesn't allow for good pacing either. Can't say I finished the game feeling very satisfied but clearly it was made to be mostly a joke game. Oh well.


Yeah I admit the three date thing doesnt really make for good bonding with any of the dads that much. However Im not writing off the game entirely. I love the art and the characters are awesome. Amanda is too precious for this world.

Plus chances for DLC are high right now with the sales and good reviews (So far). We may get to see some sort of expansion onto this world and some more steamy scenes. (Well as Steamy as Steam will allow)


Hey man I hope so, more content is certainly what this game was lacking imho.

And Amanda's scenes definitely were an absolute joy to play through.


hate this game, so much straight stuff, alot of girls, plus no nsfw, plus amanda is so annoying, just want to slap her face so hard


shut the fuck up


I wonder why no one has "shared" the game yet…



I am starting to wonder how many women use this site. You see a lot of posts from people overly praising female self-insert characters in gay VN games when I personally find them annoying as fuck.


sarcasm, peoples, sarcasm


as seen from honey pop, i think they could make it pretty steamy. i honestly found it was a pretty good game for what it was worth, it seemed over hyped but that was entirely on the fanbase. aside from roberts route that was boring as hell.


Could it also be possible that there are other men here who arent just horrible misogynists? This may come as a shock to you, but even in a neighborhood filled with gay or bi men, sometimes women are there


Dude, the game was already shared since day -1, look it up.


I don't have problem with the women or the children, after all if you are a real father there must be some women and kids involve, my problem is, the therm "daddy" started to be used out of the context by bdsm bears as a kink in the gay comunnity. Tumblr discovered it and as always it was extremely watered down to the point that we have a game where you can be a trans daddy?
I mean, don't get me wrong, but this game tries so fucking hard to not offend anybody and yet pander to sjw and straight people to the point that the gay part is there just as a fucking plot excuse.
Also, ok, I was not waiting for dicks or extremely sexual stuff, but the vanilla in this game is so fucking hard that it gets annoying.
If you remove the "daddy" part of the game, it is still the same game… the characters are somehow interesting, there is some lore, the art is good, but no… this is just like someone trying to sell something covered in memes.


Anyone wanna share the game ?


After seeing the leaked info on Joseph's hidden path, I've found that I no longer think he's the most interesting character.
I was hoping that there would be a happier ending, but to have him end up being some sort of murderous cult-leader is just….. Lame and disappointing. I preferred him before all this info came out….
I know the internet is going to go wild with this information and a lot of dark AU images and stories are going to be produced because of it.


Yeah I went with Joseph first, got the bad(der) ending and wanted to to do a retry. When I went to read about it, I saw the BS surrounding his route and noped out. As of now, I've only gotten Robert's best ending which is somewhat bittersweet but rewarding (which is thankfully enough for now) and stopping until I hear about a possible patch(?) that everybody is talking about.


Just look for it on the shore, or even or the bay, it's already out.


Someone should make a thread on /dis/ since this game is getting more on the lore side than images.


dude thats nice ty


File: 1500685368898.jpg (340.88 KB, 1920x1080, 20170721195248_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

You get this picture whenever you get the Brian good ending, otherwise >>8535 is the only shirtless.



So you guys this this game is not worth the hype?


And yeah, I think the Grumps made this game with the focus for audience of girls and teenage LGBT+ community.

I guess that's why it's not that interesting to us. We are all old farts lol


I doubt it will be a uncensored one.

Maybe Obscura will use the censored version(black image in place of of steamy pictures).
Then the players can download the uncensored cg pack from the site and uncensor the game by themself.


Just downloaded this, character creator is garbage lol. Can't make a nice daddy at all



>horrible misogynists

So I have to like third wheel self-inserts or I am labeled a horrible misogynist?

You are fresh off tumblr.


I think its okay not the best but still you can see they made it with good intentions. I think its a modest success.

I honestly hope they expand on it and flesh the Charcters out a little more and maybe expand on some of the Dad's past's.

But other than that its a nice little game. Could it have been done a little better? Perhaps. But I think we all can agree that for a first game the Game Grumps (Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray) actually did well for themselves


I think it would be better without the character creator tbh. Most options are meh and breaks immersion.


What do you even mean by self insert? The game was made predominantly by men. Who is Mary a self insert of. And even if she is a self insert, she's a bad person, why would you want to represent yourself in a game as an unfaithful wife in an unhappy marriage.

Side note: just because I'm not a horrible faggot whose scare of vaginas doesn't mean I'm from Tumblr. But you know, you do you


this exactly. people over-hyped it way too much with no knowledge of what it really was and it seems like they're all dissapointed after that. it's not award winning sure, but it's still a pretty nice game for $15. and it is made by a group of friends and their first damn game, can't really expect it to be flawless


What the fuck are you even talking about? There's no "self-inserts" apart from your character who is neither a woman or a third-wheel.

No one's calling you a misogynist because you don't like Amanda. Trying to group people who don't share your opinion on her as "women using this site" is simply misogynistic thinking.

Enjoy your echo chamber though.



Can anyone really be that fucking retarded to think that just because it doesn't have degenerate gay porn and has *gasp* women as characters in the game that it's neither targeted to gay men or that we aren't interested in it?

You people should only speak for yourselves.


I made an observation about some reactions to a specific type of female character on this board in general. I said nothing about the characters in this game, (I haven't played it) although being a daughter of gay men is a fujoshi cliche.

>misogynistic thinking

Please learn what the word misogyny means, and not the tumblr definition. I also don't think you understood what I meant by self insert.

If you read a post GUSHING about the female best-friend/ Life coach character in a gay sex game, it is likely that poster is a woman.



Indeed. People over hyped this game, myself included but I found myself immersed in the Dads personal lives and found some of them, including Damien, Brian and Craig, interesting.

Though Brian's ending IMO Seemed forced. But who knows maybe DLC will expand on the endings and give proper Epilogues.



Looks like these are made by the same artist.


File: 1500738413315-0.png (1.64 MB, 2048x1152, CraigPinup.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500738413315-1.png (705.48 KB, 1280x720, MatPinup.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I thought I include a couple more provocative pics of What Dream Daddy could have been should DLC come into play


>>8569 Oh My God you maybe right…. then >>>/2D/12322 might be a rejected official Picture from the game. Either that or the Artist might have been lucky


The developers loved the Brian bathtub drawing that they commission the artist to draw the in game Brian picture.


Damn. Thats Awesome. That makes this game more special in my eyes.


I think the game could be a bit longer or at least with more special CGs
this art style is freaking familiar, do anyone knows the artist?


anyone have more pics of robert?


Like this is bara? It's just another girly "KAWAII UGUU" Fujoshit game seeing all squealing ass fangirls I've seen.


File: 1500772266230.jpg (59.74 KB, 518x289, ctamo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Click this and move on.


File: 1500777660048.png (731.99 KB, 1707x482, septiplier daddies.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

We need some art of the daddies Markiplier and Jacksepticeye made being intimate with the other daddies.

Jack absolutely adores Brian. Mark hasn't decided on one yet.


This game feels like it's afraid of being gay. A joke or a meme, even for the creators, than a step towards trying to make something for gay men. The whole idea is that it's wacky that men can date other men, let alone married or with kids, and the appeal is entirely as some kind of one-off sideshow attraction. Like that T-Rex dating sim, or the pigeon dating sim.

It's either made as a joke, or made for women/everyone to play rather than gay men exclusively. I understand wanting to reach a broader audience, if that's the case, but it's poisonous in the dating sim genre. You have to go for niche, otherwise you're just going to water down your product.

It feels afraid of being sexual, or homoromantic–the dates, while insightful to the character's personalities, don't bring you closer to them until suddenly you are.

I honestly can't tell if it's badly made with good intentions, a joke at the expense of homosexuals while everyone else gets to laugh at how "LOL SO WACKY I CAN BE A DAD" with Game Grumps crap, or what. I dunno how to explain it, but it really feels like this was made by a team of straight people who are trying to appeal to gay men and failed out of misunderstanding, or who are trying to make a meme game about gay men.


>the pigeon dating sim

have u even played hatoful boyfriend that game is an inspiration


I think it's just a shitty short little VN made by people who have never made a VN before/don't particularly have the resources to make a long fleshed out professional VN and less "Haha gay people?! what?!?!?" It's definitely more "Haha dads! Lol whacky!"


I haven't played it but I've heard good things

The thing that makes me mad about that idea is that they got most of the harder work done in that case–spriting, background work, music, it's all there, but the writing and story is too short and unfulfilled. Not that making a shorter game is bad, but in this case, it feels incomplete.


I had somewhat similar thoughts regarding Coming Out On Top. They did a reasonable job with artwork and such (though there were issues there too), but when it came to the writing and story it just felt like a badly written tumblr fanfic for women.

None of the guys acted like guys, they all acted like women, and the dialog felt especially bad at that.


Women use this site too???


One of the weird things I found in this game is that apparently everyone knows that I'm gay, even though I never said it it explicitly in the choices or else.

I choose a wife at the beginning of the game btw, so it's kinda weird that everyone just kinda hitting on me like they know I'm gay.

Is it because I live in the neighborhood? Or that they have a very good gaydar.


Just google "dream daddy game free" and you will find several site with the links. Good luck


What T-rex dating sim? I know the pigeon one, but never heard of the dinosaur one


Maybe they intentionallly make the game short for future DLC and stuff?


Well COOT is made by a woman so there's that.


The dialogue in this game is FAR too tongue in cheek at some points. I don't mind a funny game at all but this took it a little too far in my opinion. The whole conversation with Robert at the bar about The Game made me want to roll my eyes so hard they fell out


Thanks for splitting the thread mods! It's more orderly now.


Thoughts of Joseph's route? I heard that the true ending is glitched.


So this game is basically like a PG-13 version of any regular dating sim we all know about, right?
That's kinda a total waste of time.
Oh well,
Comiket cannot come by any sooner and deliver new VNs that we've all been waiting for.


Well it is on Steam, also gay themed so we can't expect much -_-


Brian deserves a better route :( all of it is spent competing with him for like 10 minutes of actually cute lovey stuff. I don't mind a rivals to lovers story but his is so abruptly lovers its just. Blah. Oh well


I might be alone in this, but I really enjoyed the conclusion of Robert's route. It felt so, I don't know.. non-forced? More realistic somehow. I can get how some people might be frustrated with it but for me it sort of hit home.

Also tried out Hugo and Damien's routes and was pleasantly surprised by both. In the end, probably a toss up between Robert and Hugo as my faves.

Joseph has two endings at the moment and not sure if I would call either an inherently "good" ending. There's a controversial 'bad' ending in the code that goes unimplemented; Apparently there's a glitch with the 'Walk Mary Home' sequence that occurs on that route. The rumor is you have to have a positive score from that sequence to access the removed ending, but the truth is that 1.) If you take Joseph's route you can only get the sequence where Mary tells you off, and it erases any positive score you built up with her if you took other routes and 2.) No triggers remain for that ending.


You are not alone brother, loved Robert's ending!

I guess you can say I'm a sucker for things like that lol




Like Dream Daddy overall, especially since it can get surprisingly heavy at times. 3 paths/bachelors sort of stick out for me overall now that I finished up the game.

I like Brian's path in that it's a weird meta reverse of what paths normally take. He's almost the protagonist there where he's being nice to you and you're being a prick to him the entire time. You make no positive action basically the entire time, it's everyone else involved trying to match-make it. Though yeah, the writing once you start the romance part is abrupt as hell, and honestly feels like it needed more of a time transitions. His path gets sort of screwed with the 3 date restriction in that respect.

Robert's entire arc is really dark and kind of sad overall. Especially when you get two dates in, and then finish off on someone else's path. Since he initiates everything on the 2nd date forward, narratively speaking he's driving it. So if the 3rd date with him never happens, I find the awkward conversation at the ending to be really telling. He obviously still likes you, but he's the one disappearing all the time and never pushed it farther, so you ended up with someone else. He wants to say something, but then backs off and falls back onto small talk… which is something he hates. It's nice at least that there is a potential path to healing for him, at least.

Damien's path is just adorable with the courting. It's nice to just have something so cute and light-hearted. Having surprise-cameo Mary threaten you was a hilarious bonus.


Are there any sex scenes in the game ? So far I've only gotten Brian's shirtless part.


No, when the sexing happens the screen goes black.

It's made by GameGrumps, and is on Steam. You can't really expect mush here.


File: 1501207082574.jpg (62.63 KB, 600x600, b126f7b8e2a6627d2d0e1287ad….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I'm actually really really impressed with this game. I'll admit when I first saw the hype building up about this game before it was released I didn't care at all. It just looked like a cookiecutter dating sim using stereotypes for the main paths. The badass, the bear, the posh man….a vampire…. etcetera. But I have to admit I am very impressed with this game. Obviously flawed in certain aspects but, I think it's a really good game… or at the very least an enjoyable time.

It's got great art direction and music, I was quite impressed at the level they were able to maintain through all of the characters and scenery. And they clearly put a lot of effort into making the whole game really charming through dialog as well. And I guess that's really what I have to say about the game is that it's charming. Which may not sound like a gleaming compliment, but I mean it sincerely, this is the kind of thing I didn't know I wanted until now. It's not meant to be a sexualized endeavor, it was built to be a fantasized version of courtship with all of the cynicism and ugliness cut out. It's honestly a breath of fresh air. I'm tired of reality being so dry and sexualized without substance. This game is like the substance and charm, without the bullshit. No Dick measuring, no judgmental attitudes, no emotionless carnal "gratification" glorified beyond their objective value, which is RAMPANT in the real world.
Going through the first time in the scene with Robert (before the dates start) and he tries to take you inside I almost, almost, shut the computer off. I remember thinking "well…. this is familiar" but, despite my better judgment, I continued onto the rest of the game and I'm glad I did. The rest of the game had a lot of charm packed into, admittedly, not a lot of room. The dates are nice but there's only 3….It's not really easy to fit in charm, character development, and chemistry in that short of time without the pacing seeming off. But they clearly tried.
I think it's so neat that they've managed to make this game so endearing that anyone can play it. I think it's both weird and fantastic that there are straight men who are playing this game about dating guys and actually get exited about making the magic happen. I was really surprised by that.


I do agree, as much as it saddened me that there is nearly no sexy time, it refreshing to see a openly gay game not being ultra sexual. It's like when they introduce a gay character in a TV show. You will be pretty sure that 30% Of his scene will be sexual.


To Be Honest Here. I dont think the cult ending is homophobic but rather shows that anyone can be a psychopath Straight or Gay. No one is honest about everything and everyone is hiding something. Thats all too clear with Joseph.

Also Damien being Trans. Is that really an issue people should be up in arms about? So Damien is Transgender, that doesn't detract from his Character. But rather enhances it.


In my opinion, the game has great art, good music and the concept is really nice, but overall is really boring, I really hope the cult ending is canon and not just a halloween joke because it surely makes the history a lot more interesting, since they made the plot so terribly bland afraid that it would offend anyone.


To me, it does feel like an "inside" joke they can also profit from.
The character designs look decent but since I don't really care for straights dads or baiting, I'll pass.


File: 1501360118425.jpg (77.8 KB, 1920x1080, stay_away_from_my_man_home….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Getting a "daddy" as being gay:
- To date a gay man above 30 that has an average body.

Getting a "daddy" as seen by hetero people:
- To be a total homewrecker or engage in dates with actual fathers because paternity is sexy.


You're not completely off.

I guess I'm more into intimacy. Give me cocksure over paternity any day.


>Getting a "daddy" as being gay:
>- To date a gay man above 30 that has an average body.
I'd say more like over 40


I wanna object, but you got a point there :/


tbh if u could reasonably have kids who could reasonably have their own kids, ur rly pushing the limits of the word "daddy"


More like grandpappy right?

Wait is grandpappy a thing?


I guess that depends on the observer.
If you're in your later teens to mid20s and basically still a kid, then I guess over 30 would appeal as a daddy already


>Also Damien being Trans. Is that really an issue people should be up in arms about? So Damien is Transgender, that doesn't detract from his Character. But rather enhances it.

Does it really enhance a character to have one throwaway line and a Word of God tweet confirming them as trans? It literally alters his character in no way, the story-line pays no heed to what actually goes into being trans. It's literally just an easy way for them to look progressive without having to put in any actual effort. (i.e. the entire game premise)


>looking through various DD fandom posts on tumblr, twitter, and /y/ for the passed few days
>the two most generic looking guys are the most popular
>feels like 99% of the Robert/Joseph fandom are just Reaper/76 fans almost treating DD as an au
>third most popular by a wide margin is the generic fit asian guy
>the two brown guys are ignored
>the one guy that isn't skinny/fit is ignored
>Damien is only ever brought up when someone wants to make themselves seem progressive, despite him being a regressive and poorly thought out character that many actual trans people are critical of
I am shocked SHOCKED by all of this.

Also it's a fuckin shame Detective Saul, aka the only guy in this game that actually looks like a daddy, isn't currently dateable.


a game made by heteros for heteros, what did you expect really?

it was clear from day one that this game was NOT meant to appease the gay community or represent gay men in any realistic sense



I've seen a lot of Dream daddy stream and played a bit by myself.

>When you look at stream, The most popular dad by appearence is Matt then Craig and sometime Brian then Robert but people often just go for Craig because Matt and Brian Date 1 are just meh.

Matt date 1 is super boring (you just discover that he likes music, that's pretty much it).
Craig and Robert have the smoothest date. Craig is the most "erotic" and also the sweetest and Robert is super funny. That must be why they are the most popular.

>Overwatch is the game with the most fandom at the moment of course it will spread heavily on other games.

> The two brown guy have boring fist dates.

> I Don't see how Brian is ignored. He has a Lot of fan art for himself.

His daughter is also quite popular

> Damien may be the best father in term of parental skill and he is the most normal guy in the set so i don't see how he is regressive.


outside of the very explicit bara community brian is basically 100% ignored


Well there is DLC to try and clarify what that line meant. I will at least give them that. However I will agree I went into this game expecting a full course meal and only walking away with Popcorn.

I guess we will have to wait for DLC to actually see more of the characters before we mke assumptions about a character. Plus I wanna learn more about Saul Graves.


HOnestly I wonder what Japanese and Korean Men will think of this Game. We Already know that Kazuhide Ichikawa (a Bara Manga Artist) is interested in the game


Still reluctant about playing this game.
It's got no Ero content and at least for me that basically means a waste of time.
Depending on how much longer current WIP Eroge are still gonna take to release I might as well pass some time with this one, maybe.
By looks alone, I would go for just those three dads Hugo>Joseph>Robert


they won't care about the game itself b/c it will never get translated into japanese but they will still probably make fanart


Maybe people would put more time into their transgender characters if something as simple as a throwaway line didn't make people angry that the transgender character exists?



Have you met people? They get angry at everything. That doesn't mean we should stop creating, and it certainly doesn't mean we should be happy with shitty portrayals for the sake of "representation".

(Not to mention how incredibly off-base that comment is when you look at any discussion board for this game and see the overwhelming praise of the developers for daring to include the faintest whiff of trans characters.)


the two gays guards relationship in undertale felt more natural than half of those in dd


>Depending on how much longer current WIP Eroge are still gonna take to release I might as well pass some time with this one, maybe.

Anon, this is not an ero game.
This is a mainstream "silly" visual novel meant to be played by youtubers as a juvenile joke and nothing more.

If you're looking for porn in this game then you're wasting your time.

The somewhat sexually-unappealing art and the fact that it was written by the GAME GRUMPS of all people should have been a dead giveaway.


yea buddy, I think this game is not for you.
Try Meat Log Mountain maybe?



Have you people actually looked at who the two writers of the game are or are you just spouting made-up crap just because Game Grumps had a hand in with the game?

You retards should stop speaking for other gay people on the internet. You're not much different from the SJWs you constantly whine about.


Of course it ain't an Eroge, that was clear from the very beginning. I was just contemplating how much more potential there could have been if it were Eroge.
And well on the other hand, kinda glad too.
Because besides Japanese I don't think that anybody else can actually produce some good Eroge anyways.
That being sad, I'm gonna dive into this for a bit until new flood from Comiket ^^


lol that's cute


nice job proving that word means absolutely nothing now


You're Probably right. But still it will be interesting to see their reaction if it does get translated


He's not wrong. i mean it's yaoi in western form. It's fine if it appeals to you but it's not accurate.


This game got irrelevant really fast… I hope they come with new content other than the already discussed to exhaustion boring "cult ending"


Didn't help that the devs called people who complained about Joseph's route sociopaths. But yeah, even though I slightly like this game better, COOTS had better legs and Obscura was very engaged with her fans.


why do we keep getting shitty games like this when there are PERFECTLY GOOD bara games that already exist that just need translated????


I really liked COOT, but compared to DDADS the art is really bland.


I don't think any of the games need translation. Besides translation is a shit ton of work and so far always gets dumped at some point.
What we do need though is the current WIP games to finally surface and the responsible artists holding on to what they promised. No more cheap excuses and delays.


this is bullshit.

what happens to every single japanese-only game that comes out? the CGs get dumped, and no one ever speaks about it again except in terms of "when is the next one coming out". what bara games are regularly talked about? pretty much exclusively the games that are available in english. even when the quality of art/content in those games are generally far weaker than their japanese counterparts… that alone speaks volumes about how important it is for these games to get translated.


>what happens to every single japanese-only game that comes out? the CGs get dumped, and no one ever speaks about it again except in terms of "when is the next one coming out".
Well that's just what has become of barachan, sadly. It wasn't always like that. It really is annoying how everybody screams for CGs as soon as some new game comes out while completely ignoring the game itself.

As for translation, the need for a complete translation has kinda become moot. We got various well-working translation devices if you know how to perfectly configure them. And some actual knowlegde of the language helps out a great deal too of course.

In terms of really getting an English localization of a doujin game, I think that'll only work via fan-translation especially because those are just doujin games compared to the commercial BL games. Besides, artists most likely don't really care because according to them it'd hinder working on any new doujin projects of theirs. And since Japanese artists are completely aware of all sharing sites lately, they probably aren't that much interested in working together with translators too, just ask leon.
Very old games such as "Hunks Workshop" might work or permitted games such as "Me and My Magical Boyfriends".

And all that aside, some games were actually talked about pretty thoroughly. Especially at the forums back then. You perhaps might not have been around at those times.
Well for some people it sure is sad that none Japanese bara games get a localization and it surely will stay that way.


DDADS got the entire Steam audiences and backed up with memes behind their back, so it inevitably DDADS gain easy popularity. Plus it wasnt completely r18 so lets play gamer can suck it up.
Japanese gay games are limited within its group that get passed around through twitter and words of friend. so they are barely known, let alone us. As if that is already sad enough, that it will never have a chance to flourish as there're not enough people to talk to.


That is not correct.
Following your example of a non r-18 LGBT game literally the exact same is happening with Japanese non r-18 LGBT games. Those Life Wonders games are the perfect example. Those are being sold on App Stores internationally, have their own following too with Let's Players as well(perhaps not on Youtube) and go even further with actually featuring an English localization.
Just as easy as it is to discover that Dream Daddy game it's the same for Life Wonders. Both games of course have their own target audiences but by no means are they exclusive to one party alone.

But let's get back on main topic.
Bara adult games won't get official English localizations for reasons already mentioned here >>9032
Just as much as it is highly unlikely that a "COOT" or a "Meat Log Mountain" or [insert any English VN that comes to mind here] will get a Japanese or Chinese localization.
Both parties have their own target audiences they cater to and it works. But at the same time both parties are aware of the interest the other party has so at least they make their doujin games available internationally.
So instead of wishing for the impossible to happen, instead focus on what new is in production.


>brian is the only dad worth dating
>his route is fucking ridiculously stupid


File: 1506217005974.png (264.32 KB, 500x610, tumblr_otmejpcQhE1u9j7cuo1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Play Damien's route last because it looks silly
>start to realize that he's more similar to you than you're comfortable with
>date 3

Good god I'm Damien……. whyyyy


I know right? Maybe that's why he's so relatable.


File: 1506223133064.jpg (67.78 KB, 736x758, f166a16a73d864f92d6d91d47a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I just didn't expect it. I do like that we got to see more of the real Damien at the end there…. but going into this I did not expect to have the most in common with the vampire.


Damien is such an underdog man. He deserve more attention.


File: 1508383960645-0.png (Spoiler Image, 152.34 KB, 540x648, tumblr_inline_otjb1ald641r….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1508383960645-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.82 KB, 1000x833, tumblr_otvj5qkCmw1rvdeiqo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1508383960645-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.02 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_otrtqx4MW81rn8gqeo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Detective Saul Graves from the secret Cult Ending.

Apparently there is a rumor floating around that he is the next dream daddy?
Don't quote me on that though, it could be just another internet's wishful thinking :\

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