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I suppose this is more of a personal affair than anything but I kinda wanna post this here and see where it gets… Please mods bare with me…

I am looking for a person that would like to play some games with me, PC games for now, maybe more later from the next list:

* Guild Wars 2
* Heroes of the Storm
* Hearthstone
* Paladins
* WildStar
* Final Fantasy XIV (If you take a free-accountish)

I might accept recomendations but it would depend from who.

Also I am not only looking for gaming pals, nope I am looking for "THE" Gaming Pal(s). Let's be honest here, I wanna eRP and flirt with someone while I play but also enjoy the play with a good friend and have many adventures. No I am not looking for a real relationship, that ship has sailed, I am looking for an online chat/flirt/gaming buddy.

Stuff has not to reach IRL at all and remain completely through the games and chats we have.

Things that are quite a must:

* Has to be friendly and open minded.
* Has to be willing to play all kinds of games even if just for testing.
* Has to like to chat and RP, and yes it has to be both sex and non-sex RP.
* Has to like to chat sometimes and relax with it.
* Has to like to play manly chars in games and RPs, yes BARA characters.

As for stuff that would make the deal better but not a must:

* Like guys not so Bara.
* Be open to many kinks and settings for RPs.
* Play games casually mostly.
* Like to voice chat while playing (and maybe flirting).
* Be hot irl, x3, and maybe like to trade pics sometimes.
* Better if he would like to be called my Gaming Daddy.
* Like Men, Maleherms, Cuntboys and Cuntmen.

My gaming style is very changeable right now and depends greatly on if I get a nice partner, after all is hard to get serious with a game when alone, so I would like friends to play with but on my style better. Right now I play very casually but might go a bit hardcore once every weekend and ranked some days if my friends and I click on our gaming styles.

Interested somehow? This is my contact info, but try not to contact me here unless you actually wanna try at least. If you have questions make em here in this thread.

Skype: lancevonalden (is kinda heavy right now so might drop it)
Kik: lancevonalden
Telegram: @lancevonalden
Email: inoshimalance@gmail.com

I have an F-List account for those curious of my kinks but I will leave it for people that actually wanna try, inquire.


oh roegadyns, i wish they had a body hair slider on them. I absolutely hate how hairless they are.

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